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Equinox Trading Review – Scam Software by Anthony Johnson Exposed !

Equinox Trading ReviewEquinox Trading App is indeed an easy way to lose your money and not a promising way to make some money as these lazy scammers may have you think.

Equinox Trading Software is a new scam binary option robot software allegedly created and launched by a man called Anthony Johnson. One thing we know for sure is that the Equinox Trading option robot and the people behind it are liars so don’t even let his show-off of a flamboyant profit or a fake auto trading section with Fiona make you think otherwise.

Anthony Johnson’s claim on the profits his software is capable of making is very unrealistic. Likewise the trade on Fiona account is not real.

According to him, the Equinox Trading robot guarantees you a daily profit of over $10,000 a month, which will logically make you a millionaire in no time. Wow! This is really unbelievable. And the best part of the story is that it comes at no cost; totally free. You know it is really funny how people make others millionaires these days for free. Thus we implore that you pay attention to this very important Equinox Trading review.

Equinox Trading

Equinox Trading Review Review

Anthony Johnson poses himself as a former senior trading supervisor for forex trader in an undisclosed bank, who dropped out of the banking sector following the 2008 financial crisis. He claims to have created the Equinox Trading together with the other 5 top forex traders he was supervising. Allegedly, he has made himself a millionaire with his work and boasts of making a profit of 14 million dollars for his members within a space of 12 months using his software. This is an outrageous lie and is uncorroborated. He alleges that the Equinox Trading gives an accuracy of 96% which is greatly on the high side. This claim alone goes a long way to prove that the Equinox Trading is nothing but a junk of lies. We know for sure that currently, no software in existence can give an accuracy rate of a 100% or even 95% because the fluctuation of the market prices are often fast and numerous factors that influence trading. So don’t be quick to believe the lies these scammers bring to you in other not to lose your money to falsehoods.

Who really is Anthony Johnson?

Anthony Johnson is certainly not the CEO of Equinox Trading Holdings neither is he the creator of Equinox Trading robot. From our experience, he is just a paid actor who was arranged to play the role of a millionaire. His self-acclaimed importance only exists in his illusions and his video and so does his popularity. Their is no concrete evidence backing up his claims. He is just a fictitious character and the name doesn’t exist.

Equinox Trading Scam

The Equinox Trading website was created on the 2nd of May, 2015( see below), yet Mr. Anthony claims to have made over 14 million dollars from it in 2 years. We must say we find that quite funny. Also in our survey, we discovered a very close similarity between this website and some past scam software- Elite Gold Profits and Tera App scam that we reviewed recently. We aren’t surprised that these scams are run by same group of fraudsters because we have seen this happen several times. They usually disappear into thin air after cheating a good number of people only to come back with a re branded scam. Also, if you take a good look at the platform, you will realize how fake it truly is. The results/payouts do not correspond with the investments made and more so, some of the trades were shown to be made on Sunday, whereas we are sure that no trading is done on weekends as far as binary trading is concerned. This software is just a lazy joke and should be avoided.Equinox Trading Scam

Fake testimonials

Just as expected, there is no real testimonials because Equinox Trading platform is not a genuine one. The testimonials in the Equinox Trading video are from actors paid to play the roles being given to them. The software obviously has no worth which is why lies have to be implored to prove a quality it doesn’t possess. This is a common strategy used by these scammers to lure gullible people into falling for their scams. Check out the man in the video who claims to be invited by the Equinox trading 14 days whereas the official Equinox Trading website is barely 8 days old. So how can we believe any other element said in that video. Equinox Trading is a scam and we won’t hesitate to blacklist it.

How does this Equinox Trading scam really work?

First and foremost, these sweet-mouthed  Equinox Trading scammers convince you into signing up with them after which you would be assigned to a broker, a choice you won’t be allowed to make. The broker will then request for a minimum deposit of $250 before you can begin trading. After this is done and you turn on your auto trader, all your investments will eventually get exhausted. To add to this, you may probably get a call from a broker encouraging you to deposit more money and if you are not careful, you may end up losing even more.

Review Verdict : Equinox Trading is an utter Scam!

Pretty easy way to loose all your investment.

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In conclusion, Equinox Trading is just a quick money-making scheme with no potentials of making you rich. it is full of lies and deceit in their purest forms and is not in any way worthy of your time and money, so we would highly recommend that you stay away from it. There are several genuine software out there. You should rather opt for them and not this junk.

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