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Real Binary Options Robot Review – Scam Robot Exposed!

Are you searching for the Real Binary Opions Robot reviews in order to find out what is Real Binary Options Robot automated software, either is Real Binary Options Robot scam or legit, are you going to make $8000 in a month, can you trust the people behing this software? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our Real Binary Options Robot review, you are going to find out the complete truth about Real Binary Options Robot. Whether you can trust them. Actually, we don’t recommend anyone to use Real Binary Options Robot and have blacklisted it. If you want to know why, then you can find the details within our Real Binary Options Robot review as below. But, after knowing the fact that the Real Binary Options Robot is a scam, if you don’t want to find out more details on it, but instead want to find out the legit opportunities to make money online, then you can click this link:- Best Binary Option Robots.

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OK, let’s begin with our Real Binary Options Robot review in order to find out what is Real Binary Options Robot in real and why is Real Binary Options Robot a scam.

Real Binary Options Robot Review

First of all, don’t trade with this system because we have discovered several disturbing issues within the website. We mentioned that this service is run by an anonymous individual. We do not take this lightly since money will ultimately change hands. You don’t want to send your money to someone who doesn’t want to reveal their identity.

Any trader who is seeking investment advice in form of trading signals must work with a regulated financial advisor.

Real Binary Options Robot website claims that signals are generated from their master server and passed on to their traders.

While saying this, they do not tell us whether this service is semi-automatic or fully automatic.

If it’s semi-automatic, then it means that someone has to get involved in analyzing trade setups before positions can be opened and closed respectively.

On the other hand, if it’s fully automatic, then it means that this developer should take it upon themselves to explain what algorithm this system uses to choose trade setups.

Regardless of whether it is semi-automatic or 100% automatic, there is still the element of generating signals which amounts to providing investment advice. This service is licensed in most (if not all countries). Therefore, the first thing to realize is that Real Binary Options Robot is an illegal investment service.

And of course we are also seeing that this site ( is 2 years old. Therefore, claims that this anonymous signal provider has been trading for the last 6 years are obviously false. Evidence points to the fact that this guy is lying in broad daylight.

Real Binary Options Robot Fraud

It has come to our attention that this service is using is different from which is also a scam as well. We suspect that these two platforms are somehow connected or owned by the same person.

The way we look at it is that Real Binary Options Robot is intending to bypass the legal issue by offering their trading signals through website. is a trade copying service where investors select traders that they want to copy based on their performance statistics.

The problem with is that it is not regulated either. In fact, there is no difference between and Real Binary Options Robot.

The site claims that it was voted top among the best binary options signals provider. The problem is that these are just claims. We cannot find a credible source to point out that indeed was selected among the best binary options trading signal providers.

You can also expect that the performance stats provided on this website are fake. This is because we could not establish whether those numbers were real. These numbers don’t look real anyway.

The point is, Real Binary Options Robot scam does not have the capacity to serve traders in any country that regulates this kind of investment advice.

Apparently, this regulation exists in every developed country in the world. In other words, neither Real Binary Options Robot nor does not have the right to provide their services on the internet. This means that their trick to bypass these laws doesn’t count. Traders should look for other opportunities for trading binary options. This one is a big no for us.

How does it work?

The setup instructions at Real Binary Options Robot website suggest that the main purpose of this system is to route traders to and with the intent of earning commissions.

There is no trading algorithm to use. Win rate percentage is not relevant here. In fact, the owner of this system does not even talk about it.

Trade Result

The more we perused the website, the more we found disturbing evidence that we were dealing with a scam binary options service.

The website has a trade performance tab on the navigation menu. We clicked it due to curiosity because we wanted to find out how good this system was in trading binary options.

Live Trading Results Real Binary Options Robot

We were taken to a page that does not represent verifiable trading performance. Instead, it had data that could not be verified or treated as evidence that this system works. The screenshot above is a representation of what we found.

The point is, Real Binary Options Robot is not a performing service. It’s not worth your time because it is clearly meant to benefit the owner in commissions. When you trade and lose money, they conspire with the rogue brokers so that they can share your money.

Can you trust them?

The person whom this websites parades as the owner of this trading system is represented with a stock photo. Why do you think this scam is using stock photos instead of real pictures?

The answer is simple. These people intend to scam and evade the radar of authorities. By hiding their names and physical appearance, it makes their work easier when it comes to scamming investors on the web.

Real Binary Options Robot stolen photos

Consider the screenshot above. That is our evidence that this website is fooling traders by using stock photos. This scam really sucks, don’t you think so?

What is the catch?

They desperately want your $250. They will go an extra mile to pester you into sending them this money.

How do they intend to achieve this objective? This is very easy. As you can see, the owner of Real Binary Options Robot pretends that he is offering the best deal by claiming that he will give you a free demo account, a free robot, access to real account monitoring, plus they are ”guarantying” you that this opportunity is fully transparent.

Don’t be taken for a fool. With all the evidence that we have presented above, you should just know that this is a ploy to rob you.

Review Verdict – Stay away from Real Binary Options Robot

Just don’t waste your time on Real Binary Options Robot. Why should you trust an anonymous signal provider with real money? Even if they are providing a demo account (which is of course rigged out in their favor), there is no reason why you should send your money to an anonymous person on the internet. Just ignore this service. Trade safely with these binary options products instead.

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