Optical Signal System Review

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Optical Signal System Review

Optical Signal SystemOptical Signal System is simply a big joke which is capable of making you lose your investments. Optical Signal System software is one of those relaunched old scams promising to give you the best auto trading robot ever but end up stealing from you and leaving you frustrated.

In this Optical Signal System App review, we will give you a break down of the reasons why we believe Optical signal software is a worthless and miserable scam.

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Optical Signal System Review and Verdict

The Optical Signal System is not actually a binary option auto trading software but a relaunched old scam the Optical Signal Trader, which we exposed last year. Optical Signal System is presented to us by Dominic Shepherd. Dominic Shepherd claims his software is indeed a special system that is virtually perfect and generate thousands of dollars to you in a day. He maintains that his software is risk- free and has never lost a trade and with its very special technology, guarantees you a daily profit of $3,000.

This is really amazing and undoubtedly very attractive. Just attractive enough to draw the attentions of a lot of traders and get them thinking of giving Optical Signal System a try. Well, don’t get excited yet because these are all lies. Shepherd’s claims are overwhelming and ludicrous. As a matter of fact, they are unrealistic and cannot be achieved. They are merely fantasies created by the orchestrators of the scam who would rather keep you in the world of fantasy while they steal from you.

But let us take a trip down the lane of reality. In binary options trading, there are significant risks involved so when a group of people tell you that they can offer a risk-free system, don’t even for a second believe them because they are scams. Also, as far as binary option is concern, there are no trading software in existence that can give you a winning accuracy of as much as 90% not to think of 100% winning accuracy. In this scenario, Shepherd claims that the Optical Signal System hasn’t recorded any lost trade which means his software has a winning accuracy of about 100%. This is unacceptable and is a red flag. These are misleading and dangerous lies with the main purpose of tricking you to fall for the scam.

Optical Signal System – Scam!

Like we said earlier, Optical Signal System is a relaunch of a previous scam the Optical Signal Trader and they share alot of similarities, only that Optical Signal System was a little rebranded. The Optical Signal Trader back was really a miserable scam that left a lot of people really disappointed after they lost their money to the useless and unreliable software. From what we see, nothing stops this new software from repeating the same havoc. So we really need to be careful. Also, Considering the fact that this devious people are back again with almost no changes, we feel that this is just an insult to binary option by a group that have so much guts and care less about what you think provided they get their pockets filled.

Who really is Dominic Shepherd ?

Dominic Shepherd is allegedly the man behind the Optical Signal System scam. He claims to be the founder of the software along with his co-creator, George Larson. Shepherd boasts of being the president of a certain organisation called ‘Live The Dream Life Club’. According to him, this club exists to help people who are struggling to gain some sort of financial freedom. This sounds really interesting and it prompted us to go further into our investigations.

From our results, this organisation is phony and all the stories surrounding it were fabricated. We found exactly nothing on the club because it does not exist. There is no proof that such organisation even ever existed so we wonder how the members of this mysterious organisation get recruited.
Also Dominic Shepherd is not recognized as the president of any club or as having any connection with binary options. He is obviously an imposter paid to play the role of the founder of the Optical Signal System. Optical Signal System Scam

Optical Signal System – Old Scam Arise!

If you compare the previous scam with this relaunched scam, you will see that the promotional videos are the same although the previous logo was replaced with that of the Optical Signal System. The two men you see in the introductory video are exactly the same men in the previous optical trader scam with same dressing but slightly changed positions. It’s clear that these people are playing with our intelligence with their manipulative game. From these illustrations there is no doubt that Optical Signal System software is a good for nothing fraud that will lead you no where.

Optical Signal System Software

Their manipulation goes further when we were told that the spaces are limited and only 20 spaces are left. To make it worse, Shepherd added that from next month, Optical Signal System wouldn’t be given out for free as you would be charged $1997 for set-up fee and a monthly fee of $259. It may however interest you to know that since the introduction of this software, the spaces have been limited with 20 spaces still left. This is a common strategy used to trick people into signing up quickly without even thinking of getting scammed. They mess with people’s psychology by making them feel lucky to be amongst the people to be given free slots. Please don’t fall for this because you would only end up in regrets.

Review verdict: Optical Signal System is an old Repeating Scam.

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In conclusion, Optical Signal system is a deceptive system designed to make you fail. It is obviously a misleading software from a group of devious people who have no regards for you and for their integrity. Just like it previous scam, Optical Signal System will only rip you off your money and leave you disappointed so we would encourage you to stay away from it.

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