Neuro Trader Review – NeuroTrader by Intellix System is a Scam!!

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Neuro Trader Review – NeuroTrader by Intellix System is a Scam!!

Neuro Trader software by Intellix System is one of the latest auto trading scam software in the binary option market. It was allegedly developed by Intellix Systems Limited, a scam website and presented over a text video by a voice who calls him self Jeff Blumenthal, the CEO and founder of the Intellix System company.

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Neuro Trader Review

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Neuro Trader Review – is Intellix System company real?

Neuro Trader ScamWe have seen many scams and know exactly how they work, however needless to say, we find Neuro Trader quite hilarious. The lies are very disgusting and we didn’t even need to go deep to realize what a big scam Neuro Trader is.
The claims are awfully ridiculous and to think that many especially the new traders with little experience in binary options may perhaps presume that they could make a fortune from Neuro Trader is really disturbing. The voice over the video which could be anyone actually, but let’s assume for now that it is Jeff Blumenthal claims his software is capable of providing you with a daily profit of over $10,000 dollars. He actually says you should consider yourself lucky for being selected to view the video and given the opportunity to be among the 5 person to become millionaires in the next 100 days. What a piece of junk!

Jeff Blumenthal parades Neuro Trader as the only one with a 100% accuracy in the binary options industry and actually referred to it as a licence to print money. Very funny! This is just enough to prove what a fraud Neuro Trader app really is. According to him, Neuro Trader is a fully automated system that uses Artificial Intelligence Technology to analyze variables and data through mind-bougly speed to effectively predict the future. He maintains that Neuro Trader and company were developed in July 2015 and ever since then, it has not lost a single trade. Wow! He goes further to say that Neuro Trader has generated over 2.4 million dollars for each of his clients over the last 18month. And what is even perplexing is that he is giving out this money-making machine for free. He claims that he is running a beta testing program and has 5 slots for some lucky persons with no trading experience or insider information. It is quite unfortunate that despite how much you would like to believe that these are true, frankly, they are not and cannot be true. This is a trap, a notorious one at that. The so-called Neuro Trader has put all these lies not to help you but to steal from you. Firstly, is it possible to have a software with a 100% accuracy?
NO! It is not feasible and anyone who says otherwise should be immediately considered a fraud. As far as the binary industry is concerned, no such auto trading software with a 100% accuracy rate exist. The market fluctuates within seconds so it is impossible to always predict the price directions.

Who is Jeff Blumenthal?

Now Jeff Blumenthal claims he once worked in the Wall Street and after he carried out an investigation on the brokers, he realized that they cheated their clients, keeping the large profits for themselves. So this inspired him to open up the Neuro Trader where he can allow clients to have their profits directly. What an inspiring story and very hilarious indeed. But the fact remains that neither Jeff or his company truly exist. From the video, he was practically faceless, only represented by a voice and a cute photo. After our investigation, we weren’t suprised to see that the picture that is suppose to represent the multi-millionaire, Jeff Blumenthal is just a stock photo stolen from a photo shop. The voice you heard is a fictitious character who was given some scripts by the real fraudsters behind this software. From his video, Jeff Blumenthal said Neuro Trader and company were reserved for large companies and multi-organizations and that they charge them in tens of thousands but he has decided to make it open to individuals for beta testing. Isn’t it amazing that such company that claims to command so much respect is no where to be found. We search for his company and the truth is, it does not exist. Jeff Blumenthal is phony and so is his company and Neuro Trader

Fake testimonials and reviews.

There seemly isn’t anything true about the Neuro Trader and Intellix System company. There are testimonials and reviews on the website where people claim to have made so much money from the company. These testimonials and reviews are fake and they come from stock and stolen photos from the internet.
Also, the so-called members of Jeff’s crew in the likes of Prof. Martin Schelling and Crystal De Veere are stolen pictures from different websites. See below

Neuro Trader Sofware

Is Neuro Trader really free?

Jeff Blumenthal insists he is giving the Neuro Trader free to some lucky people but the truth is this: the Neuro Trader isn’t exactly free. The way this scam works is that you would be be assigned to a broker that will request for a deposit of at least $250 before you may start trading. The software however, which has no standards will exhaust your money on random and losing trades. The scammers behind this are affiliated to the brokers, hence they get a commission for every deposit. Towards the end, they request for your billing information on a website that guarantees no security or safety. And by the way, you are not told the brokers involved or given a reason for the request yet they require your personal details. This is very risky and may result in serious consequences. You should avoid it at all cost.

Review verdict and Recommendation

A review of Neuro Trader is presented in this article with the help of various research audits. These all reveal the actual face of Neuro Trader by intellix limited. Finally, it is concluded that Neuro Trader is not a suitable choice as an earning companion. Anyone who is looking to earn at home should consult some other binary option tools but it is important to make a research about any tool before investing a portion of money with them. Proper selection of earning companion is a major step in these matters. Neuro Trader Software is a scam and the intellix System is a big lie. Apparently, there is no truth concerning this platform and with such a company that lacks integrity, nothing good can come out of it. The absurd promises made by this group are non-existence but rather traps to get you robbed.

Neuro Trader by Intellix is a blacklisted scam – stay off!

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