Guaranteed Wealth System Scam Review

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Guaranteed Wealth System Scam Review

Guaranteed Wealth System ReviewGuaranteed Wealth just like other binary option scams is an app created by Victor Lambert to provide “only” profitable trades automatically on your behalf. The video at explains to us that with the system, we’ll be able to make $10,000 per week every single week for the rest of our lives.

In summary, his system is supposed to help us make money every single week by trading binary options automatically for us.  All we needed to do was just to subscribe to his email list, get the system for free, deposit with his recommended broker and then let the system do it’s job.

Guaranteed Wealth Review

The Guaranteed Wealth System will only deliver losing trades until your whole capital is totally wiped out unless you intervene by stopping the system and asking the broker for withdrawal of the remaining funds – that is if the broker is not a fake broker itself because most times, these scam systems work hand in hand with fake brokers.

I know this because I’ve personally tested this system as I am a full time binary options trader.  I have a wide knowledge of how this fake products operate and why there are so many of them out there.

Proofs that the Guaranteed Wealth System is a Scam

1. From the Promotional Video itself:

What makes you think that Victor Lambert and his team of programming gurus, with their system will help you make guaranteed profit of $10,000 per week every single week for the rest of your live?

No, think about it for a second. Something’s not just right!

It’s easy to get carried away by those kind of mind-blowing statements as a beginner but if you’re an experienced trader in the stock markets, forex or binary options, you would have noticed that there’s nothing like guaranteed profit because it’s often difficult to predict what the market will do in the next second.

In essence, the binary options market is not a steady market. It rises and falls due to the effect of supply and demand just like forex. Therefore, it takes only proven strategies to actually make money with binary options trading.

Fake sales page

An easy way to identify a scam is to watch the tone used in the promotional videos.

They will always mention the following statements in order to try to sell you some stuff:

  • The app/product/signal provider/system takes nothing to make money
  • You make money without doing anything or lifting a finger
  • Pictures of flashy cars, houses and estates
  • Product is free of charge, keep your wallet away because we won’t charge you a penny for this
  • Shows you their trading account housing thousands and millions of dollars

Telling Lies

This is not supposed to be singled out as a factor because the whole video is full of lies aimed at making you buy the product. Victor Lambert said the system was free and you don’t have to buy anything but in reality, you need to deposit money into a broker account to be able to use the Guaranteed Wealth System. The minimum amount to be deposited is $250, so we assume it to be the real cost of the system.

Any Benefit trading with Guaranteed Wealth System

Guaranteed Wealth System is not the first fake product promising unlimited wealth and riches overnight trading something that’s called “binary options”.  There have been many similar products that got busted in the past e.g. German binary robot, Oz robot, Tokyo Bot .e.t.c.

Guaranteed Wealth System has a 99% resemblance with all of those fake products and even without using it, one can confidently say that it is a scam.

Fortunately for us, these scams work similarly and this has made it easy for us to identify with almost 90% certainty which program is real or scam.

Review Verdict = Stay Away from Guaranteed Wealth System

Never trade with exposed scams like Tai Robotic, My Cash Method and 30K 30Day Challenge

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