Duplicash App is a SCAM – Avoid Dupli Cash System! Honest Review

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Duplicash App is a SCAM – Avoid Dupli Cash System! Honest Review

Duplicash App Scam or Legit!

Honest Duplicashapp.com review

Duplicash  App is just another automated binary option scam with very attractive but empty promises. It is really sickening how these scammers make innocent traders live under the delusion of making so much money while they steal from them. Unfortunately, the beginners are often the victims of these outrageous crimes.

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Duplicash Review


Duplicash Review – Get the fact and Stay away from Duplicash Scam

Duplicash ScamDuplicash App is a new auto trading software in the binary option industry that claims to offer social network trading, that is, they give you a platform that enables you to copy from top successful traders. According to them, Duplicash use the same program used by cooperate bank and wall Street traders, and yet with such strong influence which we do not believe to be true, they are offering the software to the public for free. This doesn’t happen in the real world and in fact, it is a fabricated story. There are no solid proofs to back up this claim not even the software-as we have gathered from existing users Duplicash is wack and a big scam. Duplicash was allegedly created by Edward Mason, a man who claims that his software is capable of generating an hourly profit of $500 and guarantees you a profit of $2,000 per day while you just seat back, relax and do nothing. What a money-making machine! He even went further to say it could make you the next Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or Warren Buffet. This is quite funny though. Do you really think you can make thousands of dollars with this automated trading system while you sit back and do nothing, all for free? Well, this is how this scammers want you to think because they are going to need you to believe this lie in order to steal from you.

Who really created Duplicash?

We can’t say for sure who created the Duplicash app. We have absolutely no idea the people behind this software but one thing we are certain of is that the original creator isn’t Edward Mason. Edward Mason is just fictitious character and he doesn’t exist in the real world. There is no proof of his presence anywhere not even on social media.
The picture on the website which is supposed to represent Edward Mason is a stock photo from shutterstock.com, either bought or stolen and has no connection with Binary Options. From this alone, it is a glaring fact that the word sincerity has no significance in the world of the crooks behind this and it reflects on their software. We honestly wouldn’t acccept anything good from a group of people full of deceit and can go as far as hiding and faking their personalities just to mislead us into considering them as genuine. This is very typical of scammers as they always conceal their identities so as not to get caught.

Trading software and fake profits

In his video, Edward Mason made a demonstration showing us how magical Duplicash is. He did a supposedly live trade and showed us how a little deposit created a profit of $1,300 just within 2 hours. This calls for a lot of question.
In an attempt to prove the worth of Duplicash software, he showed us some trading results and from what we saw, this rather proves his software to be completely worthless. The results are mathematically inaccurate and they do not correlate. On their currency pairs, the exchange rates are not even correct. This results are obviously fabricated and do not truly exist. Of course, what more can we expect from people who lie about who they are.is Duplicash a Scam


Fake Duplicash Testimonials

Duplicash desperately wants us to believe that they can make us the next Bill Gates so they make up more lies with the sole purpose of luring us into their trap. We are very familiar with the strategy of bringing in paid actors to give fake testimonials on how they have made so much money using the Duplicash. Duplicash is not left out with the use of this strategy. Despite making the video small and difficult for us to make out the faces, we still recognize them for the fraud they truely are. The minds behind this Duplicash are affiliated to the brokers provided so once you sign up, you would be assigned to a broker and be requested to make a minimum deposit of $250 before your trading account can be activated. When you start trading, you will eventually lose all your investments and note that this doesn’t matter to the creators of the software because they earn their commission on every deposit made.

Any recommendation?

The recommendation of one or more well reputed trading organizations about a software is considered as one of the strongest proof of the fame status of this software. Such testimonials play a key role in deciding the reputation of software. After investigation about the Duplicash, we found nothing encouraging. No real endorsement was seen. There were lots of negative views about Duplicash. The voices of people are in fact the signals of God’s will. These all facts made me to regard DupliCash as one of the several scams that are present in the market nowadays.

Review Verdict – DupliCash is a not viable option

Duplicash is a worthless scam full of lies and deceit. They have no intention of promoting your success in trading or making you so much money as they may have you think. They are only out to enrich themselves at your own expense. Nothing they say is true and you can’t get back at them because they do not actually exist. They have no real identities so they cannot be easily traced.

Duplicash is not safe binary option trading

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