NASA Trader Project Review – 94% Success Rate or Scam?

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NASA Trader Project Review – 94% Success Rate or Scam?

NASA Trader Project Review.NASA Trader Project is a software in binary options trading providing users with both manual and automated trading options. The NASA Trader Project yields thousands of dollars for its users using top secrete data taken directly from NASA files, trades the right signals at the right time, 100% reliable and trustworthy. The NASA Trader Project makes use of their deepest algorithm to analyse global event affecting binary options. You don’t need any knowledge of binary options and of course it comes with no charge. We also found out that their site was registered 2016-08-01, which is less than a year. So, can we trust them?

Well if you are living with the perception that you can become a millionaire by using a binary project which the algorithm is based on space and aeronautics, then keep on dreaming because it is on the high side not possible.

It is not so logical to accurately predict binary options using aeronautics as both are not quite related. Thus, you have to pay close attention as everything stated about the NASA Trader Project software is simply too good to be true, and highly fictitious whereas the presenter is working so hard to make it look legitimate and thus lure you into depositing your money with one of their brokers.

NASA Trader Project

The NASA Trader Project Review

NASA Trader Project App claimed to be created by an unknown group of professional trading expert and analysts. We were able to see some of they features of the NASA Trader Project. They provide an option to alternate between manual and auto trading. The former comes with the ability to choose the number of signals the trader will take, investment amount to make, and a Euro/USD currency pair as the only possible asset to trade. Also the auto mode claims to come with a risk level option where you can choose the level of risk you can take based on time interval. In addition to the features of the auto mode, the manual mode allows the trader to select from a list of assets to trade and your ability to select a trade expiry time.

NASA Trader Project Scam

Yes, NASA Trader Project is dedicated to making you believe that you will become a millionaire over night by trading using this platform because they claim that it yields 94% success rate. You should make it a point not to believe in this lie. Are you ready to face the truth? If yes then continue reading as we are going to expose this swindle in an impartial and honest way.

NASA Trader Project Scam

Who are they creators?

The person that presented the NASA Trader Project said so many things about the software but did not spare a moment to tell us about himself and they people behind this NASA Trader Project software. I really find it so difficult to believe anything they said about this software because they failed primarily to provide information about who the claimed professional analysts behind this software are. Literally, there is no professional analysts behind this software and so they are pretty much afraid to give fake profile as this will expose them more easily. Thus they chose to remain faceless without even a name, contact details, location or tips to get to them. It is highly preposterous for a software which portrays such reputation not to have a single legit human name backing it up. NASA Trader Project is high too much a fraudulent scheme!

NASA Trader Scam

Unrealistic claim

The sales video mentions that NASA Trader Project has a winning rate of 94 percent. Well this is another lie that is hard to digest because every trader should know one thing that robots cannot make in so much profit. This kind of winning rate is not even possible with manual trading because binary options markets is highly volatile and can change anytime.

Can you rely on the NASA Trader Project Auto Trader

The NASA Trader Project auto trading mode is where most of they dangers lie. The auto modes provides the trader with only one currency pair to trade. This is not fair as they subject the trader to a single trading portfolio. Most genuine robot signals are versatile when it comes to number of assets to trade on. Also the NASA Trader Project auto trader claims to have a risk selection apparatus which enables the trader to select the level of risk strategy. Nonetheless, this risk level feature will not help the trader as it is based on time interval only and does not really reflect a real risk trading system for the trader. So don’t get enticed when you are told that you can select from a number risk level as it won’t change anything.

Likewise the risk level feature, the free trial feature of NASA Trader Project is highly deceptive. It does not reflect what the trader will see in real life trading. You can call it a pushy tactics as it is programmed to fake trades and thus lure traders into believing that the auto trader works.

Any Benefit Using NASA Trader Project

There is none rather than NASA Trader provides you with an automated and manual mode of trading binary option. Most of the brokers used by them have been flagged not suitablefor trading as they are not licensed. It is very risky trading with unregulated company because your money is solely on their mercy because you have no regulatory body to run to when you lose your money.

Review Verdict : NASA Trader is not Reliable!

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Are All Binary Trading Signals Scams?

I can’t say that all binary trading signal provider are scams but there are definitely a lot of scams out there.

However, it is easy to stay safe once you learn how to recognize the scams, and fortunately, most of the scams have the exact red-flags, it’s almost as if they’re clones of one another. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is churning out this junk websites day in and day out.

Binary trading is not a scam, it is one way to make cash online, but it’s not the easiest, and it does require an initial investment (and it is also risky!).

I wouldn’t recommend binary trading as a way to make money online to anyone who is a complete beginner because there’s a lot to learn. But this is not the case with NASA Trader Project as they promise to make you profits even when you have zero knowledge of binary option trading.

On the other hand, if you are attracted to auto trading then you might want to check out, as it’s one of the most popular and reputable auto trading system. You can also configure the robot according to your preference and you are provided with a demo account. See more details here.

Thanks for the time taken to read our NASA Trader Project scam review. feel free to surf our top recommended signal page. Also make sure you subscribe to our mail list to get first hand reviews of binary options scam.



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