Commodity Profits App Review – Commodity Robot Scam Recycled Back (Proof!)

Commodity Profits App Review.Commodity Profits App is a rehash version of an old software Commodity Robot used for binary option trading. Commodity Profits App trades commodities in the form of Gold, Silver, Coffee, Copper, Palladium, Oil and Bitcoin. The Commodity Profits is supposedly created to make huge profits for you within a short time and of course it comes with no charge. The website was registered on March, 2016. Which is relatively recent. So can we trust Commodity Profits App?

Commodity Profits App

Commodity Profits App Review

Commodity Profits App was supposedly created by Antony and Ronald. The platform was presented by Andrew Shevchenko, a 23 year old ex-beta-tester and full time trader using the Commodity Profits App. He claimed to have been making at least $4,000/month using the Commodity Profits App. According to him, the Commodity Profits App automated system have secured up to 97% success rate trading commodity and have maintained up to 28.45% gain/investment each and every month for the last 31 months! Are this profits real?

You might be fooled into thinking that this software is legit, especially if you’re trying online trading for the first time. This is because they have a lot of things written about this software which might get you enticed.

And if, by bad luck, you don’t catch the trick earlier on, you might realize it when it’s too late. You will have hit a point of no return, and we don’t wish anyone to go this far. So be careful and do your research well before joining any trading system.

Thoughts on Commodity Profits App Scam

Commodity Profits App is an old impostor!

Like we said earlier, Commodity Profits App is not a unique system. It is a repeated version of Commodity Robot, an old scam launched in 2015. Nothing really was changed. The video, scripts and pictures are all the same. Only the name was changed to ‘Commodity Profits App’ See snapshot below

Commodity Profits App Scam

The big question that a responsible trader will ask is why Commodity Robot turned to Commodity Profits App. They answer is pretty much as you guess. Both Commodity Robot and Commodity Profits App are scams. Perhaps, the change in nomenclature was done to capture more new traders. So don’t fall for it as both are orchestrated by the same group of faceless impostors.

Are they creators real?

Are we going to believe every other thing said about the Commodity Profits App? Definitely No! Likewise that the software is not unique, the people who claim to be the creators of Commodity Profits App are also questionable. They claim to be the masters that will analyse the information the software receives from banks. This is not true. These impostors in they names of Antony and Ronald are not in any way traders. They are fictitious scammers, also featured in the Commodity Robot and other notorious get money quick schemes that duped people of their hard earned money. No real trader is behind this software. Also all the purported presentations and testimonials appearing on this website are not real. They were all fabricated to paint the product in a positive light possible.

More reasons why you should flee from Commodity Profits App

Commodity Profits App Software

The website that host the Commodity Profits App was launched on 9th February, 2016. Which has barely past a year. And now they are claiming that Commodity Profits App have managed to secure over 97.6% winning trades and maintain an average of 28.45% gain each and every month for the last 31 months (more than 2years) See evidence of their registration below.

This is a disconcerting factor that will be hard to ignore. Also it is now clear that this software is completely dishonest and doesn’t have anything good to offer.

Finally, the Commodity Profits App said that they are not Binaries, Forex or Bitcoin, however the claim to use brokers. The big question now is where does these brokers belong? Making profits on auto-pilot is the dream of every trader. Apparently, this scam manipulates prospective users by telling them that the software is a push-button robot that was created with a special algorithm to guarantee profits on auto-pilot. Commodity Profits App is just a worthless app that doesn’t deserve your attention, thus stay a distance away from them.

Any benefit using the Commodity Profits App

There is no benefit using this software. This software will neither trade Gold nor Silver for you. It is a fiction cooked by they faceless scammers to capture those new to online trading. We are not saying that trading commodities is not real, but a fact remains that scams tell lies that their software trades on this precious metals when really they don’t. So beware! You can trade commodities using a licence broker here

Review Verdict : Commodity Profits App is a scam!

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