Bit Bubble Tech Review – Scam Bitcoin Bubble Exposed!

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Bit Bubble Tech Review – Scam Bitcoin Bubble Exposed!

Bit Bubble Tech is a scam, there is no doubt on that. Hosted on website. Now maybe you are thinking why is Bit Bubble Tech App a scam, how it scams people, what is Bit Bubble Tech Software in real. Well, in order to find the answer of these queries, you don’t have to search any other Bit Bubble Tech reviews because here, within our Bit Bubble Tech review, we are going to reveal the complete truth about Bit Bubble Tech.

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OK, now let’s continue with our Bit Bubble Tech review in order to find out what is BitBubble Tech in real and why is a Bit Bubble Tech scam.

Bit Bubble Tech Review.

Bit Bubble Tech Review

Bit Bubble Tech Software is a semi automated trading software for crypto trading. It is a HYIP scheme which is neither a sustainable, nor a legal business model. This business revolves around without any real proof of performance. The only positive review you will see about this product is from unscrupulous bloggers and review site who are willing to lie in order to send traffic to this software for a little commission.

As you can find in the official website of Bit Bubble Tech, ”Profits above $700 daily”. They have mentioned that the software is a solution to the volatility which permeates the world of cryptocurrencies evidenced in the price movement of Bitcoin and altcoins like Ethereum. According to them, traders can make money no matter the change of BTC price. Since the experts in cryptocurrencies are saying that BTC, ETH, LTC, and others are like one big bubble ready to burst open and plummet. They claim that the Bit Bubble Tech software was created by professionals that always lookout to make sure the app does not lose. The truth is that Bit Bubble Tech is just another scam that is made to lose your money. The first thing you should notice is that there is no information about the company that is behind Bit Bubble Tech. No name, no contact information, nothing.

It is now clear that the owners of this company are anonymous, Bit Bubble Tech is running on total anonymity which is definitely not a good sign. On top of that, as we have mentioned before, the business model of Bit Bubble Tech is illegal and not regulated in itself. So, we have listed Bit Bubble Tech within our Not Recommended sites list.

Bit Bubble Tech Scam

The owners of this software claim that the app can trade bitcoin and other cryptos with up to 96% accuracy. Bit Bubble Tech is a money stealing scheme which is completely unsustainable and illegal. These kinds of companies can face legal issue anytime in the future. On top of that the software which the owners peddle as unique have already been used in several scam software in the past which proves that they don’t care if any other lose money. So, we don’t recommend you to use Bit Bubble Tech and also suggest you to stay away from similar kinds of ‘glorified’ crypto auto trading systems.

Another factor we should consider in these kinds of sites is the promise rate of $700 that they owe to pay their members in each day. We found out that the most of the legit automated trading software which we have seen for a long time in this business are making upto 1% daily profit and even haven’t quoted the amount that they can pay to their members. They simply mentioned that they are software to automate your trading strategies, will make profit only when your strategies are profitable. They provide you with demo to test your strategies before investing, which is a legit claim. But, in case of Bit Bubble Tech, you can find out that within their home page they have claimed to pay minimum $700 which seems little bit unrealistic claim. But, if you see their Risk Disclaimer page, they have claimed that there is not any guarantee of making profit. So, don’t you think that is little bit kind of cheating to their members because they are claiming to pay $700 daily on their home page as shown in the screenshot above and in the same time they are mentioning that making profit is not guaranteed within their Risk Disclaimer page which is hard to find for most of the members. This little bit shows the intention of the owners, which in this case chose to remain anonymous.

Review Verdict: BitBubble Tech is a Scam!

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Bit Bubble Tech Review Conclusion

Aforementioned, we make it clear why Bit Bubble Tech is a scam. Like we have said before, we only recommend those auto trading system which don’t have any legal issues, which business model is completely sustainable, which have been established from very long time, which have proven track record of success and so on. You can find those kinds of recommended online work companies by clicking this link:- Best Binary Options Robots.

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