Pro Binary Bot a Scam? Honest Review and Real Facts

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Pro Binary Bot a Scam? Honest Review and Real Facts

Pro Binary BotPro Binary Bot is a binary option software introduced into the market not too long ago. software is simply a scam. Although it comes with very exciting offers which would have been very good if it were a genuine system, it is still a terrible way to lose your money. Just like other scams, Pro Binary Bot promises to generate lots of profits to you within a very short period of time with a guaranteed winning accuracy of 80%. Also, with this software, you would be given the option to trade solely with the auto pilot or to trade manually.  Well it doesn’t end there. Pro Binary Bot also give a demo account for you to try out your trading strategies before settling for a real account and the offers all come for free. These undoubtedly sound very good but don’t get excited so fast because we did a check on this software and from the results we found, we have strong reasons to believe that these are not true.

Thoughts on Pro Binary Bot

  • Pro Binary Bot is an automated trading software which places trade on behalf.
  • Pro Binary Bot also provides a manual platform in which case, the trader selects the signals to trade
  • There is no concrete information about the people behind this software.
  • Pro Binary Bot provides us with demo account. That is a good plus!
  • However the demo is not connected to real live price feed. This means the result from the demo trade will be different from that of the real life trading.
  • Pro Binary Bot claims that their robot works based on advanced technical indicators and trading systems to achieve profits.
  • However the fail to tell us how best to use this features to make profits.
  • Pro Binary Bot trade result shows 10 binary option contracts. Out of the 10, 9 were IN and only one trade was OUT
  • This result means that Pro Binary Bot has a 90% accuracy. Sounds interesting but not achievable! Not alone with a software that is offered for free.
  • No genuine robot can boost up to 90% performance rate because of the high volatility of Binary Option which is beyond a robot control.

Official Website :

Pro Binary Bot vs. Binary Options Robot is a very advanced robot used by smart traders. Unlike the Pro Binary Bot, with the, you get to see a video where the real creators of this software explain they ideas and innovations behind the robot. Also you are provided with vast number of features which include, list of signal providers, reverse trading, wide array of assets, daily stop loss etc. You are also provided with the ability to select the level of risk you can take per trade. See more Details. Also gives you access to their VIP features once you deposit within 48 hours of registering with them. See Here

Pro Binary Bot Review

Pro Binary Bot Review

Who is behind Pro Binary Bot?

We actually have no idea who the people behind the Pro Binary Bot are because they didn’t feel the need to give that little but very important information. We always stress on the importance of staying away from software providers that maintain anonymity because from experience, virtually all of them are scams. There is no means of contacting these people so when you encounter a problem, there is no way to get to them. Also, we can’t even verify them as genuine since they can be likened to be ghosts. We have seen the likes of this software and usually after stealing from people, they disappear.

How does Pro Binary Bot work?

There are claims that the Pro Binary Bot uses some advanced strategies and money management systems but we still have no idea on how it works. Besides, there are no evidences to verify these claims as legit. No proofs to confirm that this system really works except for some cheap talks from them. We cannot accept this.

Fake trading platform/demo account

When you register for the software on the website, you are being led to create a demo account where you would be given a virtual money to use to practice the strategies of placing trades. At first, it sounds real and enticing but when you dig further you would be very disappointed. The demo account they offer has been rigged and is just a piece of junk. It is fake and doesn’t in any way reflect the live market.

Pro Binary Bot Scam

Using the demo account records just winning trades giving you the impression that the software is indeed a profitable system. Pro Binary Bot fake virtual profits and have you believe that you are doing well and ready to start trades with the real account. So once you open a real account with a deposit, the real color of the software show because they cannot also fake the live markets. You begin to see loses which is the true reflection of the Pro Binary Bot software. Unfortunately, the newbies in the industry may fall for it since they aren’t used to the system which is really sad. Pro Binary Bot is unreliable and will bring you no profit. The display of demo account is just their method of tricking you into believing the system is profitable whereas it isn’t.

Pro Binary Bot Trade Results – Are they results real?

There is a display of their trade results as a way of trying to convince you that the software is genuine. But if you look closely, you would realize that it is fake. It is not just fake but also a poorly fabricated work. It shows recorded trades on weekends which we know doesn’t normally happen in the binary option markets because the markets are usually closed during the weekends. This shows how untrustworthy these people are.

Unregulated brokers

Pro Binary Bot is associated with unregulated brokers. Although they try to deceive us by displaying fake images on their website, but we recognize the cunning method. Those images have no direct links to the brokers, they are merely show off to mislead your thoughts. Trading with unregulated is an unnecessary risk to take in binary option trading. This is because any money deposited to them or even profits made have no guarantees to be withdrawn. You may even end up losing your entire investments with no trace of them and you can’t file a complaint against them since they are unregulated.

The makers of these software are affiliated to the brokers they work with so they get a commission for every deposit made to them irrespective of your trade outcomes. So they never at any point have your interest on their minds.

Review Verdict : Pro Binary Bot is a Scam!

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In conclusion, Pro Binary Bot isn’t worth your time or money. It is obviously an unreliable system with lots of lies and facades and no potentials of generating you real profits. The demo account is just a trick so don’t fall for it. There are a few genuine platforms you should opt for to be a successful trader but Pro Binary Bot surely isn’t one of them.

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