United Trading Network is a SCAM – Honest Review of Grecko’s Network!!

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United Trading Network is a SCAM – Honest Review of Grecko’s Network!!

United Trading Network is a new binary option software scam presently making waves in the market. Only just after a few days of its presentation in the the market, United Trading Network has gained so much popularity which is largely as a result of its marketing skills , most of which are from false reviews. United Trading Network is total scam, so don’t even let their lies make you think otherwise. United Trading Network was presented few days ago by a man who calls himself Professor Anthony Grecko. Anthony Grecko claims that a group of student of his created the United Trading Network which is a social Trading platform. Apparently, United Trading Network is both an automated trader and also a semi- automated trader, that is, it can provide you with both an automated trader and trading signals which you can use to place your trades by yourself. Also, he says the United Trading Network has a winning ratio of 80% which means that you are guaranteed to make a lot of profits in no time.

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United Trading Network

United Trading Network Review

United Trading Network ScamUnited Trading Network goes further to give some crazy promises on the profits you are expected to get using the United Trading Network. This so-called software is allegedly capable of generating a profit of close to two million dollars in just three months (90 days). This is truly amazing! Now anyone with some sincere experience in Binary options knows that this is fat lie. Even expert traders do not make such profits within such short period, not to compare with a robot that uses artificial intelligence on a dynamic market which is constantly fluctuating.
We are pretty sure that the overwhelming profit offer shown to you by Professor Anthony Grecko is quite catching and seductive, probably even having you question yourself on why you shouldn’t give it a try. Yeah! That is their aim. The ludicrous profits in display serve the purpose of dragging you towards their scam. You have to be careful with these scammers because they are professionals and know just how to rip you off your cash.
The most interesting part of the story is that United Trading Network including the automated trader and the free trading signals all come for free. Isn’t it weird that these guys are basically proposing to make you a millionaire within less than 3 three months with absolutely no charges and all for free? If only money comes this easily, perhaps everyone would be a millionaire by now.

Who is really Professor Anthony Grecko?

Before we go on to expose the so-called Anthony Grecko, I would like us to note that this man who claims to be a professor and has a group students who allegedly created the United Trading Network, actually told us nothing about the school in question, neither did he tell us anything about his imaginary group of students.
Anthony Grecko and his cohort, Adam Fletcher, Matt kirby, Lydia Williamson and Jaleel Bashir are all paid actors. They are well known for this as they have been featured in some previous scams. These guys are just fictitious characters who are playing in line with their scripts. And if you run a quick research on these guys, you will realize that they do not even exist. They claim fake personalities to hide their real personalities. Of course we do not expect them to use their real personalities in scamming people. By the way, Anthony Grecko’s real name is Dennis Fitzpatrick and he is a known actor. He was featured in a disastrous scam software called Millionaire Blueprint that came up some time ago. There he played the role of Walter Green and now is back with a new scam-United Trading Network which in truth, promises nothing but a renewed disaster.
So let us analyze this- do you really believe a man who has several personalities, lies constantly about his real personality and also specializes in scamming people will actually support your earning a penny from his fraud? He is obviously out for his pocket and nothing less.United Trading Network Review

Fake awards

Anthony and his group claim to have won several awards and in fact they decided to decorate the United Trading Network website with a display of these awards. Don’t be fooled by this as those icons are all fake. Besides if you carry out a search on those awards you will find nothing. The provoking part of this is that those awards are registered 2014-2015 whereas in the video, it was said that the software was supposedly created in 2016 by an imaginary group of students. In fact, until recently, nothing was known about the United Trading Network so we wonder how they were able to gather all these awards, perhaps, they were exported from their dreams. Now After signing up for the United Trading Network, you will be given a broker independent of your choice. Then the broker will request that you make a minimum deposit of $250 before you can begin your trades. When this is done, your deposit will be exhausted in losing trades and you will probably get multiple calls from the brokers encouraging you to deposit more money to yield better results. Eventually, you will be scammed. The creators of United Trading Network are affiliated to the brokers so for every deposit made, they get their commission irrespective of the results.

United Trading Network has no demo

Now most scam system claim the fact that they can multiply profits in no time. However, things are never that easy especially with a trading system like United Trading Network. This trading system is by no means an authentic pick and cannot stand by the trader at all. The worst part of this system is that it fails to offer a demo to the trader. Thus the trader cannot get to know the reality in the absence of trials. When the demo is there, then the trader gets a chance to explore a system. However, this is not possible when the trader does not have the access to the demo facility. Now without a trial it can be quite a risky choice to choose a system because the trader is taking the step in the dark. Thus it is not advisable that the trader should take such huge risks because a lot will be on the line for the trader in such a situation.

When a trial is there then the trader has a fair chance to evaluate the system but it is not the case with United Trading Network. This trading system is not a supportive option for the trader. This is why the investor needs to be careful when he is making his pick. Moreover, the trader does not really get a clear idea regarding the algorithm that is used by this system and this further increases the risk for the trader and a lot is on the line for him. United Trading Network lacks the commitment that would create the thought in the mind of the trader that he has opted for a credible option. This system claims the fact that the trader can easily make profits but it is difficult to believe this fact without trying out the system. Thus the trader should not fall for the system blindly and he should use his discretion if he decides to go for a system. This will be the smart strategy on the part of the trader and this way the trader can avoid significant trouble coming his way.

United Trading Network is 100% SCAM

Beware of Anthony Grecko and his group!

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In conclusion, United Trading Network is a miserable scam and a strategic trap to make you lose your money. All their stories are falsehoods and so are their personalities. They do not plan to make you a millionaire and as a matter of fact, the only millionaires that will emerge from this drama they have staged will be the real orchestrastors of the scam. We would therefore advice you to stay away from this software to avoid regrets.

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