Guaranteed Money System Review – Beware of Angela Stevens SCAM!!

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Guaranteed Money System Review – Beware of Angela Stevens SCAM!!

Guaranteed Money SystemGuaranteed Money System Review Update: There is an endless list of the scams presently ravaging the binary industry in recent times and it seems to be getting worse particularly this year despite the fact that the year is still young. Perhaps this is due to the ever increasing popularity of the binary option business. And we wouldn’t be surprised to see more as the year goes by.

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Why you should avoid Guaranteed Money System

Guaranteed Money System is a scam! No matter how much it tries to disguise itself, or the number of pretty faces it uses to present itself, we would definitely recognize it for the scam it is.

Guaranteed Money System auto trading software was introduced by Angela Stevens who claims to be carrying on her father’s legacy- the original creator of the software. She has brought forth really outrageous claims on the amount of profits her Guaranteed Money System is capable of providing. According to her, Guaranteed Money System guarantees you a twenty-four hour profit of over $5,000 and a 30 day profit of over 1.3 million dollars. This is a ludicrous statement! And as if that shock wasn’t enough, she went further to add that if for any reason the Guarantee Money System doesn’t live up to it’s promises of $5,000 a day and over 1.3 million a month, she would from her personal account pay you the sum of $500,000 via wire transfer. This is a complete joke.

These people make it seem as though money grow on the trees. The interesting part of the story is that Guaranteed Money System is totally for free. Imagine someone practically begging you to become a millionaire just within a month at no cost at all.
There are no doubts that the Guaranteed Money System offers are though overwhelming, very appealing and too good to be true. But let us quickly shift from the dreamland of fantasy into the harsh world of reality. In the real world, such profits do not exist in binary options especially trading with a robot. Angela Stevens merely shares her illusions and fantasies with you hoping you would assist her in setting it on a path to reality which of course you would do if you fall for her lies and deposit your money with the guaranteed Money System.Guaranteed Money System Scam


Who is Angela Stevens?

Angela Stevens introduces herself as the only daughter of Robert Stevens who is the original creator of the Guaranteed Money System software. In her skimpy and almost naked dressing she tells the story of how she promised her dad on his dying bed to maintain his legacy. We are not exactly sure why she chose to dress in such a manner for a professional presentation, perhaps to draw more attention, one thing we are certain of is the fact that she is fake and her stories are fabricated.

Apparently, her father, Robert Stevens was a big business guru who worked for a banking company that exploited many regular customers, taking huge sums of money from them and this drove him into creating a system that would also exploit them.

Also Angela Stevens tries to make us believe that she has always been a rich girl and that in the year 2016 alone, she made a huge profit of 62 million dollars using the Guaranteed Money System software and she doesn’t care what we think about her. This is really outrageous!

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Fake financial media reports

She goes further to say that stories on the performance the Guaranteed Money System Software have been reported on financial media like Bloomberg, MSNBC and Financial Times. Also that the Guaranteed Money System has already made 143 people millionaires. However, we did some researches and we found no such stories about the Guaranteed Money System software on any of the media mentioned. In fact, we found nothing on Angela Stevens and Robert Stevens. They truly do not exist as there are no proof of their existence. Her stories are all fabricated.

How does Guaranteed Money System Works?

We have absolutely no idea how the Guaranteed Money System works because they said nothing about it. According to Angela Stevens, the Guaranteed Money System reaches out for only trades with a 100% winning certainty and automatically executes trades. She thus claims that her Guaranteed Money System gives a 100% winning accuracy. This is an ugly deception. We all know that there is no such software or even any such trader that can predict market price directions with a 100% certainty. It is highly impossible so don’t believe anyone who says this.
Also, she promises a bonus of about $250 when you get signed up with the Guaranteed Money System but we know this is a deadly trap. One which will push you into depositing more money even with losing trades as that will be the criterion to be met before a withdrawal can be made. And your withdrawal may never see the light of the day as they are connected to unregulated brokers.

7 Spots tactics

Angela Stevens goes on to tell us that the big banks are up on her which is why she is only offering 7 spots as the site could be shut down at any moment. Now this is called ‘desperation’. Angela Stevens is so desperate to get your money and scam you before you even realize it. It is not a new trick as we have seen so many of it’s kind. As a matter of fact, the site is always available and there is a spot for anyone who wishes to join. Don’t fall for this cheap trick.

Fake testimonials

The Guaranteed Money System testimonials are fake coming from Fiverr actors. Apparently there is nothing real about this Guaranteed Money System not even her lawyer.

Another appalling thing about the Guaranteed Money System is that the website was only registered on the 29th of December, 2016; so how is it even possible for her and her so called beneficiaries to have made profits within the claimed period of time.
In addition, a disturbing but yet funny part is the trading platform which we were shown where a deposit made in dollars is used to trade in Euros and also the trading date shows 17th November whereas the Guaranteed Money System website was registered and opened on December ( Evidence below). Stupid lies that do not even correlate!


Guaranteed Money System software

Guaranteed Money System is one system that can never offer potential support to the trader and thus the investor needs to be on the guard if he wishes to get the best results coming his way. Moreover, this Guaranteed Money System fails to offer a detailed trial to the trader and in the absence of the demo it is hard for the trader to analyse the fact whether this system will eventually work for him or not. The investor has to make clever choices and should understand the significance of a demo because without the demo the trader can never really get to know the truth about Guaranteed Money System. This system is not dependable at all and this is why the trader should not waste his money on this system as it is bound to ruin the future of the trader for all times to come.

Guaranteed Money System is a Scam – Never a potential profit system !

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In conclusion, there is nothing real about Guaranteed Money system Software as their presentation is merely a film show. All their stories are fabricated and there is no way something good can come out of such lies. It holds no riches for you but would rather steal from you. We would therefore advice you to stay away from Guaranteed Money System.

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