Maximus Crypto Bot Review – Scam Maximus CryptoBot Exposed!

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Maximus Crypto Bot Review – Scam Maximus CryptoBot Exposed!

Maximus Crypto Bot Review

Maximus Crypto Bot is a copied scam released recently and hugely promoted by network of online marketers. They are selling to you an automated Crypto Robot that will yield $3000 with $93% for free.

The layout of the website looks very familiar. In fact, it is similar to many others that we have come across on the internet. Thus, we would not hesitate to tag it among the list of white label robots that does not offer anything more than the original software in market.

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Maximus Crypto Bot Scam

Maximus Crypto Bot Review

Maximus Crypto Bot adopted a wannabe actor and named him Kim. Kim played the role of Max’s business partner. Max is the said CEO and owner of the Maximus Crypto Bot. Honestly, this person is an actor and Max is nobody. He has never traded forex or crypto before. If he was a professional and very successful trader, we would have known it long time ago. We would have seen proof of his trading activities. The real owners are simply mysterious and only adopt a poor a actor to cover their conspiracy.

We basically needed some information on the development team behind this system. That is where we usually start from when verifying the authenticity of a trading system. We’d also want to know where on earth they are located. Apparently, this information is very hard to find especially when dealing with systems like Maximus Crypto Bot. These guys are very economical with any information that would expose their identity. Why is that so?

How the Maximus Crypto Bot works

They creators lifted articles and graphics from the original robot site and claim it’s how the Maximus Crypto Bot works. This is a facade. They claim that the system relies on 5 indicators to trade signals. The trading indicators in question include Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD, CCI and STOCH. While this is an attempt to explain how this software works, the truth is that it is not the first time we are hearing it and it was literally copied from similar website.

Honestly, the website of Maximus Crypto Bot has very limited genuine information concerning the software itself. It is very disturbing to believe that these people are asking traders to use their service yet there is very little in the way of solid explanation pertaining to the trade logic of this system.

Can you trust Maximus Crypto Bot 93% win rate?

They claim that this system is able to trade with 93% accuracy. On the other hand, they do nothing to prove those claims. You see, this does not make sense. This developer must have a history of trades that this software has placed. Otherwise, how on earth can they conclude that this trading system has an accuracy of 93%? Or let us put it this way. If this developer tested the software in secret and realized that it had a win rate of 93%, why are they not willing to put these results in the open for traders to make up their minds?

Best Trading Robots

Real users’ opinion still remain the best proof in ascertaining the credibility of a Forex robot . This new software by the name Maximus Crypto Bot has been tested, retested and found to be poor in executing trades that win. However, the owner still insists that Maximus Crypto Bot is our automated investment future.

We have highlighted some disturbing things about Maximus Crypto Bot and some reasons why we did not include it in our list of best trading systems to use this year.

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