WinForexBot Review – Scam WinForexBot Robot Exposed

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WinForexBot Review – Scam WinForexBot Robot Exposed

This is a review alert on a new automated Forex robot called WinForexBot, which has caught the attention of traders and critics alike.

This is because very unusual things are happening on this website, and we think these things are worth pointing out.

Note: If you have lost money with WinForexBot, see why

Alternative to this WinForexBot is

WinForexBot Scam

First of all, there is clearly confusion on how WinForexBot is being promoted.

You see, the website claims to sell an Expert Advisor. At the same time, they appear to be selling WordPress themes. How ridiculous?

WinForexBot Review

We don’t understand what is happening with this vendor’s website. At first, we thought it had been hacked, hence the irrelevant content.

However, when the owner didn’t seemed bothered by these unusual activities, we realized that it was intentional.

To add insult to injury, the site sells various plans for those who want to setup websites.

However, the domain suggests that this site is all about Forex.

The picture on the homepage also hints that this website sells Expert Advisors. However, when you scroll down the homepage, things get ugly and quite irrelevant.

WinForexBot Review

It appears that this website was intended to sell a Forex robot. However, somewhere down the line, they changed their mind and started pursuing a different line of business, although they still hint that they are involved in selling a Forex expert advisor.

The website is written in both English and Latin languages. We wonder what the motive is.

And in as much as we’d like to learn about WinForexBot EA, the owner doesn’t seem to be willing to engage us in any conversation.

They don’t mention names, companies or anything. As a matter of fact, this website even uses a free wordpress theme to promote their imaginary product.

It’s literally impossible to trust someone who is clearly not willing to reveal their true identities.

What is more, the website has screwed up the deal, and now it looks like a scam. No doubt about this.

The bottom line is that no product is being offered here, hence the confusion. We don’t know whether we are dealing with a software vendor or a WordPress theme developer. Hold your wallet tight!

How WinForexBot works

Honestly, it’s not clear how WinForexBot works, plus no one has ever bothered to give us an explanation either.

Basically, we can’t understand what is going on in this website. It’s a total mess and a big act of laziness. We even doubt if there’s an Expert Advisor involved in the first place.

Any Benefit using it?

There is no benefit using this software rather. There is absolutely no seriousness seen in this software. If you opt for WinForexBot, you capital will be drained by fake brokers behind this software. See what it takes to be a worthy broker here

Review Verdict = Stay Away from WinForexBot

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