Ethereum Code Review – Scam Ethereum Code Exposed (Proof)

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Ethereum Code Review – Scam Ethereum Code Exposed (Proof)

Ethereum Code is a new system, which promises to make you a lot of money. The problem is that the Ethereum Code is identical with an old binary options scam software. They claim you will make huge profits of up to $3,000 per day, however the truth shows otherwise.

Here is what you need to know about Ethereum Code software, before you become the next victim of an investing scam.

Note! You will lose your money if you use this fake software, read why.

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The official website of the Ethereum Code would want you to believe that it’s possible to earn up to $10,000 every week with this program. That is exactly the message they are pushing to the gullible masses who desperately want money. Do you realize that this system abuses crypto trading niche? You see, we have had good trading systems for some time now. None of these systems promise such abnormal returns. But they pay well. However, with the Ethereum Code, we cannot say the same simply because it has all the markings of a scam project. The supposed owner of the Ethereum Code, Mr. Mark Weston doesn’t exist and the creators  don’t mind earning a quick buck while peddling lies of what They are promoting online.

Ethereum Code

According to the picture on the sales video of this scam binary options system, Mark Weston is the head and the system which they are promoting on this website is his lifetime commitment into discovering how traders can make lots of money easily and quickly trading crypto currency. Anyone who is gullible enough will definitely believe this hogwash. Sadly enough, this is the ugly truth. It is a scam. The photo the parade as Mr. Mark Weston was ripped off from a photo bank company, see proof below.

Ethereum Code 2

The owner of this stock photo probably does not know anything about crypto trading or what the Ethereum Code is all about.

Ethereum Code Platform

Ethereum Code Review

Get it straight from us “Ethereum Code” is a total scam, this is because they claim unbelievable level of profits $3,000 per day and tried hard to entice you with fake luxurious lifestyle photos . They claim on their website that the software works trading cryptocurrency, but that is not true because we opened account with them and discovered that they are peddling on a common binary options platform instead.

Ethereum Code Fake Video

The goal of the video is to get you to open a trading account at the broker of their choosing, and for you to deposit money there. It is important for every investor to know, that your money is held at a broker, and if that broker is not licensed, you will never see your money again! In the case of Ethereum Code, the redirected us to a scam broker called Stern Options. When you learn how this scam operates, read this, you will understand why Ethereum Code would connect you with an unlicensed broker.

 Visit Trusted Sites

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Fake trading results

For any system to prove its efficacy, it must produce real trading results which can be verified. These scammers know this. But because their software is nothing but a scam, they opted to fake results and pass them as legitimate.

Thankfully, it is always easy to spot fake results. We checked the website and found some alleged results which they claim were produced as a result of trading with Ethereum Code program.

They have done neat work by cobbling things together, However, greed pushed them to do a silly thing.

Ethereum Code Fake Result

It does not make sense how their live trading results will be showing something like 100% winnings, with no single trade lost. Why is that so?

They know very well that Ethereum Code is a bogus system. Real price feed is very different from what they are presenting as results. Shame on them!

Why do they use scam actors?

There is strong evidence which suggests that Ethereum Code website simply hired a bunch of lunatics to misrepresent this system.

Ethereum Code Testimonials

These guys are simply giving a false testimonial in support of a scam. We know that they were paid to do so. But their approach is quite manipulative. If they claim that Ethereum Code is a legitimate product, why can’t we have real traders endorsing it? The author or vendor of this shaddy system keeps using the faces of these individuals as ”proof” that his software works.

While still pondering whether or not these individuals truly use Ethereum Code, the site serves you with stolen pictures representing the alleged beta testers. They are supposedly thanking Mark for giving them a life time opportunity of using this wonderful piece of software.

Ethereum Code Scam

If you want to catch the scammers in their own game, just do a little google search on this photos. You will realise that most of them were fabricated with stolen pictures of people who do not know what Ethereum Code is all about, see below.

Ethereum Code Scam 2

Ethereum Code scam wants to steal money from you, so a carefully fabricated testimonial would help them paint a positive review of this software, so that the lazy trader will not have to do a little research before jumping in.

Unreasonable profit potential

Honestly, is there any trader out there who makes 3k per day? That should be like 90K in a month.

This is pure illusion. It’s the language of scams. Making such amounts of money is very unlikely particularly if you’re getting a system for free and doing nothing other than sitting and waiting for money to come. You will be disappointed.

Review Verdict – Ethereum Code is a Scam – Beware

Ethereum Code is a misleading product. What is more, the pitch video tells us that this crook does not know what they are talking about.

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Thanks for the time taken to read our Ethereum Code scam review. feel free to surf our top recommended signal page. Also make sure you subscribe to our mail list to get first hand reviews of binary options scam.

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