Binary Options Trading Scam

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Now a days it is a kind of situation where one have to keep a hand in his pocket while moving via the market. It is because there are an enormous number of robbers and pickpockets that are busy on their routine duty in each and every populated and overcrowded area all the times.

Similar is the case with online business platforms. But their way of looting someone upon someone’s pocket is a bit different. In an instance, they try to attract people through heart touching articles, videos, and pictures to make them look at them and get an involvement with their scammer business sites.

Binary Options Scam

Don’t fall for Binary Options Scams

An easy way to identify a scam is to watch the tone used in the promotional videos.

Scammers will always mention the following statements in order to try to sell you some stuff:

  • The app/product/signal provider/system takes nothing to make money
  • You make money without doing anything or lifting a finger
  • Pictures of flashy cars, houses and estates
  • Product is free of charge, keep your wallet away because we won’t charge you a penny for this
  • Shows you their trading account housing thousands and millions of dollars.

Binary Options Scam systems will only deliver losing trades until your whole capital is totally wiped out unless you intervene by stopping the system and asking the broker for withdrawal of the remaining funds – that is if the broker is not a fake broker itself because most times, these scam systems work hand in hand with fake brokers. Unless you trade with a regulated brokers, your deposit is not safe.

We know this because we personally test this system as we are a full time binary options trader.  we have a wide knowledge of how this fake products operate and why there are so many of them out there.

How Binary Options Scams work?

Binary Options Scams introduce their platform to be a binary option online earning site that is claimed to be one of the fastest earning sources available online. we have put forward an investigation of binary options scams in this article which will not only be proved a very useful and eye opening manuscript for all those interested in binary options but will also make it certain to chose a better online learner instead of scams.

These scam apps propose to be very simple, quick and particular source of online earning via which one can earn up to several thousand Dollars within the shorter period. They also present themselves to be equipped with several thousand clients and some of which have become millionaires with this software.

Binary Options Scam allegedly invest money in such programs that seldom results in the loss according to their views. But in our views after an extensive research and studies, we have come to the point that scam assertions may not be a complete facade, still, the points they describe in their promotional videos are not less than an imagination and merely documentary claims which have nothing to do with the reality.

Crypto Trader Binary Options Trading Scam

Owner & clients of Binary Options Scams

Usually, the persons who claimed to be the owners and clients of these scam systems, being millionaire persons who have gained all their property using the software as they always claim on their rogue website is not true. After verification, it will come to notice that no person with such profile exists in real. scammers pick up actors and they are presented with a false story of earning to make people attract more and more towards this app. The reality of these persons is not present and making of millions of Dollars using these scam software is not more than a joke.

Claim about Registration

scams pretend to have thousands of clients which they have gained in a long period struggle, usually more than a year. But this is not the fact. When you conduct a little research in this regard using a third party website database like, you will most of the times discover that they have existed just within a short time. According to this data, the date of registration of website is shown to know when they were launched. fake registration or existence is a virtual lie which scammers propose to make people take it as an established and old app. Below is a website data for a notorious scam Lexington Code.

Lexington Code Binary Options scam

Claim of chances of profits

Business means an effort is having equal chances of loss and gain. The possibilities of profit and loss walk side by side on the roads of business. This rule is prevailed both in online as well as offline activities. In certain markets, the chances of profits may be enhanced to a higher limit such as 70-75%. That is a kind of business where you can’t guarantee.

Wiki Trader Binary Options Scam

Binary Options trading scams build sky touching pillars claiming chances of getting sure profits to be about 100%, without mentioning that the situation may be another way round.

How the chances of loss can drop so low in a nascent business firm which they sell. Always doubt the credibility of an app when you see such statement. Moreover the mechanism of their business is to invest your money in assets like gold, currency, stock etc via brokers. Everyone knows that such kind of business activities undergo a huge extent of fluctuations that may result in the clear cut loss and never guarantee you a certain profit. So claiming a high ration of percent between profit and loss is not less than a joke.

No trading experience required

Binary Options Scammers propose their system to be simple up to its maximum level. According to them, it doesn’t need any prior experience in this field for its utilization. But at the same time, they explain the working of such software to be very complex and sophisticated which can only be understood by an experienced individual. All a fresh user of this field can do is to press the buttons and start profiting. That is complete scam.

Fake counters & number of spots

Fake profits counter and number of spots remaining are the most used tactics by binary options scams. These tactics puts emotional pressure on the side of users, which coerce them to think that they about to miss an opportunity of lifetime to make huge profits. This is not always the case. Most of the times, these opportunity seekers succumb and at them end, their dreams are shattered on a piece of worthless app. So always run when an app is telling you that X person or Y number of spots are remaining to grab a copy. If you refresh your your browsing history and visit the website again, you will find out that the counter will start from the beginning.

XTrade Binary options scam

Fake trading results & testimonials

Scammers fabricate or copy trading results of similar scam app showing more of winning. This is equally another method of manipulating unsuspecting individuals to believe that their scam works. In the same vain, the use of fake testimonials is equally a method to get you enticed and opt for their product without appropriate research.

FinTecBot Binary Options Scam

Do not believe all reviews

Most of the times, binary options scams are promoted by network of affiliates for the money they pay. Do your research well. In this case, always checkout the the time these reviews are written. Most of the times, these reviews are written within a close time and they blogs look very similar.

Note: This reviews might come from your trusted website but that does not mean you should believe it anyway.

Is your broker legit or scam?

The easiest way to stay away from binary options scams is by avoiding unlicensed brokers and only go for brokers regulated by reputable licensing bodies like FCA, CySEC, BaFIN, CFTC, ASIC. Different brokers are licensed locally by their local regulatory authorities. Always go for brokers licensed within your zone here.

Binary options Brokers that are scam free will never bug you with constant calls persuading you to make minimum deposit. Their reputation are based on services and real customer reviews, read more


In this review about binary options scams, the data and information regarding the nature of scams has been revealed with picture and documentary proofs. This all points made me advise all not to be involved with any scam online earning software.

Because the main aim of these fraudsters is to take money of your pockets and snatch them all to their accounts. So it is the need of the hour to make it sure before opting any binary software or broker that it is not a scam.

What Now?

Since their are many scams , do we have any hope of trading binary options scam free?

Fortunately, the answer to the question above is YES! a top CySEC regulated broker and where most serious traders place their trade. IQ Option offers a demo account and with a minimum deposit of $20 you can start your trade, see more

Signals providers & Automated trading

There are very few signal providers that can actually help you trade cryptocurrency and forex profitably – one of the very best in the market right now is XBT News Trader. XBTNewsTrader comes with both manual and auto options. They manual service generates accurate manual binary signals for you to just copy into your trading platform and profit at expiry time.  You can check out the rest of the signal services here: Top Rated Signals providers.  Any product you don’t see on that list is probably a scam. But if you’re a bit of a busy bee and don’t have the time to trade, then use the best robot  – it’s the best we have seen so far and unlike most binary options scam systems, you’ll be able to customize the robot according to your preference.

Help save others from scammers, tell us your experience about any scam broker or software. This little gesture will be highly appreciated by many.


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