Copy My CashFlow Review – Scam System Exposed

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Copy My CashFlow Review – Scam System Exposed

Copy My CashFlow is a pretty new automated trading software released recently. The Copy My CashFlow boldly promised to make you $1,000 on daily basis.

  • Now, if you really want to know how scams like Copy My CashFlow work, see this.
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Copy My CashFlow Review

We didn’t understand what the Copy My CashFlow is all about untill we decided to open an account with them.

Copy My CashFlow claims that the only thing you need to start earning is to copy their website, which will be done for you as soon as you open an account with them.

However, when we opened account with them, we were not given access to any website to copy, rather we found out that the Copy My CashFlow is a simple binary options trading platform that have been used in the past to scam traders.

These scammers are back again with same bogus platform, only with changes in name, logo and story.

Copy My CashFlow Review

Copy My CashFlow simply lacks evidence to support their claims. It’s purely based on marketing hogwash. There’s absolutely little to no substantial information which I may use to make a calculated investment decision.

Copy My CashFlow Scam

Copy My CashFlow accumulated a bunch of fake testimonials to paint a positive light about this software, when the fact of the matter is that the Copy My CashFlow relies on some generic strategy that every white label out there is designed to use.

It does not take much research to realize that Copy My CashFlow is a hoax.

Nowadays, it is very easy to buy people to lie in front of camera for a cheap price.

Copy My CashFlow Scam Review

A little visit to gives you a free access to some cheap actors whose duties are to lie. In as much as you can drop atleast $5, your evil message can be well delivered to the rightful audience within 24 hours.

The entire Copy My CashFlow scheme is based on speculations rather than facts. The owner of this website wants you to trust them that they have what it takes to make you money. But no evidence is being presented to prove that indeed this robot can make money.

Never you trust the bank and Paypal accounts shown on their website. Those were fabricated to manipulate you into believing their lies.

Josh claims to have made about 10 million dollars with this system in the past 2 years. However, during our investigation, we discovered that their website was registered on February, 2017. Proving that the system have not been in existence more than a year now, see evidence below.

Copy My CashFlow Scam

Review Verdict : Copy My CashFlow is a scam

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I can’t form a positive opinion on a product just because I was invited through some landing sales page to watch a video of how the trading system works.

The so-called live videos where this software is promoted is a waste of time. You will never find any track record there — only unverified claims of success with a system that is hyped and sold through various domains that are sponsored by scam brokers.

This software is promoted by charlatans who sell snake oil in the trading scenes.

Also, a company that has existed for 2 years should have a track record or at least be proud to display broker statements indicating how successful they’ve been in trading binary options. Apparently, this is the topic they hate most. Avoid Copy My CashFlow at all cost. It’s not productive. You should use the best binary options signals, if you really mean to trade.



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