VfxAlert Signals Review – Scam VfxAlert Exposed!

Best Crypto Signals Software Review

VfxAlert Signals Review – Scam VfxAlert Exposed!

VfxAlert Review.VfxAlert Signals is the new trading signals software for binary options that we received an email about recently from one of our subscribers.

You are a smart person and that is why you decided to do your research, as something about the VfxAlert and their Iq options platform signals seems like a scam. Let’s do a step by step review of VfxAlert Signals and see how the software work and what it is really about.

Note: You will probably never see your money again if you deposit at VfxAlert Signals, read why.

VfxAlert Signals Review

The first time you visit their website, VfxAlert Signals looks very affordable because you only need to make the decision of either choosing the free signal service or the $30-based subscription.


The VfxAlert Signals paid subscription is supposed to be renewed on a yearly basis while the free subscription is supposed to run for a lifetime. Of course the free subscription will limit you from taking full advantage of the so-called features. For example, you won’t have access to extended statistics, signals filters, etc. On top of that, you will be restricted to trading with their brokers because they have a revenue-sharing agreement with those brokers. The premium subscription model lets you trade with any broker of your choice. The pricing sounds very affordable only if you fail to look at it in the bigger picture.

You see, this particular signal vendor does not have a trading success record. This means that if you trade with their signals, you will eventually lose your account balance in addition to $30 which you paid for this subscription. On the other hand, those who opt for the free model of this service will still lose ultimately. VfxAlert Signals does not care whether you profit or lose because their commissions are still intact as long as they make you trade with their ”recommended brokers”.

VfxAlert Signals does not tell us who owns this service. There is no company information such as address, contact or anything else that would build a consumer’s confidence towards this site. We don’t understand how VfxAlert plans to attract clients if they continue operating this way.

The bottom line is that it can be very dangerous trusting such a signal provider. It shows that they are not established, and the reason why that is the case is because their signals don’t perform.

Now, we want to give you proof that these signals don’t perform. Are you ready? Here we go:

VfxAlert Scam

vfxalert Scam Review

That disclaimer statement says that VfxAlert is only offering this service for educational purposes and that they are not asking anyone to take action thereafter.

On top of this, they state that the owner of this site will not be responsible for losses or any errors that arise from trading their signals.

At this point in time, you realize that this vendor is not intending to take responsibility for their failure. That’s the reason they are hiding behind such a disclaimer statement.

Besides this, this kind of service is considered investment advice in most countries where Binary options trading is regulated.

Anyone who offers a signal service without seeking proper licensing is definitely committing a crime. But that is also why this website is trying to get around those rules by publishing a disclaimer statement that obviously puts the trader in a disadvantageous position.

This is a strong warning that VfxAlert is a fraudulent service. You are most likely going to lose your account if you ignore the red flags.

Note: Top rated crypto signals software now is XBT News Trader.

No Trading Record

VfxAlert did not mention the win rate or average return on investment for their signals. We therefore don’t know what to expect because this website is lacking performance records for their signals. We actually sent them an email seeking a response on matters related to their trading performance. They replied that they were only providing this service for educational purposes only as contained in their disclaimer statement. In other words, the owner of this site was admitting that VfxAlert does not have any record of their trading performance.

They are actually selling a product/service that has never been tested. It’s actually one of the signs you should look out for when dealing with any signal provider on the web. We don’t feel confident towards this vendor because they don’t trade their signals.

Who’s behind this website?

VfxAlert is registered under the name of Aleksandr Mikolyuk. However, their address is not provided, thus we do not know much about them.

We are actually dealing with an anonymous signal provider in this case. And in as much as you’re not paying a lot to use this service, the truth is that you wouldn’t want to waste your time or probably blow your account as a result of following a fraudulent signal provider.

The owner of this site also maintains a Twitter page where they market their service as a free binary options signal provider.

As you can see, nothing in that Twitter page can make you believe that VfxAlert runs a profitable signal service.

They have over 400 followers in that account. But none of them seem to be actively interacting with their tweets. This suggests that these followers are fake. Vendors are actually notorious for buying fake followers to fool unsuspecting clients into joining their failing service.

Uses Fake Binary Options Brokers

Once you give your information to VfxAlert, they connect you with a fake binary options broker. In our case, we were connected to an offshore broker. The company is not a licensed binary options broker, and their trading platform did not work.

If you are attracted to automated trading, ask for robots that makes use of licensed brokers. The only place you should trade binary options is at a licensed and regulated broker. If you are in Europe, use a broker licensed by CySEC, if you are in Australia, use a broker licensed by ASIC. Our robots are integrated with regulated brokers and there is no reason in 2017 for anyone to get scammed by an unlicensed binary options broker.

Go here to see a list of robots integrated with CySEC and ASIC licensed brokers.

The Best Auto Trading Software

For every new product like VfxAlert, there are hundreds more that you didn’t even know exist, you can see a review of the best here. Only a handful of automated trading software actually have the features that a real trader needs to properly trade.

Option Robot (read review) happens to be the most popular trading software today for a variety of reasons. The main reason is because you can choose a licensed brokers for the software, see here.

Thanks for the time taken to read our VfxAler scam review. feel free to surf our top recommended signal page. Also make sure you subscribe to our mail list to get first hand reviews of binary options scam.

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