FMRRC – Forex and Binary Option Regulator

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FMRRC – Forex and Binary Option Regulator

Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (FMRRC) is a non commercialized regulatory authorities for the Russian federation. The provide certification for Forex and binary options brokers. FMRRC was founded in 2011 and since then have been rendering financial certification to companies.

Official website is

FMRRC Forex and Binary Regulator

FMRRC evaluates financial organizations, coordinates traders’ activities and minimizes the risk involved in trading binary option and Forex by rendering financial certification to brokers and companies who have passed through their rigorous compliance requirement.

Services provided by Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (FMRRC)

FMRRC basically have two finctions,

Certification: FMRRC provides certificate of compliance to companies and brokers according to strict standards in order to create a consistent and more reliable market for the end-customers.

Compensation Fund: FMRRC helps the trader to get a compensatory fund when a broker registered under the FMRRC provides a sub-standard services that led to loss of customers fund. If you have questions regarding customers claims, then you can shoot them an email at

Legal Back-Up

FMRRC is a non-commercialized entity. There regulatory power is backed up by some chapters in the Russian constitution regarding trading and gambling. See snapshot below

FMRRC licence information

Advantages of FMRRC

The FMRRC is beneficial to both brokers and traders.

Benefits to Traders

  • They ensure that you sign up with a reputable company
  • Protection of traders’ right in settling dispute with their financial companies
  • Compensatory funds and payout

Benefits to Brokers

  • The FMRRC basically guarantees brokers of stability in rendering services.
  • Increases the broker’s status, image and respectability.
  • Increases the number of potential customers.
  • Expands the positive reviews and opinions about a broker.
  • Helps the broker document proof of company competence.

Are you new to trading?

Smart traders always like to trade with a regulated broker. Regulators coerce brokers to provide standardized services to their clients as well as payout their withdrawals as at when do. Unlicensed brokers most of the times find it difficult to pay traders their profits. In this case, the trader have no place to lay a complaint because the broker is not regulated anywhere.

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