RewFeed Review – Scam Software Exposed with Proof!

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RewFeed Review – Scam Software Exposed with Proof!

RewFeed ReviewRewFeed pronounced ‘RevvFeed’ is a clone automated binary options software whose algorithm monitors the internet looking for trends in social media mostly related to publicly trading  companies. RewFeed App  analyses these trends and use them to predict direction of price momentum. Allegedly, the RewFeed technology is groundbreaking, processing over 15,000 Gigabytes of information every hour, making RewFeed intel one of the biggest data processors in the world, right next to Google. RewFeed creators guarantees accurate signals which will earn its users huge profits. Also we found out that the website was registered on 2017-05-29, which is relatively new. So can we trust them?

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Unfortunately, some people have invested with RewFeed software before reading the many negative reviews about it being a scam software. Not only they didn’t make any $1,492 within 24 hours, they lost their money by buying into the scam like so many other unsuspecting investors have. And for some of the victims, it was money they could not afford to loose. So pay attention to this case study on RewFeed as we will expose these swindles in an unbiased way.

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RewFeed Review

RewFeed is an auto trading software created by Jason Clark, the CEO of RewFeed. RewFeed provides users an interface for auto trading, risk free. Jason claim that he is pretty much comfortable that you will make up to $2,000 using the RewFeed. Also you are free to try out the RewFeed risk free since he is giving you $250 which you have to pay back when you make about $10,000 with the RewFeed. All this you get absolutely for free without any knowledge of Binary Option.

One will start to question the reality of all these claims, when actually the RewFeed software platform is a white label robot and have no unique thing to offer.

RewFeed Scam

RewFeed Scam

Who is Jason Clark

Jason Clark claims to be the brain behind this RewFeed software. He employed Dan Marconi, the chief technical officer of RewFeed. This is where the story ends. If you believe that Jason will give you $250 for free to startup, then stop dreaming. Jason is a scam artiste. He has featured in so many binary options ripoff system that lost people money. Now, when we tried to look for more information about the creator of RewFeed, we could not find anything about Jason and his RewFeed company except on the website. This is very shroud of a binary option robot which claims such a high reputation.

RewFeed Broker

Signing up leads you to their trusted broker’s site, BinaryTilt an offshore broker, which is where deposits are made. Signing up requires giving them your telephone number and, while you’re deciding on how much money to deposit, they bombard you with telephone calls trying to coerce you into making an immediate deposit. They’re nothing if not pushy, which is just another stage of the RewFeed software Scam.

The Testimonials

Use of fake testimonials is almost unavoidable by scam systems. RewFeed is not different in this aspect. The people you see giving testimonials on the RewFeed webpage are not real traders. The are paid actors given a canned message about the RewFeed to deliver. If you observe closely, you will notice that the testimonials were scripted. So don’t judge this Software from perspective of the testimonial as it is not real.

RewFeed Software

Uncorroborated claims

RewFeed comes with a number of claims which are highly mischievious. They claim that the RewFeed algorithm works by looking out for trends in social media, which the turn it signals that give up to 87% success rate. They guarantee up to $1,492. First we will start by telling you that the RewFeed is not connected to any social media and the fact that the software can yield up to 87% success rate is not feasible. Such things does not exist in binary option not evenn by the most experienced trader. So don’t so enticed when a scam system promises you such a win rate. Like the previous assertion, claiming to yield profits of about $1,492 is a fat lie that is only orchestrated by people the dubious mind behind RewFeed

Any Benefit Using the RewFeed Auto Trader

The RewFeed does not analyse any trend on social media. RewFeed is just a computer software that places trade for you in an automated mode. You are not guaranteed to make $2000/day with this software. There is high chances that you will lose your entire investment when you deposit with them because the are associated with offshore brokers who not regulated.

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Review Verdict : RewFeed is a scam! Beware

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