Elite Gold Profits Review

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Elite Gold Profits Review

Elite Gold Profits Software is a binary option trading software which works completely on auto pilot and has loads of ridiculous offers. Elite Gold Profits System promises a daily profit of over $1,300 with an amazing winning rate of 98%. And the second best part of this is that it’s completely free. Well, the first best part is that as a new comer you will get a free $1,000 just like that. Wow! You can imagine how money comes so easily nowadays. We found this offers very ridiculous and decided to probe it. From our results , these promises are empty piece of crap and would never see the light of the day. From basic knowledge of binary option, we know this they are too good to be true and are very unrealistic. We are going show you proofs of what a scam this software really is as we further.

The Elite Gold Profits App was presented to us by a man named Nigel Pearson who claims to help people get richer and will aid you in making so much money. According to him, this wonder software guarantees you a daily profit of $1,369 even without having any knowledge of binary options.Elite Gold Profits

Elite Gold Profits Review

Who really is Nigel Pearson?

We have absolutely no idea who this man really is. He never showed his face throughout the promotional video; we only got a voice over act and a stock photo which was a representation of him. We carried out a wide search for him but to no avail; we found nothing on him except for the Elite Gold Profits promotion websites. Sadly to say, this man doesn’t exist in person. He is just a fictitious actor playing the role Nigel Pearson, the assumed owner of the trading software.

Fake testimonials

The Elite Gold Profits website is full of fake people giving fake endorsements and testimonials on how they have made so much money using the app within a short period. They are are all paid actors who perhaps know nothing about binary but are willing to put up a show for the money. These people will do anything to get their fingers on your money. They are totally dishonest, deceitful, and I would say professional criminals and ripoff artists who will risk anything just as long as they get you believing in their lies. There are also stolen pictures on the website giving reviews and testimonials. Pictures of people who are completely unaware of the evil acts their images are being used for. The fact is this, there is nothing good about this software which is why it has no real testimonials; so they end up stealing photos and paying actors to tell lies. We would strongly encourage you to stay away from this software that use impostors and tell lies just to get your attention. They are professional scammers that will only end up exploiting you.Elite Gold Profits Scam

Elite Gold Profits Scam Scam results

As a way of trying to prove to us that they are genuine, they presented us with an evidence of a bank statements which is totally insane. These bank statements were dated as far as 2015 but with a quick search on whois.com, we discovered that the website just got registered just on 12th of April, 2017 so how was it even possible to have had such bank statements?
In addition to this, the live trades which we were shown are also in 2015 and we still wonder how they could have gotten them since they only became recognised from the 12th of April, 2017.These are clear evidences of a crooked system and a poorly fabricated scam. These people put up misleading information so as get your trust which they are so unworthy of. The fact remains that, a reliable system wouldn’t necessarily display falsehoods just to prove the are legit, their credibilty should speak for them.

How does the app work?

We have absolutely no idea on how it work. According to them, the software guarantees a winning rate of 98% which we find really ridiculous. One thing you should understand about binary option is that there is no auto-trading software that can give a winning of even up to 90%. Such software do not exist so don’t be quick to believe them when they tell you otherwise.

How does this scam really works?

Elite Gold Profits Software

The truth is this, once you sign up with these scammers, you will be directed to a broker of their choice who would request for a minimum deposit of $250. So it isn’t exactly as free as they may have you believe. Once you deposit the money with them and activate the auto-pilot, your money will be exhausted on losing trades and you get scammed. Speaking of reality, a $250 budget will not make you millions over night and in most cases you should be so lucky as to break even considering they are using rogue and unregulated offshore brokers. It may not even end there as some brokers may call you and encourage you to invest more which if you do, will end up getting wasted too.
The creators will however get paid irrespective of the outcome of your trade. They are affiliated to these brokers and would get a commission for every deposit made. The primary concern I have with this type of scam, is the fact the the broker registration process is not transparent. This is the heart of the issue and the most disturbing aspect of the whole direction the industry is leaning towards since the broker selection process is the absolute most important factor in your ability to get paid on time, not to mention the relationship you have with the analysts or account managers.

Review Verdict – Elite Gold Profits is a Scam – Beware!

Fraud site exposed : http://www.elitegoldprofits.biz/

Other fraudulent system exposed include – Epix Trader, FinTech Limited, Delta App and Aria App

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In conclusion, Elite Gold Profits software is a miserable scam with all sorts of lies and misleading information. They hide their deeds behind fabricated stories and exist only to advantage of you. There are no potentials of making pofits with this crooked platform so don’t be deceived. We wouldn’t recommend this software to you because it is worthless and will do you no good. There are better alternatives which you can rather opt for instead of this piece of crap.

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