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Crypto Advantage is a Scam!! Honest Crypto Advantage Review

Are you searching for the Crypto Advantage reviews in order to find out what is Crypto Advantage, either is Crypto Advantage scam or legit, either is Crypto Advantage fake or not, either is Crypto Advantage Ebook sustainable or not, either is there any Crypto Advantage complaints or not and so on? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place, because here, within our Crypto Advantage review, we have revealed the complete truth about Crypto Advantage. In short, we have listed Crypto Advantage within our Not Recommended sites list because the owners of Crypto Advantage auto trader have been found advertising unachievable profit potentials as we can see in other scam systems like the Aurora Mine, you can see details about Aurora Mine by reading the review found on this link –

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, it is a risky business model in itself and if the background of owner is not strong enough, then that adds more risk to the respective cryptocurrency trading. More than that, we have also found out that the business model of crypto Advantage is little bit more risky comparing with other revenue sharing sites about which we have explained in detail as below within our Crypto Advantage review.

Anyway, even we don’t recommend it, through this Crypto Advantage review, we are only going to provide you the real truth about it so that you can decide yourself either it is scam or not or you want to download their Ebook.

But, that doesn’t mean we are promoting or recommending this site. We are just here providing the real truth about this site being completely neutral towards this site. Actually, when we recommend any site from our side, we consider several factors and some of those are the background of the owner, the business sustainability,  the business legality, the level of risk involve within a business, the numbers of years business has been running, the amount of complaints against the business and so on. Considering all those factors, we have recommended some online work companies which you can find by clicking this link:-

Like we have said before, we consider many factors to recommend any online work companies. So, considering all of those factors, we have listed FX Master Bot as a No.1 auto trading software. If you are interested to find out more details on FXMasterBot, then you can take a look at our FX Master Bot review page by clicking this link:-

Crypto Advantage Review

Crypto Advantage is an automated trading software site which business model has been confirmed to be illegal. On top of that, unlike other popular auto trading platform, Crypto Advantage claims to yield up to $100 daily. If you do the maths for 24 hours it will be $2400 in profits, then you can calculate the rest for weeks and months.

This are are outrageous profits high to cover for automated trading software because till date other auto trading sites have not paid more than $1000 daily ROI most of the times and even those sites never quote the daily amount of profits that they can pay.

More than that, the owners of Crypto Advantage also found to use stolen picture to represent a professional trader, due to which we don’t recommend anyone to use this piece of software. You don’t have any reason to use the Crypto Advantage as you are going to see in details below.

Crypto Advantage Review

Crypto Advantage Scam

A big factor we should consider in software like Crypto Advantage is the promise rate of profit potential that the claim to offer. We found out that the most of the reputable auto trading systems in this business are yielding maximum upto $300 – $500 daily profit and even haven’t quoted the amount that they can pay to their members. They provide you with a demo facility to test the software before hand, if you can’t make the real profit, you are free not to make a deposit, which is a legit claim. But, in case of Crypto Advantage, you can find out that within their home page they claim to make minimum $100 hourly which is on the high side. But, if you see their Earning Disclaimer page, they have claimed that there is not any guarantee of making money with this software.

So, don’t you think that is little bit kind of cheating to their members because they are claiming to pay $2400 daily profit on their home page as shown in the screenshot above and in the same time they are mentioning that profit is not guaranteed within their Earning Disclaimer page, see screenshot below, which is hard to find for most of the members in their website. This little bit shows the intention of the owners. So, let’s find out what is the background of the owners.

Crypto Advantage Scam
Crypto Advantage Risk Disclaimer as shown on their website

Non-Existent Owners and Fraudulent Software

Actually neither in their website, nor within WHOIS details they have provided the name of the owners. As per their professional traders, the pictures you see are fake. You can find that when you do a google search on the pictures displayed. the Crypto Advantage team are using non-existing traders to deceive people into thinking that they know what they are doing seen screenshot below.

Crypto Advantage Scam Review

So, we try to find out more details on them and find out that Crypto Advantage is using same platform with previous scam programs like Bitcoin Wealth1k in 1Day, and so on. If you want to find out the detail review on those sites which makes use of same software, then you can click the name of the respective sites in red letter as we have mentioned here. All these scams have one classic feature of making outrageous claims to fool novice traders.

So, claiming $100 makes their software scam and the software platform have been already used in exposed systems, which makes us to list this site within our Not Recommended sites list.

Crypto Advantage Review Conclusion

Aforementioned, we make it clear why we don’t recommend Crypto Advantage from our side. Like we have said before, we only recommend those companies which don’t have any legal issues, which business model is completely sustainable, which have been established from very long time, which have proven track record of success and so on. You can find those kinds of recommended online work companies by clicking this link:-

Once again we want to mention that our No.1 recommendation is FXMasterBot and you can find our detail review on it by clicking this link:-

Thanks for the time taken to read our Aurora Mine scam review. feel free to surf our top recommended crypto and auto trading programmes page. Also make sure you subscribe to our mail list to get first hand reviews of binary options and Crypto scams.

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