FortuneBot Review – Scam System Exposed with Proof!

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FortuneBot Review – Scam System Exposed with Proof!

FortuneBot ReviewFortuneBot is a white-lable software for binary options trading, with little or no unique features of its own. FortuneBot’s algorithm, which is unknown, analyses the market, gather information and gives advice on when to invest. FortuneBot signals can be traded on many assets including commodities, currencies, stocks and indices. The FortuneBot trades automatically and makes about 93.4% profitable trades. The website that hosts the FortuneBot App was registered on 2016-02-09 and updated on 2017-01-09, making it relatively new compared to some of the original auto trading software. So can we trust them.

This automated binary robot is the perfect perception of a scam so you have to avoid it by all means for sure. Make sure that you read the complete review so that you can get to know the reality of this scam. I am sure that after reading the complete review you will not really feel like opting in for this system.


FortuneBot Review

The FortuneBot was presented by a voice narrator on a very short video. They claim that you have been invited to a free spot to use the FortuneBot software. FortuneBot claims amazing profits from their members using the software as you can see from the snapshot below. There are testimonials on the fortune both website supposedly from people who have used the software, however they did not provide us with the name or names of those who are behind this software. So are these claims for real? No for sure, don’t get enticed by the FortuneBot offers as it has been blacklisted as one of those software that steal peoples money.

Thoughts on FortuneBot Scam

Who are the creators

First there is no name or company shown to be the creator of this software. This is quite irrational for a software that promises massive wealth. Apparently there is no serious person or company behind this software other than faceless scammers that chose not to reveal their identities with a worthless piece of app.

FortuneBot Scam

Fake profit counter

The moment you visit the FortuneBot website, you will get to see a profit generator counter, which claims to reflect what traders are making from the FortuneBot app. Well we wonder how an experienced trader will believe this. However this previous assertion does not hold for new traders as the normally find these cheap gimmicks quite interesting. Now if you have already judged the FortuneBot software based on this profit counter, we are really sorry to let you know that it is not real. The counter was fabricated and placed on the FortuneBot website. If you want to know, then disconnect your internet connections. You will see that the counter will still be going. This shows that it is faking profits and not connected to real life activities.

Fortune Bot Scam

The testimonial

Like we have said before, believing in what people say about  a software is not usually impressive. What actually matters is your own perception of the software. However, the FortuneBot testimonials are they biggest hoax. They testimonials are not in any way from real traders who have used the auto trader. You will see something like this –

”Using FortuneBot was the best choice of my life,I’m using it whenever I want and I am using it from the comfort of my home. I just recently purchased my dream motorcycle and my savings account keeps growing from day to day.” by ADAM FLYNN. Dublin, Ireland.

Now when we researched, we saw that the picture of the acclaimed Adam was actually stolen from one of the many websites containing exact match of it. They owners of those pictures are not real trader and they don’t know anything about binary options. So don’t judge FortuneBot from that perspective. See below

FortuneBot is a Scam

No experience needed

The FortuneBot will trade for you in pure auto pilot mode. Yields at least 93.4% success rate, no experience needed and of course for free. Now this sounds very interesting but it is a big trap waiting for newbie trader. Firstly, no binary option robot can yield up to that win percentage. This is because of the nature of the market and assets prices move pretty very fast beyond any robot control. Claiming that a robot can win trades up to that percentage is pretty hard to believe. Secondly, you need to have experience in binary options before you can break even.

Furthermore, the FortuneBot software also claims to trade on many assets like commodity, currency, indices and stock. These are all lies. When you open the software, you will see that the software only has 8 currency pairs to trade. Nothing like commodity, indices and stock. This furthermore shows how dishonest and extent they can can go to lure you into believing on this piece of crap.

Any Benefits trading with FortuneBot

There is no benefit choosing this auto trader, rather than it will trade for you in complete auto mode. Also they are synced with scam brokers making it more complicated trading with them. So back off.

Review Verdict : FortuneBot is a scam! Beware

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