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Weed Millionaire Review – Scam Marijuana App or Next Gold Rush?

If you have been invited to try the Weed Millionaire App, avoid its a Scam, be warned! We have reviewed this cannabis trading software. There is a whole lot of evidence that we can share with you in this review. We will show what is wrong with the Weed Millionaire system. What it is Weed Millionaire supposed to do and why it is a scam. The Weed Millionaire software allegedly operates an automated weed trading system. This has been created for complete beginners who want to profit from trading in marijuana stock. The Weed Millionaire signals show you when there is the least risk and the maximum amount of profit to be made.

Note alternative to this Weed Millionaire scam is Algo Signals.

When you sign up for the free software you are asked to deposit some funds into an account. Then you upload the app and follow the signals to decide how much to put into each trade. This software is supposed to produce up to 97% win rate. But in the real sense the Weed Millionaire does not yield.

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Weed Millionaire Review

There are a great many reasons why you should not trust this software and in this section of our Weed Millionaire review we can show you the evidence we have gathered. There are suspicious signs, some plain lies and faked content that all go to prove it must be a scam.

In trading, there are many scams that tend to talk about past return. But in reality, you cannot fully depend on past returns to imagine that the kind of results you will get will be similar to the previous results. That’s just how trading is and nobody should fool you.

Therefore, based on this argument, there is no way you can become a millionaire with a trading program like Weed Millionaire. We just need to take this logic as the only reasonable way of thinking to eliminate the possibilities of anyone becoming a millionaire with a pathetic system like this one.

The website features the usual stock footage, typical of scam websites, of fake identities.

There are also screen shots of fabricated reviews. These can easily be faked and it is a method often used by scam operators to illustrate imaginary wealth.

Weed Millionaire Scam
Fake Weed Millionaire Reviews


Unregulated brokers

Apparently, it gets worse as Weed Millionaire software is associated with unregulated/unlicensed brokers. It is a known fact that trading with unregulated brokers is a very big risk because your investment won’t be secured and can be lost possibly without any traces.

The Weed Millionaire is associated with unregulated brokers like GMOTrading . This particular broker is notorious for scamming lots of investors as we have had so many complaints. So trading with Weed Millionaire means taking a huge unnecessary risk.

Illegal trading activities

It is important to know that trading is a highly regulated activities thus any company involved in providing investment advice must have a license otherwise will be regarded as illegal. In this context, Weed Millionaire is an illegal software and offers illegal trading advice. Now would you expect anything productive from such an illegal organisation? No, I don’t think so.

How does this scam work?

They claim that there is absolutely no risk involved in trying out the Weed Millionaire, because it is 100% free to access it. However, there is no mention in the free offer that you will have to open a broker account through the website and fund it with your own money. Usually when using such software, the starting amount to deposit is $250.

The creators of this software are affiliated to the brokers, they get commissions from the brokers for every new investors so they do not care about the outcome of your trades.

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Verdict : Weed Millionaire is a Scam!!

Similar Scams exposed include Maximus Crypto Bot, Bitcoin Millionaire Pro

We believe from the evidence we have exposed in this review make you clear to stay away from this fake Weed Millionaire system. This website does not give us any ownership details and instead using the description of the product to distract us from wondering who the real owner of the trading program is. There are lies told about the offer of free access available, and a false guarantee making money with this app. All the credentials and testimonials on the website are fakes.

Our conclusion to this review is that the Weed Millionaire is a sure scam has been set up with the aim of attracting novices to binary options trading. Nothing on the website is to be trusted. It uses typical scam tactics to pressurize people into funding what they are led to believe is a risk free money making method.


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