Bitcoins Wealth Club Review – Scam System Exposed

Best Crypto Signals Software Review

Bitcoins Wealth Club Review – Scam System Exposed

Bitcoin Wealth Review.Bitcoin Wealth aka Bitcoins Wealth Club is a new automated trading software app for trading crypto currency which opened recently in September, 2017. You probably never traded binary options before, and have no idea how these auto trading system work. Take a moment to read about binary option robots. Also, you should know many binary options robots are not reliable so to say, learn more about fake investment opportunities.

Note: Sadly, there are many people who lost money using a scam software like Bitcoin Wealth.

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Bitcoins Wealth Club Review

With the Bitcoin Wealth software, you got all it takes to be a crypto currency millionaire, trading bitcoin and other altcoins.

If you have been following industry reviews, you will recall Crypto Wealth system? The truth is that Bitcoin Wealth is just a recycled version of the Crypto Wealth system. It’s not unique in any way.

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Basically, a scammer just bought a white label and customized it to make it look new. It’s like this: once they have that software, the task involves placing their logos on it and playing around with graphics here and there so that the end product can look unique.

Bitcoin Wealth

Bitcoin Wealth Scam

The person presenting the Bitcoin Wealth system is an impostor. He claims his name is Max Carney. The same name he used in the initial Crypto wealth system, which also turned out to be scam.

Honestly, his name is never Max Carney, we have seen him presenting many other other scam system and each of the presentation comes with a different name. He is a paid actor, whose job is to lie in front of cameras about a way to make quick money online. The real people behind this software will never reveal their faces to the world. The stay behind scene, cooking dud signals system in other to scam as many people as possible.

As for traders who are seriously looking for a good trading system, these tools can be of great help.

Bitcoin Wealth Scam Review.

Fake Testimonials

Most scam systems always resort to the use of scripted testimonials as a proof of software performance. That is also the case with the Bitcoin Wealth software. Instead of getting a genuine trading result from their broker, they made use of filmed testimonials where paid actors read out canned messages on how Bitcoin Wealth changed their lives.

Fortunately, we don’t even have to go far to prove that these testimonials are scripted. This is because the owner of this site states on their earning disclaimer that this video together with the people who appear in it are meant for purposes of demonstrating what this software can do. In other words, they are admitting that Bitcoin Wealth does not have any trading results and that everything that was said in that pitch video is pure lies.

How this scam works

Bitcoin Wealth is a basic binary options signal software and automated trading robot. The system gives you a couple of options to select like the minimum amount per trade. We looked for a way to select a licensed broker, but we couldn’t switch from the broker they assigned us. Sometimes we sign up again to these software’s, and they assign us a new broker.

As we briefly mentioned above, the biggest problem with using any software is not so much the software itself, rather the broker you are using.

Bitcoin Wealth is not a binary options broker, they are simply an add on software to use with a broker. When you deposit your $250 into your account at Bitcoin Wealth System, you must know that Bitcoin Wealth is not getting your money. Your money goes to your assigned broker.

Review Verdict – Bitcoin Wealth is a Scam – stay away

If you read about the top rated binary robots, then you know that good robots allow you to play with the software on a demo before using it. So remember, only use a genuine robot that allows you to configure your settings and preferences before taking the big step!

You can read the article: Features of a good binary options robot.

Visit Trusted Sites

Compare Automated Trading Robots is the original and still the most popular automated trading software. They are popular because they work with some licensed brokers, and people like watching the software in demo mode, look here.

Were you scammed by a binary options broker, or a bad trading software? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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