Binary Option Club is a Scam! Honest Binary Option Club Review (Proof)

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Binary Option Club is a Scam! Honest Binary Option Club Review (Proof)

Binary Option Club Review.Binary Option Club is just another binary option trading software with very exciting promises which will eventually lead you nowhere. According to Binary Option Club System, they pride themselves to provide you with a special system where you can choose either to trade on complete auto pilot or trade manually by copying trade experts. The Binary Option elite club claim to have a very profitable system which can allow you copy from about six professionals. This ordinarily would be a very admirable feature if it were genuine but coming from this source, it looks too good to be true so we were prompted to dig deeper into this group.

Note: Smart people are not deceived by fake videos and paid actors, they look out for honest reviews of binary signals.


Binary Option Club

Binary Option Club Review

The Binary Option Club is supposedly created by Paul Schafer. According to him, you are provided with a platform in which you can copy from six successful traders. You can trade manually or automatically, the choice is solely yours to make. The Binary Option Club is free but you need to deposit at least $250 dollars into one of their trading brokers. According to them, you don’t have to worry because the money will be multiplied as soon as you start trading. But is this really going to happen?

Binary Option Club Scam

From our results, we discovered that Binary Option Club promises are bunch of lies that never actually see the light of the day. They are merely baits used to draw the attention of people to the scam. The interest Binary Option Club shows on you isn’t real as their only true interest is to take advantage of you and rob you.

Who is responsible for the Binary Option Club?

We can’t say for sure who or what company is responsible for this system but one thing we are so certain of is that Paul Schafer isn’t the person behind this Option Club. Paul Schafer presents this software to us but we know nothing about him. For someone who claims to be responsible for such big invention, we expect him or his company to have a profile. We did an extensive search and rather we found nothing on him except that relating to the website.

In binary option, it is very risky to invest in an anonymous company or one which is not recognized and most likely not regulated. This is because you may end up losing all you investment without a trace or any hopes of getting it back.

By the way, we really have to say that Binary Option Club really did well in their camouflage. They were able to disguise themselves for while thus having many people believing in them and getting sign up immediately.
We would have to admit that Binary Option Club lacked the tell-tale signs of a typical scam software. They didn’t really promise exaggerated amount of profits; a profit of $300-500 is reasonable even though it is on the high side of what is normally obtainable by regular traders. Though Binary Option Club didn’t display fake testimonial from fake people which is a common strategy for scammers. It is very obvious that so much efforts were invested into this software in order to make it look original

However, the absence of these doesn’t exactly exclude the possibility of a foul-play. In facts, we have already received several complaints and report of Binary Option Club being a scam. This software apparently doesn’t live up to it expectations and has left a lot of people disappointed.

How does Binary Option Club really work?

We have absolutely no idea on how it really works because nothing was said about this aspect. We are only told that there are six expert traders whose trading pattern are available to be copied from.
Talking about copying from experts, who really are these professionals?

Who are the Binary Option Club experts?

Binary Option Club Scam

The Binary Option Club website has some notes written under the names of these so-called experts which we assume to be their profile. However, we have a strong believe that these were fabricated. Besides anyone can come up with such stories and there are no proofs at all to show these people even exist. We did a check on the names of the experts and it may surprise you to know that these so-called experts with their self-acclaimed importance have no solid profile or proof of existence.

Let us take a look at some of their experts:

Jason Benneke

Jason Benneke holds a degree in economics. He started trading Forex in his spare time while he was studying for his degree and immediately gravitated towards Binary Options when it replaced FX as the dominant platform for private traders some years ago.

Alexa Montreau

Alexa Montreau is a sales rep for a peripherals and consumables conglomerate. She began trading three years ago as a way to supplement her income.

Now one thing we really find common with their experts is that, they take binary trading as a part time job. This is really absurd. Binary option trading is a professional trade and requires a a lot of time input and persistence to be successful. Whoever tells you that trading is a part time job or shares it with another primary source of income is trying to capture your interest. Binary Option Club fabricated those stories to capture a scenario that will suit your life experience at the moment.

An amazing part of the scam is the story on Sarah McCullough. Based on her story, she has maintained an average winning rate of 90% for a long while.

This is red flag because as far as binary option is concerned, such winning rates aren’t feasible. The binary option market is really a dynamic one with prices fluctuating within seconds thus making it difficult to correctly predict the directions of prices. So don’t be quick to believe these scammers when they make such claims.
Also, on a post of their latest trades, we discovered that a trade was carried out on a Sunday and we wonder how it was even possible. Usually, trades aren’t done during the weekends because the markets are usually closed down. Though in some rare cases, a few markets are opened late on weekends but with very low payout ratio.

Binary Option Club boast of having a standard educational centre and blogs to help gain better understanding of binary options and learn how to place trades. We do not agree with them on this because from what we saw when we checked, they have virtually no knowledge to offer. And the blogs posts are just some fake scanty posts which can merely teach you what you really know about binary options.

How does this scam work?

Firstly, you are made so sign up and then fill in your personal information after which you will be directed to a broker of their choice. Then you would be required to fund your account with a minimum of deposit of $250 dollars, so it isn’t really free as they may have you believe.
Besides, they don’t show their brokers and most likely partner with unregulated brokers which means your money isn’t guaranteed.

Any Benefit Using Binary Option Club?

There is no tangible benefit opting for this software. Binary Option Club is not synced with any expert trader that you can trust. Those are lies to lure you into subscribing to this scam. To cap it all, Binary Option Club is orchestrated by expert affiliate marketers who promote this software to gain favor from some unregulated brokers. These unregulated brokers are the major problem we have in binary options trading as the steal peoples money using many get rich quick systems. Their are hundreds of this systems and unfortunately, Binary Option Club is one of them.

Review Verdict : Binary Option Club is a scam! Beware

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Binary Option Club isn’t a good choice for binary option trading if you really want to succeed. Their are many things left unsaid about this system. It is just a well disguised scam and holds no real future for you in binary options, hence we would encourage you to stay away from it and rather go for more open and genuine options.

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There are definitely a lot of scams out there. However, it is easy to stay safe once you learn how to recognize the scams, and fortunately, most of the scams have the exact red-flags, it’s almost as if they’re clones of one another.

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