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Traders Vendetta Review – Scam Software Exposed!

There is no other way around it except to say that Traders Vendetta is a SCAM! Hosted at, Traders Vendetta at first glance appears as a legitimate investment opportunity when in actuality it is nothing more than a manipulating piece of software. Don’t allow yourself to be lured in by the attractive and sleek site appearance and certainly don’t believe the far-fetched profits made by the so called members.

Nowadays, many potential traders are opting for automated systems that will make them millionaires overnight. As a result of these, many have fallen victims to scam systems like the Traders Vendetta forex robot who are using sophisticated technology like java script and php to create false charts and historical calculations in order to deceive potential traders to signup with their questionable brokers.

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Traders Vendetta Review

Traders Vendetta Review

I agree with you that the Traders Vendetta website is properly designed. But bear it in mind that scammers are now creative at using complex tech to cook historical results with the sole aim of deceiving potential investors to sign up with their brokers. Owners of Traders Vendetta software have no sufficient details and proof for the potential investor. To start off, the Traders Vendetta does not state who exactly created it. There is no full name that you can hold on to in order to obtain more information about the founder. No social profile, email or contact information of the founder or anyone who’s in charge of Traders Vendetta. As always, there’s absolutely no way to verify if Mr. Robert M Parker is a real person. As with any typical scam, you will only find a reference to the founder on the fake reviews.

Traders Vendetta Scam

Unfortunately, a lot of people from different parts of the globe have already fallen for this scam due to all the positive information that is stated on its official website. Who can blame them? The team behind this program is very convincing. The maker of Traders Vendetta software claimed that the system can make up to $2347 profit and cannot be compared to any other trading bot in Forex industry, due to its sophisticated code that is able to drive it. However, there is no details and proof on how the came about this figure.

Professional traders know that even the best auto trading systems can’t attain such a profit percentage. That is a very strong statement to state about a Forex robot; therefore, they surely need some proof to accompany it, but there isn’t any. An email was sent  to Traders Vendetta system support team for a link to the proof but to no avail because definitely their is no such proof.

Too Good To Be True

The group that is behind this scam says that their program is able to guarantee fortune in just 15 minutes. Where is the proof? When you are dealing with a system that is 100% legitimate, on its website, you will always come across some sort of proof to back this type of statement. The group behind the Traders Vendetta system does not provide any type of proof.

Traders Vendetta Scam Review

Are the Profits Real?

Traders Vendetta maker on the website added some photos of alleged members that made profit from the software. Don’t even try to believe this! It is a very common effective strategy used by scammers to get desperate investors. The make them believe that the software is real and is raking huge profits thereby mounting pressure on these innocent traders to deposit with one of their brokers. The truth is that those photos are stolen stock photos used to push this evil product. see screenshot below

Traders Vendetta Scam Profits


Is Traders Vendetta free?

From the website the maker claims that Traders Vendetta software is free, but you would need to fund a trading account with one of their recommended brokers before you have access to their services. This usually cost investors at least $250. Please watch out because the about to deprive you of your hard earned money.

Review Verdict: Traders Vendetta is a Scam

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Numerous negative reviews

If you check out Traders Vendetta on Google or any other search engine, you will notice several negative reviews, but some positive. It’s really sad and you should stay away from these collaborating scammers.

With this review I believe you are rest assured that Traders Vendetta is a scam looking for potential investors to devour in broad daylight. Thus be wise! Be vigilant and choose reliable and trusted trading systems.

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