Rio Profits Review – Scam Rio Auto Trader Software Exposed!

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Rio Profits Review – Scam Rio Auto Trader Software Exposed!

Rio ProfitsRio Profits Software as it is so-called is just another stupid scam in the Binary Option industry. Rio Profits binary option trading software was introduced by a man called Andrew Reynolds who claims to be the CEO and founder of Rio Holdings which is supposedly in charge of the Rio Auto Trader App.

But just like other misleading scam software, Rio Profits is out to wreck your business and leave you frustrated. In fact, Rio Profits Auto Trader is not an original trading platform. It is a carbon copy of a notorious scam Tesler App, with only change in Names. and logos.

Avoid Scam : Do not trade on website

Note: Alternative to this Rio Profits Scam is Binary Robot 365.

Rio Profits Review

Rio Profits comes with usual promises of ridiculous results which are overwhelming and too good to be true. According to Andrew, you will be paid $4,250 by tomorrow morning just by taking part in the ”Rio Dream Maker Survey”. Only 15 people per day  will be selected for this survey for 2 days. Just as expected, today is the last day for the Rio Profits Dream Maker Survey. Although we can’t deny how enticing these offers appear to be but for all we know they are cheap stunts aimed at tricking you into developing great interest for their scam software and making a go for it. Do not be deceived; take your time to go through this review before making a decision. You’ll definitely realize that Rio Profits is certainly no good and isn’t worth any of your penny.Rio Profits Review

Rio Profits Scam

Who is Andrew Reynolds?

Andrew Reynolds, the alleged CEO of Rio Holdings claimed to have dropped out of school at the age of 14, and in the past 8 years have made himself a fortune worth 27 million dollars.

In his statement, Andrew Reynolds invested 1.2 million dollars to create the Rio auto-trading app within the past 18 months. Now he is giving it for free to the first 30 people, 15 per day. He boasts of it being able to generate a minimum $4,250/day and a maximum of $250,000 in the next 60 days. Apparently this software can make you a millionaire in no time without any knowledge of binary options or how to even place trades.

These are misleading lies and unrealistic profits. The painful truth is that money doesn’t come so easily in binary option not even in the case of the experts or the most experienced traders. It takes time, experience and persistence to be this successful in binary options. So don’t be in a hurry to believe these crooks when they drive you into thinking otherwise.

Fake company and CEO

Mr. Andrew Reynolds who claims to be the CEO of the Rio Holding Company is a complete phony artiste because neither he nor his company truly exist. We did an investigation on this man and his so-called company and we weren’t surprised at the result. There is no presence of this man or his company anywhere else aside his promotional video and other scam reviews. You may seem to wonder how a man such as Andrew Reynolds who supposedly commands so much financial power and reputation has no prove of his existence. He is obviously a fraudster, a fictional character paid to play the role of Andrew Reynolds.

This is very typical of these scammers. The truth is, the real scammers never show themselves. They rather pay people like Andrew Reynolds to lie in front of cameras and after they have scammed so many investors, they disappear only to return rebranded with a new scam.

Mr. Andrew goes further to say that he is offering a 2-day free trial on the software for prospective 30 users after which the Rio Profits will go public in the next 60 days with the value of approximately $6000. We all know these are lies. We have seen this approach in the past and for sure they didn’t end well. If these claims were to be true, we are sure that Rio Profits should have gotten their  30 free membership by now.

Also they claim that the Rio Profits free membership lasts for only 2days and today is the last day, but when we checked, the Rio Profits website was aired about 10days ago. See Evidence below. How come they still advertise for free trial which should have closed 8 days ago. We have seen hundreds of scams so far, Rio Profits is a cheap one. Don’t fall for it.Rio Profits Scam

How does the Rio Profits work?

Their are so many things said on how the Rio Auto Trader work. The presenter further explains that before executing a trade, the software would carry out several analyses, making use of the Rapid Counter Mechanism( RCM) which places a reverse trade when the robot is about to hit a losing one. Thus making the Rio Profits Auto trader impossible to lose a single trade.

In other words, Rio Profits has an accuracy rate of 100% which we find very outrageous and highly mischievous. As far as binary option is concerned, there is no such software in existence. With the activities of the binary option market, It is not possible to get an accuracy rate of 95% talk less of 100%. From the feedback we are getting, the Rio Profits is placing trade at an accuracy of less than 30%.

Rio Profits Fake Testimonials

Apparently there is no limit to the extent these fraudsters can go to make you believe their falsehoods. Rio Profits claim that the first 15 people have have benefited from their software yet they use stolen photos to play the role of the beneficiaries. The pictures of the supposed people who have benefited from the Rio Profits was actually copied from the website of another viral scam, Tesler App. See our Tesler App Review for more details.Rio Profits Binary Option Robot

Also the names of beneficiaries that was paid $4,250 as shown in the video presentation do not match with the fake photos on their website. Besides their is no binary option broker shown where those $4,250 profits were actually made. It is clear that everything was fabricated to lure you into their mischievous act.

Why do Rio Profits have to tell so much lies and put up so much dishonesty just to prove that they have a reliable system? It is because they are actually unreliable and do not have a functional system.

Review Verdict : Rio Profits is a Scam!

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In conclusion, Rio Profits Auto Trader isn’t a trustworthy APP and definitely isn’t worth a die of yours. There are so many untold stories about it. It was built on lies by a non-existent company and promises unrealistic results, therefore we would not recommend it to you.

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