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Now when it comes to selecting the best signals, free..

Top Rated Binary Options SignalsNow when it comes to selecting the best signals, free is not synonymous with fake, most of the binary options signals providers are free while some are given with a limited number of  free trial days followed by some amount of token. The binary option signal robots below are synced with binary option brokers who are licensed or regulated to offer binary options services worldwide. Thus there is no room for scam or fear of loosing money unnecessarily  because everything will happen in the utmost transparency. Now the major privilege you will enjoy by using our robots is that it gives you control over the settings to suit what you want  unlike the scam robots which allows only negligible or no customization. After customizing the binary options robot to your priority, the auto trader then runs on auto mode.

Top Rated Binary Options Signals Providers (Automated)

OptionRobot : Top Rated Signals above 87% win rate !

There are several binary options signals software in the market presently, we however have to admit our doubt for many of them. The scams ravaging the Binary Option industry has eaten into its auto trading aspect, although we have been fortunate enough to be able to identify most of them before sustaining many casualties.

Luckily, few genuine software are available in the market, however few possess unique qualities that scream louder than others. Option Robot is a prototype of such software. It reflects excellence and has over time distinguished itself as a leading platform while providing practical evidences and earning trust from its clients.

Option Robot Result

Unlike scam software, Option Robot do not come with exaggerated promises or promises to make you a millionaire in no time. They simply give an average win rate of over 95% using the demo account on low and medium signals and accept the fact that they are not perfect and their robot losses trades sometimes.

Free Auto Trading with Option Robot!Option Robot Account

Option Robot – The Profitable Option

The Option Robot (Read Review) has average winning trades ranging from 85%, Option Robot is one of the most recommended auto-trading software in binary options industry that has proven to be one of the most successful automated trading robots in the binary options industry. When you sign up, the robot will be automatically synced with your broker and therefore allow the trade signals to be easily copied and executed from within your broker platform. The robot is free and fully web-based meaning you don’t have to download any other applications or programs. Also there is no need for regular software update because the software is completely web-based and updates automatically. Look Here

Screenshotoptionrobot opening accountautomated-trading-software

If you yearn to get a binary options signal provider that offers a transparent approach towards trading, then the answer lies in opting for Option Robot and it is surely the best trading bot that can offer significant help.Every trading bot has its set of pros and cons, but what sets Option Robot apart from its competitors is that the number of pros are far more than the drawbacks and this is what makes this trading system a worthwhile option.

The option robot signals provider offer mind blowing features to the trader. It is convenient for bothnew traders and the experienced traders as well. This means that even when you are not at your computer, you can set your preferences and this trading system can trade for you without a problem.

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Automated Binary – 85% win rate

Automated Binary is a new auto trading Binary Option trading software that helps you to conveniently place trades and save you the stress of studying the market and the losses of placing the trades yourself. Despite being new in the market, Automated Binary has gained its popularity as the leading trading software in the history of Binary Options. These can be attributed to the special features it offers which we are going to stretch out.

ScreenShotAutomated Binary Software Review

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Super Simple Bot – with 83% win rate

The Super Simple Bot (Read Review) as the name suggest is both user and beginner friendly, although its algorithm is very complicated. You could look down on it if you only concentrated on face value. The Super Simple Bot-users interface doesn’t subject you to an endless learning curve, and with such, you can get started as soon as you fund your broker account.super simple bot auto trading bot

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Binary-AutoTrader – Most innovative platform with 83% success rate.

Binary AutoTrader (Read Review) – Intuitive and unique, the Binary Auto Trader platform allows traders to trade currency pairs on binary options. The first step is to select the desired currency pair to be traded. Depending on the broker,the expiry time can range between 60 seconds to 1 hour. Once you have made all the necessary selections, the Binary Auto Trader will trade your account on a complete autopilot. See more details Here



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Most of our readers who use these robots actually trade with 2-3 or even more robots in order to get a taste of most of them and to maximize their profit potentials and this is exactly what we recommend you do. Never mind the cost when subscribing to any of the signals we recommend because the win rates or profits generated with these binary options signals will definitely cover up the costs of purchase or deposit with a broker. However, this depends on you as an individual because we’ve noticed that a few minority actually end up using only 1 or 2 binary options signal providers which is also fine.

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