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The News Spy Review – Obvious Scam Exposed!

The News Spy software is a new automated trading app allegedly designed to make you enormous profits, precisely $1500 on a daily basis. Interesting, you don’t have to know much about trading before using this software as it practically does every thing for you.

Even more interestingly, it goes for free. We can imagine how exciting it can be to know that making money can done for free and come this easily. But unfortunately these are not real.

The News Spy is just another dirty scam cooked up by a group of mischievous people to drain your money. The claims of making you a profit of $1500 per day is out rightly ridiculous and unrealistic. In fact the only group of people that will make profits are the creators of this.

The News Spy Review

The News Spy is apparently an automated trading software which enables for you to trade currencies. It is claimed to be managed by a team of highly experienced analysts and works by analyzing news from which it generates profitable signals used in executing the trades.

Their story is quite simple and untrue, in fact it is a piece of junk. We are familiar with such stories used as a bait to draw-in investors. Don’t believe these stories and also don’t believe this software because it is just a fast way to lose your money rather than gain some profits.

Who’s in charge of this software
Considering this is a scam software, we weren’t exactly expecting them to let us know who the owners of the software is. These scammers usually never reveal their true identity when they plan to defraud investors.

Fake reviews/testimonial

The News Spy is clearly a worthless software that has nothing to offer which is why they do not have any genuine review or testimonials. So they resort to fabricating fake testimonials in order to fool prospective investors.

On The News Spy websites, you’ll find the supposed customers claiming to have made thousands of money using the software. These are all fabricated. As a matter of fact, these so-called customers are paid Fiverr actors brought to tell lies and probably know nothing about trading. The idea in this is to trick you into falling for their scam.

Unregulated brokers

Apparently, it gets worse as news sky software is associate with unregulated/unlicensed brokers. It is a known fact that trading with unregulated brokers is a very big risk because your investment won’t be secured and can be lost possibly without any traces.

The News Spy is associated with unregulated brokers like KayaFx . This particular broker is notorious for scamming lots of investors as we have had so many complaints. So trading with trader means taking a huge unnecessary risk.

Illegal trading activities

It is important to know that trading is a highly regulated activities thus any company involved in providing investment advice must have a license otherwise will be regarded as illegal. In this context, news sky is an illegal software and offers illegal trading advice. Now would you expect anything productive such an illegal organisation? No, I don’t think so.

How does this scam work?

First you are made to register with them, then you would be directed to an unregulated broker who would request for a deposit of at least $250. Eventually, all your investments will be exhausted on losing trades.

The creators of this software are affiliated to the brokers, they get commissions from the brokers for every new investors so they do not care about the outcome of your trades.

Review Verdict – The News Spy Software is a Scam!

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Our best advise for you

The News Spy trading software is merely a crappy piece put together by some dubious individuals with the sole aim of defrauding you. It has no potentials of making you a successful trader, this we will advice you to stay away from it.

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