Forex Maverick Review – Beware of Federick King’s SCAM!!

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Forex Maverick Review – Beware of Federick King’s SCAM!!

Forex Maverick ReviewForex Maverick software is yet another auto trading binary option scam. They do not necessarily catch us by any surprise at all as we able to identify their devious trick the moment the Forex Maverick came to spotlight. Binary option is indeed a lucrative business with the potential of making you huge profits and also an avenue where some devious people make attempts to exploit you based on this.

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This events call for a persistent flush out of this virus out of the system and we try to achieve this by consistently exposing the scams. Forex Maverick automated binary option which was recently introduced in to the market is one of those scams, so we would really want to advice you to stay away from it.

Forex Maverick Scam


Forex Maverick Scam Review

Forex Maverick was introduced by man who calls himself Federick King and also clams to be the CEO of the company. Federick King has come out with falsehoods and outrageous claims. In accordance with him, his software, Forex Maverick is the world’s most accurate EA trading software and can allegedly give overwhelming profits of over $5,000 in a day and $100,000 in a year. And note that this comes without any stress except for a few clicks with your fingers. And of course, Forex Maverick is totally for free. It’s really funny how riches come for free these days.

Who really is Federick King?

Federick King isn’t who he claims to be. He doesn’t exist as a real person but is merely a fictional character. He is just a paid actor who was given a script to play the role of Federick King, a name that doesn’t even exist in real life. It really isn’t hard to imagine what a fraudster this man truely is, a man who claims so much riches, owns a company, commands so much respect and self acclaimed importance and has even influenced so many lives, yet has no form of recognition or proof of his existence whether on social media or the Internet as a whole and elsewhere. The only proof of his existence is the video on his website and other scam reviews. His story is surely fabricated all in an attempt to fool you into believing the fake existence of Forex Maverick.

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Fake news

We are fully aware that these scammers will go to any extreme to make you believe them, even as far as producing fake news. There are fake news report on the website claiming what an advanced software Forex Maverick is and how it is the best amongst the rest. These are hilarious lies; the written articles are fake and even when you try to open the link, you are not redirected to the pages that praise Forex Maverick. This is just one of the common marketing strategies these scammers use to mislead your mind into believing that they are genuine and even giving them no benefit of doubt. We cannot trust any thing these people say because it is clear that they have no truth coming from them.

Scam website

Needless to say, we can’t deny the fact that the Forex Maverick website is quite amateurish. Forex Maverick shows so much similarities with some scams we have exposed in the past with only but a few changes. This is very common as we have seen a lot of stories like Forex Maverick. Usually these scams are owned by the same scammers and the Forex Maverick only represents a rebranded version of one of their previous scams.

In addition, Forex Maverick claims to give you a profit of over $5,000 on a daily basis. Although this will definitely sound tempting especially to newbies, but the fact remains that as much as you want to believe this to be true, it is not possible using Forex Maverick. As a matter of fact, regular traders and even experts do not make this much in a day not to talk of someone with no experience at all and using an automated software which uses Artificial Intelligence.

Do not be quick to fall for these lies. Imagine if Forex Maverick were true, everyone would probably be millionaires by now while sitting down at home doing nothing. Riches from binary options doesn’t come so easily and it takes a lot of time. In truth, not everyone eventually succeeds with binary options whereas with extra work and time input, many are still able to pull through.

Also, there is a nauseating promotional video on the Forex Maverick website which shows how a new client begins to make profits in hundreds of dollars in our very presence. Forex Maverick is a ridiculous fraud and very typical of scam software. They are formulated and really don’t exist.

How does Forex Maverick work?

In all his stories about how his Forex Maverick software can make you so much riches, Frederick King couldn’t at least give us the slightest liberty of acquiring a little knowledge on how his ‘powerful Forex Maverick’ works. Anyways, from our experience, we know how it works; once you get signed up, you would be assigned to a broker and be made to deposit at least $250 before you can begin trading. After which you will lose your money to losing trades.

Unregulated brokers.

The brokers associated with Forex Maverick are unregulated. This is extremely dangerous as any investment with Forex Maverick cannot be retrieved and in the case of any problem you can’t file a complaint against them. Also your account details with them cannot be guaranteed any safety. This is very risky and should be avoided at all cost.

Fake Testimonials

The Forex Maverick testimonials are fake from actors and stolen picture from the internet. For example a member called Charles Newman claims to have made a profit of $123, 268.22 just within a year. But following our research, we discovered that the website of Forex Maverick was only registered this February, 2017 so could it have been possible. All lies!

Review Verdict : Forex Maverick is not safe binary option trading

Beware of Federick King!

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Forex Maverick is just a fraud, another scam out to cause a lot of havoc and in the end disappear with your money. It was built on lies and to make it worse, it is affiliated to unregulated and black listed brokers. So in order avoid losing your money to these fraudsters, do not invest in them.

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