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TAI Robotic is a Scam!! Honest TAI Robotic Review (Proof)

TAI Robotic ReviewThis is a review alert on TAI Robotic Trend Indicator Aka Trading Artificial Intelligence, a viral scam concocted by group of intelligent scammers and promoted by numerous unscrupulous bloggers. These bloggers are known by professional traders as dud signals providers and vendors of varieties of dirty Binary Option Robot scams.  These notorious crooks had decided to bolster their fortunes by joining force with a more successful scam. Previously, they have endorsed a lot of automated systems which turned out to be facades, and now they have added to their list another automated trading software, TAI Robotic, a robot that works on artificial intelligence and able to predict movements in the currency market, what a joke!

Note: Smart people are not deceived by fake videos and paid actors, they look out for honest reviews of binary signals.

TAI Robotic

TAI Robotic Review

Now the main message they want to pass to novice traders is this;

Because artificial intelligence have worked in some other areas of life including self-driving cars, therefore it works in trading using the TAI Robotic.

Every other thing said and acted by the presenters including Alex being a nerd, his friend Timmy dying of cancer and how they met John Doe’s advertising company and so on are just gimmicks to re-enforce the single fact that TAI Robotic works in trading based on artificial intelligence. Obviously this does not hold true in trading.

Sadly, new traders are at risk especially if they ignore reviews like the ones you’re reading now. So if you are one of those who easily get carried away, mind where your investments will be going to this time round.

We’ve done a thorough investigation on the suspect software, and we’ve found that TAI Robotic is not suitable for use in your investments endeavors. It’s a fair warning which you can heed or just ignore. But facts will always remain indisputable. The things we have found concerning TAI Robotic are not to be taken lightly.

TAI Robotic Scam

TAI Robotic Scam

TAI Robotic hired two professional scam artistes John Doe and Alex Knect to paint a positive light of a successful trading software. They make outstanding claims on how TAI Robotic made huge profits for them.

The biggest lie they are telling you to cover up this worthless software is that Alex Knect is the genius that programmed this artificial intelligence. And probably that is the reason why you should invest in it.

This is not the first time we are seeing this kind of story line. We want to let you know that Alex Knect is neither an artificial intelligence programmer for self-driving cars in Germany nor did he setup any trading artificial intelligence. Both John and Alex are paid actors, a notorious one to say, hired to give TAI Robotic an appearance of a genuine choice.

John Doe claims to work with an advertising firm but did not spare a second to tell us the name and location of this firm. In reality, he is not working with any firm and thus kept the name anonymous for the benefit of doubt. He is known to act as a scam artiste and this keeps scammers knocking at his door to deliver their evil message.

TAI Robotic Software

Alex Knect, played a role of a guy guru. After going through his story, he claimed to have worked as an engineer in an automobile company in Germany, he programmed an artificial robot, gave it out to raise money for his dying friend, and now decided to make it available to the whole public for free to be sold at a giveaway price of $10,000 in the future. Don’t be deceived, It is a new concept they are using to lure gullible people into using this made up trading software. When we searched for Alex in relation to any of his claims, we could not find any information apart from the one you see on the TAI Robotic website and in other network of affiliates website promoting this garbage. Checkout the snapshot below, you will see Alex acting as one of the beta testers of an old scam the Azure Method. In this scam, the person acting as Alex was bearing the name Paul Carr.

is TAI Robotic a Scam

The question we have for Alex is, which one is your real identity? Should we call you Paul Carr the beta tester for Azure Method or Alex Knect, the creator of TAI Robotic. We did the research, he is neither Paul nor Alex Knect. This guy is just an impostor in the hands of many scammers.

Whoever that recommend you use this software is getting affiliate commission from brokers synced with the TAI Robotic.

How does the TAI Robotic work

Alex is not a computer tech and we are sure that he is not a trader. Everything he said on how self-driving cars work on artificial intelligence including the use of deep sensors, determining the imminent curve of roads are easily gotten from many online sources if you do a little research. However, he did not tell us how artificial intelligence can work in trading. Apparently, there is no proven track for trading artificial intelligene apart from the one said in their roque website. If you watch closely, they want to make us believe that TAI Robotic works just because artificial intelligence worked on self-driving cars. Two of them are different ball game. More over, if you research further, you will know that artificial intelligence does not work in all cases. If it does, by now we all must have lost our jobs because scientists would have flooded the whole earth with robots that take over human intelligence. Is not easy as these people might make it sound. Needless to say, creating a robot that will rake huge profits for everyone from any place at any given time is yet not feasible. It is utter madness! Do not fall for this because it is obvious that TAI Robotic wants to sell your dreams to a world that is yet to exist.

Are members of my area profiting from TAI Robotic Trend Indicator?

This is another important question anybody who comes across this software should ask. Obviously in my area there is no such news about TAI Robotic. If there should be profits made from people around me, then it wouldn’t be a big deal hearing about it, because my local News portals and media companies would be the first to broadcast it to everyone. However in the case of TAI Robotic, even great news portals like CNN Money, Bloomberg, Forbes, etc have not announced it as a real source of money for traders. Like we said, the TAI Robotic software is only endorsed by network of marketers. They appear to be the brains behind this software because almost all the major reviews promoting this software are dated and timed at a very close interval.

Any Benefit Using TAI Robotic Trend Indicator?

We didn’t see any benefit using TAI Robotic other than an app that places losing trades on complete auto pilot mode. TAI Robotic doesn’t come with a demo facility. Therefore we can’t test the robot risk free by ourselves before giving in to their claims. TAI Robotic is not going to raise any penny for you. Rather, they will divert your funds to unlicensed brokers that will waste your money on a manipulated trading platform. Even if you manage to raise a cent, these brokers will hardly pay you. Since they are not regulated, you will not have any regulatory body to complain to.

No artificial intelligence will accurately predict market movement for you. Trading is very dynamic and there are numerous factors including human sentiments itself that affect the direction of price movement.


In conclusion, TAI Robotic is a miserable scam designed to make you lose your money. It comes with a presumption of a ground breaking algorithm, offering to give you what other auto traders are lacking to make you a successful trader, but these are all rubbish. They are fabricated lies to mislead into a big mess. There are so many things left unsaid about this software. So much lies and falsehoods. Thus, we would strongly discourage you from getting involved with this system as it will lead you nowhere.

Review Verdict : TAI Robot Trend Indicator is a scam! Beware

Blacklisted website: – stay away

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