MinerHash Review – Scam MinerHash.BIZ CloudMining Exposed

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MinerHash Review – Scam MinerHash.BIZ CloudMining Exposed

MinerHash.BizYou are either about to fall victim to the MinerHash scam, or you have already lost your money using MinerHash.Biz. Now you probably want to know whether you can get your money back.

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The immense boom of the Bitcoin industry over the past several months has inevitably sparked the endless creation of cryptocurrency related scams. It feels like for every one legitimate opportunity we come across there are 3 or 4 other deceptive operations that we had to debunk prior to reaching it. In the case of MinerHash, we encounter not a cloud mining or pyramid scheme business model but instead an online investment platform that, at first sight, successfully pulls off the appearance of a legitimate brokerage. Upon further analysis though, slowly and exhaustively we were able to peel away the deceptive layers of the MinerHash.BIZ platform. Throughout this detailed review, you will discover our findings regarding this phony investment brokerage and why this platform is not one that should be trifled with.

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MinerHash Review

MinerHash portrays their operation as an online platform that will safely guard your deposited bitcoins. Pooling together your deposited funds with other investors funds, the team experts employed through this cloud mining scheme will then intelligently invest your deposit on a cloud mining service based in panama.

What we found misleading about claiming to provide a licensed services would be how deeper research revealed that this platform is not regulated or insured by any regulatory entity. Every registration should come with a registration details and numbers. This indicates to us that this cloud mining brokerage is not safe to invest with while also discrediting their claims of safeguardin your deposit since they are not an insured platform. Investors who still wish to ignore these red flags and enroll through this platform are able to get started with 1 of 4 account types.

MinerHash Registration quote

MinerHash—Investment Plans

MinerHash offer four main investment plans as follows:

0.50% Hourly Forever

  • This plan yields 12% daily profit
  • The investment range is 0.001-1BTC
  • Lifetime contract

0.63% Hourly Forever

  • Yields 15% daily profit
  • Investment range: 0.001-5BTC
  • Lifetime contract

0.84% Hourly Forever

  • Yields 20% daily profit
  • Investment range: 5.001-10BTC
  • Lifetime contract

1.05% Hourly Forever

  • Yields 25% daily profit
  • Investment range: 5.001-100BTC
  • Lifetime contract

Unfortunately, MinerHash is an obvious scam, it has nothing to do with cryptocurrency mining. Nowadays cloud mining is not so profitable, in average it will take you one year to break even, meaning that after one year only your investment will be paid back, you will have zero profits.

So, offering 12% – 25% daily is pure fiction in crypto mining, it is just impossible. In reality it is impossible in any legitimate business activity to generate this kind of profits.

Only Ponzi schemes offer these returns, and even for Ponzi scams 25% daily is so high, that it has to collapse very quickly.

MinerHash—Affiliate Commission

The platform offers affiliate commission on two levels.

  • Level 1: 6% referral bonus: For each new member that you refer to the platform, you earn a 6% referral bonus. This happens almost instantly, when the new member makes a deposit.
  • Level 2: 1% referral bonus: when your referral invites a new member, you earn an extra 1% commission.

You see, a Ponzi scheme will initially pay profits taking money from new deposits. It is just a financial game, a fraud. Every time there comes a day when withdrawals are bigger than deposits, which means the end for the Ponzi scheme.

MinerHash Misconceptions

According to MinerHash.Biz, their operation is owned and operated by a private limited corporation registered in panama. Negating this claim would be how search queries conducted through Republic of Panama business registers fail to churn up any credible search results of MinerHash being a verified business. MinerHash is hiding in Panama and deposits are made in bitcoins only, so basically anonymous and irreversible. Once you send them your money, nobody will be able to help to get it back

Other misconceptions found on their site would be how they essentially operate anonymously. There is no real identifying information disclosed to us on the site. No information regarding their creators or operators can be found mentioned anywhere on the site.

MinerHash scam

Can MinerHash Be Trusted

After considering the information laid out to you above, it becomes quite clear that this operation is not trustworthy. No information regarding their technology platform is disclosed, they are operating completely anonymously, they fail to verify that their business is licensed and foolishly lie about the profits you will gain from them.

MinerHash Review Conclusion

MinerHash is a poorly developed online platform that will do nothing more than steal your Bitcoin deposits. Providing no insight into their platform features while leaving much of their operation unknown is a considerable red flag that we cannot ignore. If you are searching for investment brokerages or Bitcoin exchanges to invest through, make sure the operation you are looking into is more than open about their identity and provides transparent information regarding their operational model.

Review Verdict: MinerHash is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: MinerHash.biz

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