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Global Insight Research Review – Scam Global Insight Research Exposed!

Global Insight ResearchThis is a review alert on Global Insight Research, a Forex educational platform spearheaded by Mr. Bruce Moschelle.

According to them, the Global Insight Research is the ultimate source of resources and advice to trade Forex profitably.

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Global Insight Research Review

Global Insight Research grouped their offers into Price Targets. We have Price Target 1 to 5.

Price Target 1 claims to have an accuracy of 100%. This virtually means that you will never loose a single trade using this trading system.

Now this is where our argument starts because, there is no genuine trading system that will promise you a risk free solution trading the currency market because it is volatile and highly speculative.

Global Insight Research Review

Whoever tells you to use this Global Insight Research is receiving payments from they brokers behind this well hyped system.

Global Insight Scam

It looks that the main focus to attract potential customers is on Mr. Bruce story. Global Insight Research painted a lot mouth watering pictures about Mr. Bruce, ranging from being an expert trader to having enough experience in Forex brokerage.

However, what the Global Insight Research doesn’t wants to tell you is that Mr, Bruce has been perching from one fraudulent scheme to another for the past 15 years.

Mr. Bruce appears to have worked in TrueMan Group Inc, LH Rose and Company, Harrison Securities, Seaboard securities, etc.

Now one thing about these firms is that, they have all been black listed and shut down by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Global Insight Research Scam Review

Global Insight Research says it has a magical formula which it can sell to you for a one-time fee of $5,000. . $5,000 is not a small amount especially when the offer is coming from someone with such a dark trackback.

Fake Asset managers

Estimated profit returns! They love this talk because it gives every asset manager the chance to climb on top of a hill to shout unreasonable figures, hoping that a few gullible investors will fall into the trap.

And by the way, profit returns are just as important as draw down.

But since Global Insight Research is run by greedy fund managers who have no qualms projecting a profit return of 100%, one should expect them to skip crucial details because such details raise questions.

Personally, am not willing to commit my money to an asset manager who is telling me about my expected returns but is not telling me about the expected draw down which comes with virtually every trading system.

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