Ms Management Software a Scam? Honest Review and Real Facts

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Ms Management Software a Scam? Honest Review and Real Facts

Ms Management SoftwareWe would like to begin by simply stating that Ms Management Software is a scam. The software is a pretty new auto trading binary option software presented by Christopher Fernard. Ms Management Software comes with so many interesting offers which could be very enticing to you and drive you into signing up for it. But don’t get ahead of yourself because these promises and offers aren’t real but are rather baits to get you hooked and steal from you.

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Thoughts on Ms Management Software

  • Ms Management Software is a fully automated binary trading software which places trade on your behalf.
  • There is no how the Ms Management Software will be 100% accurate, because binary option is affected by a lot of factors beyond a robot control
  • Christopher Fernard is no CEO of any Company, neither is he the creator of the Ms Management Software.
  • Christopher Fernard is a Hired actor paid by the main creators of this Ms Management App, who themselves chose to remain faceless in order to resurface again with a new system.
  • There is no proof of Ms Management Software been featured in News sites like CNN etc
  • Ms Management Software is not given for free. You need to deposit a minimum amount of $250 into one of there selected.
  • We found out that most of the brokers associated with the Ms Management Software are not regulated, your money is at the greatest risk.

Ms Management Software website and Login :

Ms Management Software vs. Option Robot

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Ms Management Software Review

Ms Management Software Review

Christopher Fernard stresses that the Ms Management software was created by his company and added saying that this software has never had a losing month, thus, all the investors make huge profits. We find these statements both alarming and hilarious. When these scammers come to tell us jokes about having a perfect system that loses no trades all we do is give a ‘knowing smile’ because right from that point we are 100% certain they are scams. The fact remain that no binary option is perfect and definitely none offer even up to 90% winning rate so don’t be quick to believe these scammer when the tell such stories; it is simply a pretext of the actual unreliability of their product.

As if it doesn’t get any worse, Christopher Fernard maintains that this software which is supposed to generate enormous profits for you is going to be given at almost no cost. According to him, for the first month, you would use this software for free and then pay 8% per month for the subsequent months. If it were really true to make such huge sums of money without knowledge of the system or work input and at almost no cost then everyone would probably be a millionaire by now. Don’t fall for these, they aren’t true.

Who really is Christopher Fernard?

We really have no idea. However, one thing we know for sure is that he isn’t who he claims to be. Christopher Fernard claims to own the company that developed the Ms Management software. Following the unrealistic promises and stories surrounding his software, we found this hard to believe and did an extensive search on it. Just as expected, the results we got weren’t surprising at all. There is no company associated with Ms Management software neither is there any associated with Christopher. No such company really exist; they are all fabricated stories.

So what about Christopher Fernard? He is a phony actor! This guy doesn’t exist. He is merely a fictitious character, an actor paid to play the role of the CEO. We see the likes of these scams on regular basis in binary options and they all end the same way. They share a common misleading approach with endless lies and deceit.

On the Ms Management website there is a shameless display of fake screen shots of Christopher being featured in top media like CNN and Wall Street Journal. They are all fabricated. As a matter of truth, never was there a time when any article concerning Christopher Fernard or his software published or mentioned on CNN Money and Wall Street Journal or even any other prominent media. You can also check for yourself. Those pictures you see on the webpage are fake.

Unregulated Brokers

Through out in the Ms Management Software web page they didn’t inform us on the brokers they work with which is very typical of scammers. From our experience with them, they do not work with regulated brokers so when you get registered, they will just pick brokers of their choice and impose them on you. When we talk of binary options, trading on the right platform and with the right broker is the first and most important factor to consider if you want to succeed. Trading with unregulated brokers carries lots of risks and you are never guaranteed of making withdrawals neither can you file a complaints against them.

How does this scam really work?

Firstly, you are being encourage to sign up and register for the software. Then you would be assigned a broker of their choice who would request for a deposit of at least $250 before you can begin trading. Then the unreliable software would exhaust your many on losing trades.

Any Benefits using the Ms Management Software

For now, there is no benefit trading with the Ms Management Software, only that it is a fully automated trading software that will place trade on your behalf. Sounds interesting right? but the truth is that the Ms Management Software is synced with unlicenced brokers. This means that even if you make any profit, you will not be able to withdraw them.

Review Verdict : Ms Management Software is a Scam!

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In conclusion, Ms Management trading software is just another hopeless scam designed to make you lose your money. There are so many lies connected to this software making it untrustworthy and we can’t see any good coming from a system with no integrity or credibility. This software holds no potentials of providing you with actual profits thus we would strongly recommend that you stay away from it.

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