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Trader’s Buddy Scam Review – Read Before you join Trader’s Buddy!

Trader’s Buddy Software Scam or Not!

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There seems to be something particularly good about Trader’s Buddy auto trading software that may be of interest to you. Something which makes Trader’s Buddy stand out of the vast number of option robot software out there in the market. We critically scrutinize every software that we set our eyes on and usually a very good number of them are discovered to be scams leaving us with only but a few software we can stick out our head for and write positive reviews on. Trader’s Buddy software is a good example of such a software we can vouch for.

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Trrader's Buddy Review

Trader’s Buddy Review – Does Trader’s Buddy worth your investment?

Trader's Buddy ScamTrader’s Buddy is a new automated binary option software released in February, 2017 and having had such a good start, we anticipate Trader’s Buddy to have an immense growth even to the top list of the best Binary Option Robots. There are so many exciting features possessed by this software which would definitely intrigue you and could to a large extent be exploited by you to your own advantage. They include: binary options signals, social trading, and automated trading robot and many more. We find this really amazing. Plus, they work with only licenced brokers who are properly regulated, Trader’s Buddy do not promise overwhelming results with ludicrous profits neither do they make attempts to seduce us with fake exotic lifestyles and act desperate to win us over, like the typical features we see in scams. So rest assure that during your trades, your security is well protected and this is not one of those scams.

Trader’s Buddy Features

Trader’s Buddy defines its uniqueness in the several features it offers. It usually isn’t common for people to come up such good stuff where several sophisticated features are merged in a simplified fashion to make it easier and more profitable for the users. In this scenario, Trader’s Buddy provides you with an automated trading robot, an alternative trading signal just in case you want to trade on your own, and also a social trading option which you may readily select from. In essence, you are totally in control of your trading methods and unlike a vast number of software you can decide to switch over to manual trading methods whenever you feel like giving it a try or when you do not feel comfortable with the automated trader provided to you. To break it down a little, the Trader’s Buddy features are as follows:

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Auto Trading Robot

This is the Trader’s Buddy automated trader which receives generated signals and automatically place your trades for you. There are available configuration settings for you to be able to determine the amount you would want to allow for each trade and also a daily stop loss amount for you to be able to control your daily loss. Trader’s Buddy makes it possible for you to manage your losses and control your risk. This is not a common feature seen in scams because they actually have the intention of making you loss all your money. So this is really good. This automated option is an advantage to people who have other engagements and do not necessarily have time for trading by themselves and also for people with little or no experience in binary option trading.

Trader's Buddy software

Trading signals

This feature allows you to receive trading signals generated by the system. Trader’s Buddy gives you alerts on the upcoming market trends, and also making you aware of the ones with low risk and high returns. So for traders with a lot of time on their side and those who would also want to gain some trading experience, this feature is a good option for you.

Social Trading

Trader’s Buddy provides you with trading options and advice based on the trend followed by the community made up of professionals. That is, it gives you a voting system where there is an accumulation of the ratio of market directions chosen by the professional traders. The social trading feature has been designed in such a way that voting is exclusive only to the professional traders to prove it’s integrity. This will be of a particular interest to newbies in the system as they can decide to follow the trends of these professionals with a good probability of winning trades.

Pending orders

This is a new feature in the Industry and Trader’s Buddy is the first to introduce it. Here a certain price is set and the software keeps the order/trade pending and only places the trade when the set price is met.

Educational system

Trader’s Buddy provides a learning center on their website which is easily accessible to users and offers tutorials to help your understanding of the market and trades. They also keep you updated on the market activities.

Trader’s Buddy Brokers

You are provided with only licenced and regulated brokers. They are currently connected with eight brokers and still advancing. Their brokers are CySEC licenced and regulated and since using a regulated broker is one of the first and important steps to take in trying to avoid scams, we assure you that this is a right choice.

Note: Top CySEC licensed broker is (Read Review).

Final Consideration –  4/5 rating for Trader’s Buddy

Trader’s Buddy has made using it’s platform very easy for it’s users. You can freely navigate and you don’t even need to download or update the software. So it is practically stress free. You are provided with 24/7 customer support and also given the privilege to have a direct chat with the customer support whether you are a member or not. So when you encounter a problem, you can easily seek for an assistance.

From what we have seen so far, Trader’s Buddy isn’t like one of those scams we see everyday, in fact, it is incomparable to a good number of them. There are no lies, no funny actors or attempts to desperately lure you with ludicrous promises.  We still maintain that the software is good. It is worth your try and has the potential of making you a successful trader.

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