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Tera App Review – Tera App Scam or Game Changer?

Tera AppTera App Software is a new automated trading software used in trading binary option. Many people get excited at the introduction of new binary option robot in hopes that they may be sophisticated and give a revolutionary turn in terms of making good profits. The Tera App, as much as you hope that it is an example of such software, it certainly isn’t. Tera App system nurtures the illusion of making you an unrealistic sum of money; as much as $20,000 dollars as daily profits without any stress or knowledge binary option trading. Now the claim of making $20,000 daily profits from a trading software is far fetched and highly ridiculous. This prompted us to carry out an investigation on the Tera App software and its producers. Unfortunately the results we got were very disappointing as there was nothing to write home about it. Tera App is just another scam in disguise and its only purpose is to cheat you and leave you frustrated.

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Tera App Review

Tera App Review

Tera App was allegedly created and introduced into the market by a man named Richard Heffner. It is a rebrand scam from Terabit Trader scam which was exposed some time and has returned with almost no changes at all. In fact the video still bears the Terabit Trader logo and we find this pretty much disgusting. You really don’t have to go deep to realize that the Tera App is good for nothing; knowing the basics of binary option is good enough to fish it out.

Who really is Richard Heffner?

Richard Heffner is just an imposter; he is a paid actor who is playing according to his script. It is so surprising how much guts these people have to present this app to us. Richard Heffner who is supposedly the founder and CEO of Terabit Trader had to be the person to present this Terabit Trader-recycled scam. Well, this same man holds a reputation for promoting binary option scams as he has been seen in quite a good number of them including the very dangerous Omniaapp scam.
This man is an actor from Portland and we would not exactly put so much blame on him. After all, acting is his profession so he will surely be willing to get paid to do what he is really good at. An interesting fact is that the real fraudsters behind these scams never actually show their faces. They all stay hidden behind the cameras while using people like Richard Heffman to play their role. After causing havoc with a scam, they get it recycled and then rebrand it only to present it as a new scam. They are bunch of crooks driven by greed to exploit people while enriching themselves and this why you should avoid them as much as you can if you wouldn’t want to play the role of the victims in this movie of theirs.

Tera App Scam

Apparently, this Tera app uses Optical Data Transmission Technology, ODT which enables it to transmit signals with the speed of light transferring data 94/100ths faster than the fastest Wall Street Cable data transfer. That is, It attributes its accuracy to the speed at which it transfers data which is very silly. Making good and reliable software entails other factors other than speed so don’t believe this piece of crap. It is a pure scam! Richard goes further to say that his virtually perfect software guarantees you a winning rate of 93% and a daily profit of $20,000. First and foremost, in using a binary option auto-trading robot, you must understand that there is no software that can genuinely give you a winning rate of even as much as 90% not to talk of 93%. And secondly, making a profit of $20,000 per day is not only ludicrous to think of but also unfeasible in reality. So when these crooks try to swindle you into thinking otherwise, just gently take a few steps away and let the joke be on them.

What happens when you sign up?

Tera App gets you to sign up for their software and then direct you to a broker of their choice. The broker will request for a minimum deposit of $250 before you would be allowed to begin trading. After this, your investments would be exhausted on losing trades. The creators of the app don’t care anyways because they get a commission for every deposit made to the brokers.

Tera App Brokers

Throughout the presentation and even on the website, they say nothing about the brokers they partner with. From experience, fraudsters use unregulated brokers and the bad news about unregulated brokers is that once they have your money, you are never getting it back. You see, brokers are usually licensed and regulated by a regulatory body so you can always file a complaint against genuine brokers but in this case, you can’t because they are untraceable. And scammers like this one can steal your personal details and rob you further in the process. This is why you have to be careful in your dealings with them.

Fake testimonials

On the Tera App website, there are photos of people who claim to have made so many profits using the app but they are unreal. These are fabricated lies from stolen internet photos. There are no real testimonials or reviews on this software because none truly exist.Tera App Scam

Review Verdict : HFT Finance is a scam! Stay away from this fraudulent scheme.

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Tera trading App is a terrible scam designed to make you lose your money. So don’t get all excited about it because the only millionaires this app will produced are the devious minds behind it. It’s so bad that they there are far more scam auto-trading robots in the market than the genuine one. But nevertheless, genuine ones still exits and those are the ones you should opt for.

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