Binary Diploma Review – Scam Software exposed with proof

Binary Diploma Review.Binary Diploma is a unique automated binary option robot that focuses on Educating the trader. Created by a team of professional trading experts, Binary Diploma offers you what it takes to be successful in binary options even beyond. The trader is equipped with Professional high quality binary trading lessons and top rated Binary Diploma video guides. The former is divided in to a tutorial section and a quiz. The Binary Diploma video guide are grouped into introduction to binary options, terminologies in binary options, online trading demonstrations and fundamental analyses. After the whole stages of learning, you are provided with a diploma certificate in binary options. We also found out that the website hosting the Binary Diploma was registered on 2017-03-02, which is pretty new. So can we trust them?

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Binary Diploma software is a pretty new scam with a different yet notorious approach of misleading people. This scam differs from others in a sense that instead of openly offering you a software that make thousands a day, they pretend to offer trading courses to guide you in trading and enable you make profitable trades. To add it up, registering with this comes for free. Well, these offers are too good to be true so we decided to dig deep into it, but the results we got are nothing to write home about.

Binary Diploma

Binary Diploma Review

Binary Diploma is a software developed by a man called Brian Davis. Binary Diploma is supposed to be an educational center where binary option courses will be offered to you on how to place effective trades and make good profits. Apparently, these courses are being offered by professional traders with so many years of experience and the learning will be for free. This is really amazing! So find out the whole truth.

Binary Diploma Scam

Firstly, this is a cunning approach and isn’t exactly true. They claim to have an interest in teaching you how to trade, meanwhile when you register, you would be given a robot which would make you lose your trades. In other words, this software isn’t any different from the regular scams we have been dealing with.

Secondly, this system offers trading and financial advice, so by right, it should be licensed and regulated, however, it isn’t. So it is entirely wrong and illegal to partake in this. This goes far to prove how insincere and untrustworthy the system is, giving you reasons why you shouldn’t opt for it.

Binary Diploma Scam

Who is Brian Davis?

Brian Davis is the mastermind behind the Binary Diploma system. He presents the software to us in a promotional video where he talks on his system and the benefits of using it. Brian Davis claims to be a senior, but we did our research on him and couldn’t verify this claim. We actually found nothing connecting this man to binary options aside his video presentation. In fact there are no proofs of his existence or even the existence of the company in charge of this system. He is just a phony artiste with a fictitious name. He is obviously a paid actor given a role to tell lies and mislead you into falling for their scam. Besides we know nothing about this group. We even say they truly exist, so getting involved with them could be a big risk that can jeopardize your trading experience.

How does this system really work?

They claim the Binary Diploma software promotes a learning process in binary option. Giving you the opportunity to learn how to place trades and be very successful in binary options. They allegedly offer courses on binary options after which you would be given a certificate. But in truth, they don’t exactly work this way. As a matter of fact, they offer you a trading software and after your registration, you would be requested to make a deposit of $250 before you may proceed. That is, you are require to fill in your card information on a site that isn’t regulated and has no security. Although we have no idea what the money is meant for, for all we know, they may use your card information and rip you off your money. So this is indeed a notorious scam.

Fake Testimonials

On the websites, there are bunch of fake testimonials from people who claim to have made so much profits after taking courses with the website. These testimonials are lies. They are all fabricated stories and the people they parade on their websites are stock photos bought from the internet. To this stock photos are also attached fictitious names that don’t exist. It is amazing the height these people can go all in the aim to mislead you and steal your money. It shows further, reasons why you should stay away from this software.

Unregulated brokers

Furthermore, they are associated with unregulated brokers. It seems everything surrounding this software is fake and illegal. Using an unregulated broker is very risky as you may never be guaranteed of making any withdrawals. And you can’t even file a complaint against them since they are unregulated. So it is very dangerous to trade with unregulated brokers such as seen with Binary Diploma.

Any Benefit Using Using this Software

We didn’t see any benefit using this software other than a software that places loosing trades on complete auto pilot mode. You will not be taught anything by this people neither would you be presented with a diploma certificate.


In conclusion, Binary Diploma is a miserable scam designed to make you lose your money. It comes with a presumption of innocence, offering to give you courses on binary options to train you to become a successful trader but these are all rubbish. They are fabricated lies to mislead into a big mess. There are so many things left unsaid about this software. So much lies and falsehoods. Thus, we would strongly discourage you from getting involved with this system as it will lead you nowhere.

Review Verdict : Binary Diploma is a scam! Beware

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