Nova App Review – is Nova App a Scam or Relialiable?

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Nova App Review – is Nova App a Scam or Relialiable?

Nova App is another new auto binary option trading software launched recently by a group of crooks who never cease to make sure they drain all your life savings.  The influx rate of  scams like this Nova App is quite alarming, although this has raised a lot of eyebrow, the fight seems to be long and unending. Nova App is a big scam and Nova Investment Holdings is fictitious! Nova App is a recent auto trading software in the binary option industry released on April, 2017 and is supposedly created by a man who calls himself Michael Newbrry. Michael Newberry claims Nova App is a wonder working app that can generate a profit of $3,025 per day, thus $90,750 monthly income while you just sit at home and do almost nothing. And to add to this, he is offering this wonderful money-making machine totally for free.

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Nova App Review

Nova App Review – Get the real fact ahead!

Who doesn’t want to hear good news about a financial opportunity, most especially now we in an economy where the needs to survive is far greater than the resources. It is however undeniable that these are very attractive offers but you just have to know that these are too good to be true and highly uncorroborated. And in truth, they are all lies. this review will tell you more about this as we go on. According to Michael Newberry, the Nova App is a form of trading system which allows you to receive generated trading signals and puts you in the position to decide whether to trade with the signals or not. According to the creators of this system, Nova App is ‘The Single Most Powerful Auto-Trading Algorithm’, and makes use of an accurate algorithm to give you the best profits with a steady income with just $250, this software can make you 5 figure extra monthly income. These are all lies and besides, there is no way you can give the software a trial without making a deposit first so that by the time you realize their lies, your money must have already gone into thin air.

Who is Michael Newberry?

Michael Newberry claims to have been unsuccessful with every other automated trading systems, until back in 2014 when he decided to start the Nova App project. Together with the best wallstreet analysts, he was able to crack a trading code which gave rise to the so called most powerful ‘run from home’ auto- profit software. He says you don’t need any past knowledge of trading, besides installing the software is more easier than creating a facebook account. It might interest you to know that this is a fabricated story. As a matter of fact, Michael Newberry does not exist as a real person, he is just a fictitious character created by the real scammers behind the Nova App.

In their video, this so called Michael Newberry claims to be the CEO of Nova Holdings, a company that exist in the wildest dreams of the creators of the Nova App who in the real real sense chose to hide their face behind a fictitious character. Now it is important to point out to potential investors, that when we searched for Nova Holdings and Nova Investment Capital, we got no concrete evidence about any Michael Newberry sitting as the CEO. Nova Holding is a stolen company name  and the man ascribing himself as CEO of Nova Holdings is a fictitious artiste, he only gets paid to do what he knows best and probably knows nothing about binary options trading. This alone goes as far as showing us the fraudulent nature of Nova App. How can we possibly go into a business with such group of people or even believe a word they say . It is clear that these people are scammers and would stop at nothing to steal from the you.

Nova App


Fake testimonials

There are several fake reviews and testimonials from the so-called Nova App members on the the website, claiming to have made so much profits using the software. It’s really amazing how they Incorporated stolen photos into their website, although, when you check up these people, you will realize that they do not even exit as Nova App member but used to achieve the devious aim those behind this software. The Nova App testimonials are all fake and fabricated. They are from actors and stock/stolen photos. Check out Sarah Foster and Ethan Nolan. Sarahs’s real name is Jenifer Niven and she owns a blog Picture of Ethan Nolan is an office selfie stolen from a blogspot webpage You can make a quick search for yourself.

Nova App scam

We also have the guy from who is willing to give a performance for as low as $5.

Nova App software

Furthermore, Newberry maintains that the Nova App has been running for about three years now and during this period, it has been generating a daily profits of over $5,000 for 804 unique members everyday. Meanwhile, we did a quick research on the website and discovered that the website was just registered on the 20th of March, 2017. see proof below. So the cooked-up story of having been in existence since 2014 and having members who are already millionaires is just a disgusting lie. Apparently, there is nothing sincere about Nova App and the group behind it so don’t even think for a second that you are going to make any profit from them. They claim they can convert as little as $250 into millions in no time. Even if a money-doubling machine is what they have got, it is still highly questionable.

is Nova App a scam

Winning rate of 100%?

Newberry claims that the Nova App has never lost a single trade since its inception. This makes it 100% accurate auto profits software. Now as far as binary option trading is concerned, a winning rate of 100% is not feasible because the market prices are highly unpredictable and fluctuates within seconds. So do not believe these scammers when they tell such lies. Nova App only use it to lure you into their trap and by the time you realize how worthless their software is, you must have already lost you money.

In response to the above mentioned facts and acts, I hope that all of you will be standing on a place where you will be able to judge the status of Nova App. The doubts on the Nova App has been reached to a level where even an independent and neutral body can regard it as a scam, whose main aim is to snatch the money of innocent users by adopting various sorts of scam strategies, as revealed by the information quoted in this particular review article.

Review Verdict

In conclusion, Nova App is just another binary option auto trading scam with the intention of ripping you off your money. Their aim is to cloud your mind with falsehoods and misleading information just to drive you into falling victim to their fraud. The software was built on a foundation of lies and isn’t worth a penny of yours, so you should avoid it.

Nova App is a SCAM – Not what you think !

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