Revenge Profits Review – Is RevengeProfits a Scam Software ?

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Revenge Profits Review – Is RevengeProfits a Scam Software ?

Revenge Profits Software Scam or Not!

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There has been a strong battle against scam software such as Revenge Profits softwarefor a while now in the binary option industry but it seems to be an unending battle due to the steady influx of these scam software into the market despite. Most of them come in very disguised and with very attractive offers, and it is quite unfortunate that the newbies in the business usually make up most of the casualties.

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Revenge Profits Review


Revenge Profits Review – Yet another Scam Software!, we would simply put it straight- Revenge Profits App is a total scam, one you should by all means avoid.
Revenge Profits is a new automated binary option software in the industry. Revenge Profits is said to be operating under auto trading pilot which will make millions for you in no time while you just sit back and do nothing. They claim it was built based on an algorithm that some hackers found their way to and that Revenge Profits has a winning accuracy of 79.99%. Clearly Revenge Profits want to drive you into thinking that they are capable of hacking into big corporate organizations and thus are are able to unfold secrets which could positively influence your trade results. This is a big joke! And it is questionable. Amazingly, Revenge Profits software which is supposedly going to make you a millionaire within a few months is going to be given to you for free. Yeah! Absolutely for free!. It’s really funny how people sell riches for free nowadays. This is just another dirty get-rich-quick scheme and the insane promise of making so much profits for you is just a mirage created by the crooks behind it. Their stories are all lies put together to trick you into losing your money to them and believe us when we say, the only millionaires that will arise from this are the creators of the scam.

Who created the Revenge Profits?

We have absolutely no idea of the group in charge of the Revenge Profits. They couldn’t even show us some courtesy of briefly introducing themselves on any of their homepages. We only got an introductory text video with a voice trying hard to promote their product. Anyways, this doesn’t come as a surprise to us because we have seen the likes of them in the past. It is very typical for these scammers to hide their faces when they are out to ruin a lot of lives and get away with it. So don’t be fooled into believing any of what they say.

Scam software usually do not have good testimonials so they resort to fake testimonials from stock photos and actors. On the website of Revenge Profits there are testimonials from people who claim to have made a lot of money from this platform. However we did our research on them and discovered that they are all stock pictures from the Internet and the testimonials are all fabricated. Apparently, there is nothing real about Revenge Profits or its results.

Revenge Profits website

Furthermore, following our research, we found out that the website was only registered on the 22nd of January 2015 meanwhile one of their traders claim to have started using the software from the 26th of December, 2014, which is before the website came into existence. How is this even possible? These are just uncoordinated lies. Don’t fall for Revenge Profits.

Fake results

Revenge Profits showed us some evidences of their live trading sessions as a way of trying to convince us that their system actually work. Instead of seeing a genuine platform that they claim to be, we saw a huge disappointment. The results are inaccurate and the investments and profits do not even tally. It is crystal clear that it is just an art work and the creators of Revenge Profits probably have no idea how the binary option system even works. This goes a long way to prove how insincere these people are. Revenge Profits are so desperate which is why they have already infiltrated the internet with their fake reviews and fake social media accounts that are not active and also display unrealistic profits all in a bid to mislead you.

is Revenge Profits a Scam


How Revenge Profits work

Firstly, Revenge Profits try by all means to convince you to sign up with them and when you eventually do, you would be given a selected broker. The broker will request that you pay a minimum of $250 before you can begin your trades .When this is settled, your money will be exhausted on losing trades. The creators of Revenge Profits are affiliated to the brokers so they get paid a commission for every deposit made.

Now let us highlight the major reasons due to which the trader should never opt in for Revenge profits. Now it is never viable to trust a system without a trial run because otherwise the trader will never be able identify the potential issues with the system. Now without knowing the flaws of the system it will be equivalent to moving to a trap. The reason is that trader will have no idea what awaits him if he just opts for Revenge profits without a demo. Now most of the investors out there sign up for systems like Revenge profits thinking that the customer support will be able to offer potential help. Well if the trader believes that Revenge profits team will answer the trader’s queries then this is not bound to happen by any means because this system is just not good enough.

They do not bother to address the trader’s concerns for the simple reason that they do not have the answers to the concerns of the traders. Revenge profits is not the best option and the investor needs to understand this fact. Without getting the answers to questions it would not be advisable to go with the system because this system can land the trader in a lot of trouble.

Review Verdict : Revenge profits is a Scam

Revenge Profits software is not a platform that will make you lots of money like it promises, it is just a cheap scam. Apparently, the software was built on a foundation of lies and is not any different from those scams we have seen in the past. We would encourage you not to invest in this platform and go for software that have the trader at heart because Revenge profits does not worth it and you may end up losing all your money.

Revenge Profits is not safe binary option trading

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