Crypto Unlocked Review – Scam Crypto trading software Exposed!

Best Crypto Signals Software Review

Crypto Unlocked Review – Scam Crypto trading software Exposed!

Crypto Unlocked ReviewCrypto Unlocked is an automated Forex trading robot focused on making money for you by trading cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and others. Built to generate consistent income automatically, the Crypto Unlocked system is developed to be reliable while predicting accurately whether the price of bitcoin and altcoin will move up or down.

We’ve certainly seen many scam systems that claim these properties in the past, like the Bitcoin Code scam, so it will be important that we fully analyze what they have to offer, and what type of trading results they are providing in order to avoid falling into a classical cryptocurrency scam.

Crypto Unlocked Review

Crypto Unlocked operates as an automated software within the cryptocurrency trading niche. Like most ominous automated trading software, They claim to make consistent earnings as a way to lure unexpected investors into their deceptive trap.

While the Crypto Unlocked sales video may appeal to some prospective investors, more emphasis is intentionally based on the huge amount of money you will make without saying much about the trading strategy that the system uses.

Using the same sales video with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro scam that was exposed last week, it appears that Crypto Unlocked developers are desperate lousy scammers that possess no morality and will employ any measures necessary to achieve a larger wake of victims.

Crypto Unlocked Scam

During our Crypto Unlocked scam investigation, we saw that Crypto Unlocked had try as much as possible to hide their rogue operation and reveal some items that make them look legitimate. In their sales video you can see a copy of trading signals while a testimonial section is present on their homepage.

What we find interesting about the Crypto Unlocked signals though would be how none of them showed us the cryptocurrency traded. What we could see is a platform trading EURUSD, USDJPY and EURCAD forex pairs.

So the big question we have for them is whether it is a mistake when the say Crypto Unlock will ‘Make Daily Profits Trading Cryptocurrency‘. Actually not. Crypto Unlocked is a white label forex robot that is intentionally masked in the viral cryptocurrency niche to reach naive investors seeking for the best way to invest in cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, we found no transparent records to indicate that Crypto Unlocked and the testimonials the provide are actually real. The photo you see as the happy users of this app is a notorious and fake one used by some scam system including Ethereum Code.

Crypto Unlocked Scam Review

Fake Trading Platform

According to their sales, the want investors to believe that they will get a unique automated cryptocurrency trading platform, but this is yet another false and misleading claim. If you are conversant with some of this trading software recently, you will notice that the platform that Crypto Unlocked is selling can also be seen at Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Scam. They only changed the name and logo. Every other thing is the same.

How the scam work

While Crypto Unlocked comes off as a platform intended for cryptocurrency investors it is actually an affiliate based operation. Traders who are interested in enrolling with their platform are redirected to an offshore broker where they make a compulsory minimum $250 deposit. After you make your deposit, you will realize that the Crypto Unlocked will not trade bitcoin or ethereum but rather deliver signals on forex pairs. However, you will continue anyways because you cannot withdraw your money from the unlicensed broker. The software is a crap and you will loose all your money to a scam broker.

Being a commission based system, the more investors are willing to deposit upfront with Crypto Unlocked, the more money they get from the rogue brokers the work with.

Crypto Unlocked Review Conclusion

Crypto Unlocked is not a trustworthy operation, the reality is that they are nothing more than hungary individual. Enticing cryptocurrency enthusiasts by creating a false sense of expectations through an automated software, while promoting a business model that is not only not profitable but highly fictitious and too good to be true is a telltale sign we are dealing with an fraudulent investment opportunity.

Review Verdict: Crypto Unlocked is a Scam!

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