Retailed Profits Review – Scam Trading App Exposed!

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Retailed Profits Review – Scam Trading App Exposed!

Retailed Profits ReviewRetailed Profits is an automated binary option robot released recently. The Retailed Profits Software lets you capitalize on market trends and thus help you make profitable trades that will turn you into a millionaire within a short time.

Have you ever wondered why you invested massive amount of money and effort into trading, yet you don’t earn exactly what you deserve. If yes, then it is essential to know what has been going wrong for you if you want success to come your way. You need to identify those addictive scam automated systems that have ruined your trading career.

Retailed Profits App is yet another attempt to snatch your hard earned money, so you need to be careful. To get more information about this scam, make it a point to go through the complete product review.

Retailed Profits

Retailed Profits Review

Retailed Profits was presented by Simon Moore. According to Moore, The Retailed Profits was used 10years ago to analyse shopping trends which they banked on to promote their products on E-bay . Because of the global economic meltdown in 2008, the Retailed Profits was not profit enough because the purchasing power reduced. Now they are using their algorithm on wallstreet trading. He claims that the Retailed Profits analyses previous market trends and behavior and used the pattern to predict the future asset price. The software will profit 92% of the trade and will yield up to $500-$5000/month. They story is very simple and enticing but their are some red flags that we wish to reveal to you.

Thoughts on Retailed Profits Scam

  • It is really ridiculous how a software used to analyse shopping trends was turned into a trading app. Both of them are pretty much different. Their is no way an algorithm used to analyse shopping trends can be used to predict price momentum in trading. It is really crazy of this scammers to have said such a thing.
  • Also Simon and his friend who were promoters on Ebay did not tell us the training they had before becoming expert traders. Their story is really missing a vital point and does not connect as far as trading is concerned.
  • Simon Moore does not exist. There is no trader behind the name. Also the picture you see claiming Moore is a stock photo.
  • The Retailed Profits sales video is animated. This is highly unprofessional of an algorithm that promises to make huge profits to traders.
  • You will definitely not going to make a single penny with this software because we could not identify any unique algorithm within it. As a matter of fact, we have received complaints from day traders that this software is loosing trades.

Retailed Profits Scam

The fake counter

When you visit the Retailed Profits, you will see a counter claiming the remaining time you have to register with them. This is a pushy tactics used by this scammers to make you deposit without prior investigation. The counter is not real, it is a gimmick used by virtually all scam systems.

The Testimonials

They testimonials on Retailed Profits are equally not real. They are canned messages fabricated by dubious minds behind this software. Also the pictures associated with this facebook feeds are not real traders. They photos were stolen from internet websites. We are not saying that you should not trust customers reviews. However, scammers capitalize on this and go to an extent to create fake testimonial with pictures of people who no nothing about trading just to paint their software legit at the best positive light possible. Note, if you try clicking pass those testimonials to verify it on, you will see that it is non clicking.

Retailed Profits App

Any benefit using Retailed Profits

As a conclusion, there is no benefit using this software. Trading with automated systems like the Retailed Profits is highly risky. The system can not be customized and so there is no way you will set your own trading preferences. This makes this software highly dangerous. Moreover, the are affiliated with unlicensed brokers, who are they people orchestrating these scams. Visit a licensed broker here.

Review Verdict : Retailed Profits App is a scam!

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