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Crypto Method Review – Scam Software Exposed

Crypto Method Review.Crypto Method as it is so-called is just another stupid scam in the crypto currency industry. This Crypto Method Crypto robot was introduced by a man called Mike Lewis who claims to be the CEO and founder of Crypto Method, which will make you about 13,000 in a day.

There seems to be no end to the infiltration of the crypto currency industry by terrible scam software despite many efforts to curb it. The best we can possibly do is to keep you informed of these scams and expose devious minds behind them. Just like other misleading scam software, Crypto Method is out to wreck your business and leave you frustrated.

Crypto Method Review

Crypto Method Crypto currency Robot comes with usual promises of ridiculous results which are overwhelming and too good to be true. Although we can’t deny how enticing these offers appear to be but for all we know they are cheap stunts aimed at tricking you into developing great interest for their scam software and making a go for it. Do not be deceived; take your time to go through this review before making a decision. You’ll definitely realize that Crypto Method is certainly no good and isn’t worth any of your penny.

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Mike Lewis claims to have worked as a very successful software developer for a big firm in the past before he was inspired to developed a crypto currency software to help ordinary people make some attractive sum of money online with little or no knowledge of the crypto currency business.

In his statement, the Crypto Method auto-trading app have generated amazing sums in thousands of dollars for 3 beta testers in just 90 days. Now, he is looking for more beta testers to generate a minimum $13,000 as daily profits.

Apparently this software can make you a millionaire within six months without any knowledge of crypto currency or how to even place trades.

These are misleading lies and unrealistic profits.

The painful truth is that money doesn’t come so easily in crypto currency not even in the case of the experts or the most experienced traders. It takes time, experience and persistence to be this successful in crypto currency. So don’t be in a hurry to believe these crooks when they drive you into thinking otherwise.

Crypto Method Scam

Mr. Mike Lewis who claims to be the CEO of the Crypto Method and the creator of Crypto method software is a complete phony artiste because neither him nor his company truly exist. We did an investigation on this man and his so-called company and we weren’t surprised at the result.

There is no presence of this man or his company anywhere else aside his promotional video and other scam reviews. You certainly could not have seen him in Forbes, CNN or any other media.

You may seem to wonder how a man such as Mike Lewis who supposedly commands so much financial power and reputation has no prove of his existence.

He is obviously a fraudster, a fictional character paid to play the role of Mr. Mike Lewis for the Crypto Method system. Also the picture you see is a stolen stock picture and not a real one. This is very typical of these scammers. Crypto Method Scam

The truth is, the real scammers never show themselves. They rather pay voice narrators and steal cute pictures to play their roles and after they have scammed so many investors, they disappear only to return re-branded with a new scam.

When we visited the Crypto Method website, the said one copy is remaining but we were able to open several accounts.

Fake Trading Software

Crypto Method makes use of a notorious scam software that comes with a fake demo. The demo is not real and just their to capture your attention. In truth, how these scam works is this; firstly, you are being lured into getting signed up with the Crypto Method after which you would be assigned to a broker and be requested to pay a sum of at least $250 to begin trades. When you do, the incompetent software would eventually exhaust your money on losing trades.

Crypto Method Testimonials

Apparently there is no limit to extent these fraudsters can go to make you believe their falsehoods. They claim so many people have benefited from the Crypto Method software yet they bring paid actors to play the role of the beneficiaries. The reviews were from fiverr actors who are willing to take as little as $5 to give a show. Why do they have to tell so much lies and put up so much dishonesty just to prove that they have a reliable system? It is because they are actually unreliable and do not have a functional system.

Crypto Method Testimonials


Now what made more skeptical about the website of Crypto Method is that we got the feel that the website is designed in quite a hurry. The organized tabs and widgets are missing and this made us quite apprehensive about this system. We got the feel that we just cannot trust this system by any means at all.

The live chat support is also not offered by Crypto Method because of the simple reason that they do not have the answers to your queries and concerns. This is something quite alarming and disturbing for you.

Review Verdict – Crypto Method is a Scam

Crypto Method isn’t a trustworthy APP and definitely isn’t worth a dime of yours. There are so many untold stories about it. It was built on lies by a non-existent company and promises unrealistic results, therefore we would not recommend it to you.

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