Anonymous Trade Review – Scam Anony.Trade Software Exposed

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Anonymous Trade Review – Scam Anony.Trade Software Exposed

Anonymous Trade is an example of an automated binary options scam. Anonymous Trade is among the list of white label robots that makes use of the original software developed in 2014.

You’ve worked so hard and your money does not deserve to be gambled away by people who claim to have the ultimate software solutions for trading the binary markets profitably.

Official website :

If you want to know why you will lose money with this get rich quick scheme, read this.

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Anonymous Trade

Anonymous Trade Scam

Anonymous Trade claims to make you $1000 daily doing nothing.

Any investor looking for a serious binary options robot, see here, would conclude that Live in Fredom software by Anonymous Trade is just another scam.

This is because Anonymous Trade is selling dreams by confidently telling their viewers that the app makes 1k a day, when we know very well that riches don’t come easy with trading.

Anonymous Trade said that their software is able to connect straight to the main stock market server and get the prices even before they appear publicly on your broker server. And most importantly, they will do this for you without any commission and price.

Let’s just say that nothing is ground-breaking about the software hosted on this domain

Like I said before, we have seen  a lot of binary option robot using the software that Anonymous Trade is presenting to you and all of them turned out to be a simple automated trading software affiliated with unlicensed brokers. See why you need a licensed broker here

If you have a keen eye for details and are in sync with your instincts, you won’t ignore the fact that there are already numerous red flags floating around.

Anonymous Trade Review

Anonymous Trade Review

According to Anonymous finance guy, they have created a unique software which will destroy the world’s corrupt stock market and spread the money among us all!

The real fact is that, they are not looking for opportunity seekers to help, they are looking for people to deposit there money at a binary options broker.

Anonymous Trade Result

Anonymous Trade posted a java script and called it a trading result in order to attract more people to their fraudulent scheme.

Meanwhile what they parade as trading result shows trade done on Saturday, when we know that the stock market is closed on weekends.

And these are obvious signs that foul play is involved in this filthy project.

Anonymous Trade Scam Review

Review Verdict = Stay Away from Anonymous Trade

Never trade with exposed scams like Tai Robotic, Infinity App, Quantum Code

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