NovaStar Review – Nova Star App Real or Scam?

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NovaStar Review – Nova Star App Real or Scam?

NovaStar ReviewNovaStar is a recycled form of an automated binary trading software Nova App which was released not too long ago. Like what a lot of auto traders promise, the NovaStar robot will trade binary options for you in complete autopilot and supposedly make a lot of money for you.

The Nova Star App is back again with big promises of making huge profits of about $3,025 in 24 Hours! no matter who you are and your experience in binary options. The NovaStar option robot claims to be 100% fool proof thanks to their super algorithm that never loses a trade. Of course, you are entitled to this huge profits and software for free and you don’t have to do anything, just sit and watch while the NovaStar performs.

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However, the real question is whether all these things said about NovaStar are truth, can the NovaStar perfrom?


NovaStar App Review

Every now and then you get to see new trading bots emerging on the forefront that promise real success? However, the truth is a different story and the results are far from reality. Most trading software available online these days are scams generating profits for their makers only.

Does NovaStar fall in the same category? Tragically the answer is yes. NovaStar has nothing new to offer to the trader and that is what makes it a real bad bargain. Like we said earlier, NovaStar is a 100% copy of previous scam, Nova App which we exposed some months ago with few changes in name and logo.

If you have the urge to opt for this NovaStar App, then note that you are putting a lot in line as there is nothing genuine about this software. It is an old scam only repackaged with a new name to scam more people. 

Since the NovaStar is a copy of the Nova App software which we have already exposed, you can do yourself a little bit favor by going through our review on the Nova App Scam in order to get a full glance of what a scam the NovaStar is. However, in this review, we will give you an overview on the real nature of  these fraudulent scheme. See the Nova App Review.

What is NovaStar?

NovaStar is a scam that is been put up by Michael Newberry. The same man who claims to be the creator of the Nova App and Nova Holdings. This person claims that his system can make real profits. Well that does not happen for sure. NovaStar is no money minting machine and an experience investor will get to know this once he sets his eyes on the system. However, they new traders might fall victim to this scam. He said many things about the NovaStar but the one that really caught my ears was that the NovaStar is free and is suitable for any body no matter your experience in binary trading. Most new traders do not get convinced easily that this NovaStar is a scam and need real proof so that is what this review has to offer.

Thoughts on Nova Star Scam

Well can a trader survive on NovaStar alone without having knowledge of binary option? Well the answer is a big no. NovaStar offers a plan to make guaranteed profit to the trader but fails to put a plan to educate the trader. Only when an investor knows what he is doing, then success is assured. Believing that you will make huge profits for free without having some technical knowledge of trading is a big dream that only NovaStar App will sale to you. Also it is important to note that this app is not for free as the trader will have to make certain deposit to activate his account.

NovaStar Scam

Michael Newbery claims to be the CEO of the Nova Holdings. He said so many things about the app but fails to give concrete evidence of his identity. When you search the web for Michael Newbery, you will not find any tangible information about who this man. Apparently, his reputation only exist in the NovaStar sales video. Also when we searched for the company Nova Holdings, we could not find anything reasonable either. Company contacts and legit registration documents were not provided. So how can we believe their claims.

There are some testimonials on the sales video. Now those testimonials are exact of the ones we saw on Nova App website. The testimonials are not real. They were scripted and canned to be presented to you by paid actors. So do not be deceived as those presenting and giving the testimonials for NovaStar are actually doing what the know how to do best. And that is to entertain you with fictions.

Any interesting thing about NovaStar

There is none rather than the App placing trades for you in automated mode. When you give this software a try, you will be matched with an unlicensed broker that will drain your deposit using the NovaStar. Once they are through with your first deposit, they will still ask you to deposit more in order to get the maximum benefits of the software. In the case you make some profits with this software, you will not be able to withdraw it because the brokers are not regulated and so you can not cry to any regulatory body.

NovaStar vs. Automated Binary

Unlike the NovaStar, provides its users with innovative platform where they can configure the robot according to their portfolio. Each user has the privilege to select the indicators, trading strategies, and currency pairs to trade on. These together with other features make Automated Binary one of the most versatile trading software. See more details.

Review Verdict : NovaStar is a Scam!

Be warned of the following viral scams Ms Management Software, The Infinity App, 30K 30Day Challenge, Binary Money Manager

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Are All Binary Trading Signals Scams?

I can’t say that all binary trading signal provider are scams but there are definitely a lot of scams out there.

However, it is easy to stay safe once you learn how to recognize the scams, and fortunately, most of the scams have the exact red-flags, it’s almost as if they’re clones of one another. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is churning out this junk websites day in and day out.

Binary trading is not a scam, it is one way to make cash online, but it’s not the easiest, and it does require an initial investment (and it is also risky!).

I wouldn’t recommend binary trading as a way to make money online to anyone who is a complete beginner because there’s a lot to learn. But this is not the case with NovaStar as they promise to make you profits even when you have zero knowledge of binary option trading.

On the other hand, if you are attracted to auto trading then you might want to check out, as it’s one of the most popular and reputable auto trading system. You can also configure the robot according to your preference and you are provided with a demo account. See more details here.

Thanks for the time taken to read our NovaStar scam review. feel free to surf our top recommended signal page. Also make sure you subscribe to our mail list to get first hand reviews of binary options scam.


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