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Best Regulated Binary Option Brokers

Regulated Binary Option Brokers are binary option trading financial service providers who receives authentic license certificate from financial regulators duly recognized in a particular jurisdiction. Any trader seeking to be successful in binary option must choose a licensed broker instead of an unlicensed or offshore broker. Currently, there is no single body that regulates the activities of binary option brokers worldwide. Different regions and countries chose to render license to brokers providing financials services to their citizens.

Regulated Binary Option Brokers

Best Regulated Binary Option Brokers

European Union (EU) Regulated Binary Option Brokers

Common regulatory bodies in the EU region include; CySEC (Cyprus), CONSOB(Italy), FCA(British), BaFIN(Germany). Together, these European regulators form MiFID, which is the framework that offers regulation for investment subordinates, including binary options services within the European Union. This framework makes it possible for an European citizen to trade safely with any binary option broker licensed by a recognized financial regulator within the European Union. Most binary option brokers are located in Cyprus. This makes CySEC the commonest binary option regulator within Europe. A popular broker regulated by CySEC is the IQ Option (Review). Using IQ Option, you can deposit as low as $20. See here

IQ Option Regulated Broker

IQ Option accepts traders outside the European Union, though they are not regulated outside the European wall. Open free demo account here.

24Option Regulated Broker

24Option is another popular EU regulated binary option broker. They are licensed by CySEC and affiliated to FCA, CONSOB etc. Unlike IQ Option, 24Option trading platform is available to French traders. See more

Why you should choose a Regulated Binary Option Broker

It is very dangerous to associate with broker that is not regulated and some of the complaints we have received arise from this factor. With an unregulated broker, you cannot be guaranteed of making any withdrawals because of the greedy and criminal nature of the brokers. And you can’t even file a complaint against them since they are not regulated. So you may end up losing your money. And in lots of cases, it doesn’t end there as your line may consistently be bugged with calls and email flooded with messages from these brokers encouraging you to invest more money. This is truly a sad experience, one which you could easily avoid by opting for regulated binary option brokers.

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Open Regualated Broker Account

There are definitely a lot of unregulated binary option brokers out there. However, it is easy to stay safe once you learn how to recognize them, and fortunately, most of the regulated brokers provide their licensing details for verification. The most important detail is the broker license no, which is in the form of digits. Also be careful as some of these offshore brokers make use of intricacies to appear regulated to traders whereas they are not. Always lookout for brokers’ license number because, it is the information you will use to verify whether the broker is licensed by the said regulator or not.

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