CFD Society Review – Is CFD Society Software a Malicious SCAM ?

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CFD Society Review – Is CFD Society Software a Malicious SCAM ?

The influx rate of  scams like CFD Society software is quite alarming, although this has raised a lot of attentions, the fight seems to be unending. CFD Society is a scam! It is a recent auto trading software in the binary option industry released on February, 2017 and is allegedly created by a man who calls himself Chris Chase. Chris Chase claims CFD Society option robot can generate a profit of $60,000 per year while you just sit at home and do almost nothing. And to add to this, he is offering this wonderful money-making machine totally for free.

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CFD Society Review – Get the real fact ahead!

CFD Society ScamIt is however undeniable that these are very attractive offers but you just have to know that these are too good to be true. And in truth, they are all lies. this review will tell you more about this as we go on. According to Chris Chase, the CFD Society is a form of trading system which allows you to receive generated trading signals and puts you in the position to decide whether to trade with the signals or not. According to the creators of this system, CFD Society is highly powered, and makes use of an accurate algorithm to give you the best profits with a steady accuracy rate of 97% and that with just 15 minutes per day, this software can make you an extra monthly income of $11,000. These are all lies and besides, there is no way you can give the software a trial without making a deposit first so that by the time you realize their lies, they must have already exhausted your money.

Who is Chris Chase?

Chris Chase claims to be a very successful CFD Society trader of over 18 years who was in charge of funds worth over 80 million dollars. According to him, in an attempt to look for a lucrative way of making profits for his clients, he developed the CFD Society signal software. He says rather than an automated trading software, he chose a trading signal system in order to enable his clients have total control of the software. It might interest you to know that this is a fabricated story. As a matter of fact, Chris Chase does not exist as a real person, he is just a fictitious character created by the real scammers behind the CFD Society. In their video, this so called Chris Chase remained faceless throughout the session and was only represented by a voice and a photo. Now it is important to point out that the photo used to represent Chris Chase is a stock photo bought from a stock photo website and the man in question probably knows nothing about binary options trading or CFD Society. This alone goes as far as showing us the fraudulent nature of CFD Society. How can we possibly go into a business with such group of people or even believe a word they say . It is clear that these people are scammers and would stop at nothing to steal from the CFD society a SCAM

Fake testimonials

There are several fake reviews and testimonials from the so-called CFD Society members on the the website, claiming to have made so much profits using the software. It’s really amazing how they Incorporated Facebook profiles into their website, although, when you check up these people, you will realize that they do not even exit.
The CFD society testimonials are all fake and fabricated. They are from actors and stock/stolen photos. Check out Carl Iron and Erik Thompson whose real names are Kristoffer and Timur respectively. We also have the guy from who is willing to give a performance for as low as $5. Furthermore, Chris maintains that the CFD Society has been running for about three years now and during this period, it has generated a profit of over $20 million for the already existing 200 CFD Society members. Also, if you check the trade history that was shown to us, you would see that some trades were done on 2016. Meanwhile, we did a quick research on the website and discovered that the website was just registered on the 18th of January, 2017. So the cooked-up story of having been in existence for 3 years and having members who are already millionaires is just a disgusting lie. Apparently, there is nothing sincere about CFD Society and the group behind it so don’t even think for a second that you are going to make any profit from them. They claim they can convert as little as $250 into millions in no time. Even if a money-doubling machine is what they have got, it is still highly questionable. Even worse, they say that their offer is reserved for only a hundred persons. Now this is the sound of desperation. Yes CFD Society is obviously desperate to get your money and would want you to rush into signing up with them by making you feel like one of the lucky hundred persons. By the way, the CFD Society scam is available to as many people that are willing to fall for it.CFD Society Software

Winning rate of 97%?

As far as binary option trading is concerned, a winning rate of 97% is not feasible because the market prices are highly unpredictable and fluctuates within seconds. So do not believe these scammers when they tell such lies. CFD Society only use it to lure you into their trap and by the time you realize how worthless their software is, you must have already lost you money.

In response to the above mentioned facts and acts, I hope that all of you will be standing on a place where you will be able to judge the status of CFD Society. The doubts on the CFD society has been reached to a level where even an independent and neutral body can regard it as a scam, whose main aim is to snatch the money of innocent users by adopting various sorts of scam strategies, as revealed by the information quoted in this particular review article.

Review Verdict

In conclusion, CFD Society is just another binary option scam with the intention of ripping you off your money. Their aim is to cloud your mind with falsehoods and misleading information just to drive you into falling victim to their fraud. The software was built on a foundation of lies and isn’t worth a penny of yours, so you should avoid it.

CFD Society is a SCAM – Not what you think !

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