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50K a Week Review – Scam 50K a Week Software Exposed!

50kaweek Review50K a Week is one of those numerous binary auto trading software that pressurize you into signing up with their scam systems.

  • 50K a Week is a Scam and if you have lost some money with them, know why here.
  • Alternative to 50K a Week is

Official website :

50K a Week Scam

Joshoua Harris is the man who created this software. He wanted us to believe that he created an app that will make anybody 50K in just a week without doing anything. And off course, it is for free.

The 50K a Week  trading software was introduced to us by voice over presentation.

Honestly, 99.9% of software that we seen, which makes use of this form of voice presentation turned out to be disappointment.

The voice you hear is not that of Josh Harris. It is the voice of an actor and during our investigation, it matched so well with numerous scam system that makes use of this kind of voice presentation.

In reality, the person by name Josh Harris does not exist and it is just another form of fake identity to claim responsibility and legitimacy.

This people are not so sure of their platform and thus, does not want to associate it with their real faces and identities.

50K a Week

When you lose money with this app, which we are warning you not to, you will be so surprise that their is virtually nobody to point fingers at and Josh Harris does not exist.

50K a Week Review

Most of the time, when we visit some of this scam systems, our instinct we ring alert that something fishy is happening.

This is the reason why most scam system like the 50K a Week will always plant a pressure tactics that will crave an emotional drive to melt down your instinct.

The 50K a Week said that their are only 17 spots left to become a millionaire with their software.

However when you log out from their website and re-login at a later time be it in an hour, day, month or even a year, the website will still be advertising the same number of millionaire spots.

50K a Week Scam Review

Whoever recommends that you use this software is receiving payments from a broker when you deposit atleast $250 with this system.

Fake Binary Options Signals

You cannot deny the fact that this 50K a Week is fraudulent. Otherwise, doing so would be like burying your head in the sand and waiting to lose money.

The aim is to fleece your wallet — that is, if they get the chance to.

It’s hard to say that these are ethical businesses people. 50K a Week lacks integrity, and that’s the reason why we can’t prove their backgrounds.

The same applies to the crazy profit projections promised with this 50K a Week package. So unless you sign up with this binary auto trading software, there is no guarantee that you will have a good head-start as far as making money trading binary options is concerned.

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