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Binary Robot Plus Review: Scam Investigation, Brokers and Settings

Binary Robot Plus ReviewBinary Robot Plus (BinaryRobot+) is a new binary options automated software recently introduced into the market in April, 2017. Everyday, new software flux into the market but only a few are genuine and amongst these few, happens to have a good position on the list. Although this option robot software is quite new into the market, its amazing features coupled with the fact that it is legit and works with licensed brokers makes Binary Robot Plus interesting and worthy of a try.

Binary Robot Plus

Binary Robot Plus Review

The BinaryRobotPlus Software was developed by a group of professionals working on algorithms with many years of experience. With it’s unique features, the software generates signals through these professionals and help execute the trades.

Thoughts on Binary Robot Plus

  • Binary Robot Plus is an automated trading system that allows users to setup up their trading parameters.
  • Binary Robot Plus can help make extra income when used in the right way.
  • Binary Robot Plus allows its users to fully configure the software according to their portfolios.
  • We saw that Binary Robot Plus is Synced with mostly Regulated Brokers.
  • Binary Robot Plus is a self generating binary options signal provider independent of any Binary Option broker.
  • The took a step further by adding more innovative features to their platform. This makes Binary Robot Plus more versatile than most existing trading systems.
  • Free upgrades.
  • No Secret Fees!
  • Multiple Signals at various times in a trading day.
  • 100%  free automated robot trading software.
  • If you don’t have the time to trade but still desires to make some extra profits while you do other things, then Binary Robot Plus is for you!

Binary Robot Plus Benefits

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Is Binary Robot Plus Scam?

We must admit that we hold this software to a high esteem considering the fact that they weren’t in any way trying to mislead us with facades and false claims. Unlike the scams we see, here there are no hired actors and impostors telling lies and fabricated stories, no fake testimonials, no flamboyant display of borrowed exotic lifestyles neither are promises of exaggerated or ridiculous profits. So to a very high extent, we consider this software as a genuine platform.

Binary Robot Plus Settings
BinaryRobot+ Trading Platform

Setting the Binary Robot Plus – Important features!

Binary Robot Plus comes with important features which allows you to setup the software. These include,

Signal Provider

In using Binary Robot Plus, you are provided with a section where you get to choose the signal provider you would like to follow. Each of the signal providers has its own strategy independent of the others. You must select a signal provider before the Binary Robot Plus Software will work.  Also you can always make switches to other providers in case you are not satisfied with one. They Signal providers include: Trading Euro, Trading US, Conservative and Daily Trader, or Trading All. ‘Trading All’ signal provider allows the Binary Robot Plus to generate signals based on the input from all the signal providers.

Signal time frame

This is the time interval in which the Binary Robot Plus is allowed to trade for you. You can choose  0 – 24 hours, 24 – 48 hours, 48 – 72 hours, or 72 + hours.

Trade options

Here you get to customize your software based on your trading portfolio or budget. You can set up your trade amount, maximum daily trade, daily stop loss and reverse trading.

  • Trade amount: This is the amount you would want to spend on each trade.
  • Maximum daily trade: with this feature, you will determine the number of trades you want the robot to execute per day. Once this is set, no trade is executed beyond the limit.
  • Daily stop Loss: this is a very important feature in managing your loses. So you get to set a limit to your daily loses. So in a situation where the limit reaches, trade are not executed further.
  • Reverse Trading: just like the name implies, this feature makes it possible for you to choose the opposite trade direction from that being presented to you by your signal provider, in cases where you do not agree with the signals.

Asset Options

There is a long list of assets available to you when you use this software although the number of assets depends on the broker you select. So the decision of what assets to trade on depends solely on you.

Risk Level

This is another very important section and it reflects greatly on your profits. Here you choose the risk level on which you would like your trades to be executed. There are basically four risk levels graded from which you can select based on the confidence of the signal providers on a particular signal. In other words, the signals are categorized based on the level of risk, Level one being the least signal and level 4 being the most risky. So the the one you choose determines the number and nature of your trades. Also note that the more risky the trade, the higher the payout and profit if it turns out to be a winning trade.

Binary Robot Plus vs Option Robot
Compare Binary Robot Plus to Option Robot

Binary Robot Plus vs. Option Robot

Binary Robot Plus like the is among the software in which we adore and recommend because of the high level of professionalism shown by these software. The do not sale your dreams neither do they make unrealistic claims like the ones we see in literally every scam system we exposed. Also the provide you with a platform in which you are totally in control while trading with a regulated broker. Unlike the Binary Robot Plus, have been in existence since 2014 and since then have maintained its integrity. These have earned it trust from its numerous users worldwide. though new compared to OptionRobot have additional features which makes it more versatile, innovative and easier to use compared to what the offers. No wander the name BinaryRobot+. They additional features include Reverse trading, Daily Stop loss, maximum daily trade, wide range of expiry time and vast selection of currency pairs to trade on. comes with 8 currency pairs whereas the comes with 14 currency pairs making it more versatile than

Binary Robot Plus Trading platform

The trading platform is highly advanced and users friendly making it easy to use for both professionals and beginners. It has been designed in such a way that the users are able to customize the settings to their taste. That is, in using this software you are totally in control of your trades. So you get to decide the limits of your trades and the limits of your loses.
Also, the software is 100% automated and requires no downloads so you don’t have to worry much about your knowledge in placing trades or a space on your devices to get the software.

Binary Robot Plus Brokers
Binary Robot Plus Top Brokers.

Binary Robot Plus Brokers

Binary Robot Plus is associated with licensed brokers including the big industry leading companies like 24Option(Review). We consider this a plus because as far as we know, the kind of broker you decide to trade with in binary options goes a long way to determine your success. With regulated brokers, you are hardly faced with withdrawal issues and you can always file a complaint against your broker when you encounter a problem.

Finally, one really exciting thing about this software is that it is available to all countries, including USA which is really amazing. It isn’t so often that we come across software without any geographical restriction, so this software is really a big deal.

In conclusion, Binary Robot Plus is indeed an innovative platform with credible features and undeniable uniqueness. Although it is quite new into the system, we however believe it has the potential of making you significant profits. So if you ask whether Binary Robot Plus is worth a try, our answer would be Yes!

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