Crunch Tech Review – Scam CrunchTech Software Exposed

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Crunch Tech Review – Scam CrunchTech Software Exposed

This is a review alert on a robot by the name Crunch Tech software being endorsed by unscrupulous bloggers.

Indeed these guys are free because they operate in an internet environment that seems to be free from the rule of authorities.

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CrunchTech Scam

They developed Crunch Tech software as a means of diverting attention from their previously released failing robot –Neo2 

This previous attempts to market Neo 2 to the masses only did more harm than good.

We hear some people even calling them the ultimate scam artist. This is very funny especially if we consider the ”efforts” they put in trying to market their products to the masses just to gain some trust.

Now, This guys are trying to pull off the infamous Crunch Tech software, which is a phony binary options trading robot. Their target — those who are not willing to conduct due diligence when researching about products on the internet.

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Crunch Tech will never deliver your desires. In the real sense, the creators are just creating an opportunity to cash in because they are affiliated with brokers who pay commissions when you sign up through this software.

Crunch Tech Software Review

It’s quite obvious that this is a typical binary options robot. But since it was produced by a man who claims to have developed Neo 2, it can be assumed that Crunch Tech software uses weather patterns to predict trades.

This is the absurd claim which they make when trying to convince us on how signals are supposed to be generated from this app.

To start with, the promotion video on the Crunch Tech software website is very similar to that on the Neo 2 app website. However, there are some subtle differences here and there.

Well, this man needs to polish up his tactics if he truly wants to remain invisible.

First of, this robot is based on the theme of Neo 2. Now, the difference is in the approach he uses in the video, plus the different actors which he has used this time round.

The website has also been pimped up a little bit to avoid detection or similarities with his previous app.

Now, everything else remains the same as in Neo 2 app website.

Most reviews that we’ve read are positive about this app. You know he pumps his marketing dollar into this kind of thing, so it’s only expedient that we expect more positive reviews than negative ones.

However, the few negative ones still struggle to find the connection. They don’t precisely point the worst of Crunch Tech software. But they are negative overall.

You have to know that the entire video is just a joke. The alleged show which they call How I Became a Millionaire is something that does not exist.

The content is shitty because the people who are doing this presentation are not even real in the first place.

The names which they use and the roles which they take as far as this software is concerned is far misleading.

Crunch Tech vs Neo 2 videos

Crunch Tech

Crunch Tech Review


Crunch Tech Scam Review

The first screenshot is evidence that a paid user uploaded his video content on this site. And they were paid to propagate lies.

His profile can be identified by User #51372591.

Now, in the last image, you can see that the same user uploaded a fake testimonial on the Neo2 website.

The name of his profile is Drones TV.

Some of their actors can be found on this profile link

We are just hoping that you will confirm the evidence quickly enough before they make that profile private.

You also realize that the script in both videos are pretty the same. Besides this, those who pay attention will notice that these two videos were acted in the same office space.

This is clearly a rented facility which this guy has used repeatedly to launch his productions.

The location of this rented apartment can also be reveal in the video. The office is situated in LA, Gas Company Tower at 555 5thSt.

crunch tech office

The Gas Company Tower lies right across the street. If you check Google maps, you should be able to confirm this for yourself.

The bottom line is that this is a shared facility where various individuals rent space for their business.

This explains why there is so much space for this guy to shoot his videos, make his absurd claims and still manage to look professional.

The million dollar question is whether this guy really has an office. If you happen to be in LA, you can find out from him.

We are not quite sure which floor they are occupying in that building. But this is the exact location, and anyone who has time and is courageous enough can do a quick search on the building.

We are 100% certain that his real name is not Freeman, so don’t search him with that name.

Review Verdict = Stay Away from CryptoTrader

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